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Interested in big data and artificial intelligence? but still using Excel .. 

In our years of training, we found that the biggest motivating factor for one to pick up a data-related skill is – fear. 

The fear of becoming irrelevant, with unneeded skillsets.

But – is this in-demand data skills suitable for you?

In this video training, you’ll experience how to complete a data science project & build a portfolio – even if you’re a total beginner and without a tech background.

In this video training you’ll learn: 

What exactly is the OSEMN framework & how to use it

Common dirty data problems (and what to do)

How to explore data – find hidden trends & patterns

How to model data – train model to predict & forecast

How to intepret data – explain the model & results


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We’ve trained companies MNCs, SMEs, to startups regionally – the reality is most HR are not entirely certain with data roles hiring – you’ll get an offer to the top 30 questions most asked in the industry too. And here we’re answering you for free.

4. Discover your direction and navigate what works for you.

Well, claim your ultimate guide to data science when you are in.

You may ask … Why are we doing this?

We believe the future of education – where there are no classrooms, no walls. Students are never late, where learning never stops.

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Why learn data skills?

You may say passion, interest, or career-need. But eventually, to grow your paycheck – by becoming skilled with data science and avoid being obsolete in the job market.

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