Free data science workshop.

Transform your career potential – with data science.

And even your paycheck – by becoming skilled with data analytics and an effective problem-solver that people respect you for.



Break into Data Science Workshop.

In this hands-on workshop, discover how complete beginners pick up data analytics skills – and move up their career ladder in 3 months.

Hint – Getting started with portfolio and projects in data science may be simpler than you think.

1st Sept 2021

8PM – 10PM

Online (Zoom)


A live workshop – learn from practitioners not consultants.

The difference in this workshop compared to hundreds of other ‘talks/seminar’ is you’ll learn from the first-hand experience of individuals who works with data every day – by doing it together.


Dr. Lau Cher Han
Chief Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer, Founder at LEAD.



Practical questions.

This is a workshop – you’ll learn by doing. And ask your questions live.

Like – how to analyse data with Excel? How much do companies offer junior data roles? What’s the best way to get started?

We’ll be happy to share. The more we teach, the more we learn.


Why pick up data analytics?

Computers are silly on their own. It’s only when you train them, that they become intelligent.

With data analytics skill – you train computers to recognize patterns, trends, data insights, and build models.

You can transform your work with predictive analytics, even with the smallest dataset.


Why data science anyway?

You always wanted to be respected and recognize as a problem-solver.
Well, pick up data skills and take part in the fast-growing industry – in 2021 & beyond.


Become a problem solver

To be an effective problem-solver, you need data and insights.


Data science is an in-demand skill

You see data science applications everywhere, across industries.


Become data-driven & insightful

Develop superpower from your data and foresee events before it happens.


A paycheck that you're worth for

Data science is highly-demanded with talent shortage locally.

I’m an retailer, how is this relevant?

Data exists in all professions – whether you’re an engineer, marketer, financial pro, accountant or someone in creative arts.


Identify specific health risk factors, indicators of patient’s health status and reduce adverse events.


Optimize machine utilization, prompt maintenance to help avoid easily preventable issues, and reporting.


Help to guide your decisions, set priorities, and determine where to invest your time and resources – smartly.


Target likely problems before they erupt into a crises. It is used to understand voter behavior & sentiments too.

Just some of the examples data science can do at work. And the great thing is – anyone even without a tech background, can actually learn this stuff.

Questions you may have.

Q: Who is Dr Lau?

A: Dr. Lau is a practitioner who trained executives and companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam and TNB Malaysia to break into data science, big data and artificial intelligence.

Through his 15 years of experience in software development, database technologies, data mining and analytics – he has helped & consulted companies such as Intel, Jabil, HP, the Selangor Government and more. 

Q: Can I get a replay?

A: No. The session is live and there will not be replays. We want to respect those who show up, and prioritise this event for them.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites to join?

A: Yes! Having a growth mindset. This session will serve you best when you’re ready to learn. Otherwise, you only need a computer and an internet connection to join the session.

Q: Where is this workshop held at?

A: This is an online workshop. Call it a ‘workshop’, ‘online seminar’ or ‘Zoom meeting’ – it’s related to the same thing. You’ll receive a link to join after you register.

Q: How long will this event run?

A: We’ve scheduled this to be a 2-hours informative session. However, sometimes life gets in the way and we receive more questions than we planned for. In that case, we usually limit over-runs to no more than extra 30 minutes.

You’ve made it all the way down here ..

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