This course teaches you to grow your business – with marketing.

No more ‘guessing’ when marketing and growing your business.

Grow your business in less than a month – using data-driven digital marketing strategies and smart growth hacking tactics.

Lifetime course deal

Introducing Growth Marketing 360

Digital Marketing 360 is now Growth Marketing 360

Growth Marketing 360 is a course that walks you step-by-step from no marketing idea to achieving business growth in less within a month.

Using digital marketing strategies that we use ourselves – you’ll be able to apply techniques for your business (or to start yoour business) within the first lesson itself.

By the end, you’ll won’t be doing random marketing tactics just because some blog or someone said so. You’ll be doing growth marketing and seeing growth in your business.

  • Even if… you’ve tried all sort of digital marketing tactics and nothing seem to really work.
  • Even if... you’re just starting your business.
  • Even if… you’re overwhelmed with no idea how to market & sell your products & services.

24+ Hours Online Tutorials

Step-by-step video tutorials, content including live streams & recording from all classes.

2 Full Day Physical Classes 

Physical classes at SVOFO, Sunway Nexis, Petaling Jaya.

Upcoming physical classes:
26th & 27th June 2021

Live online classes:

Every Tuesday (8PM-9PM) 


Lifetime updates & access.

As a Growth Marketing 360 student – you get lifetime updates to the course & can revisit the course anytime – no extra charges.

Keep your digital marketing skillsets sharp.

On top of everything in Growth Marketing 360 – we conduct online training sessions every Tuesday evening. New students and alumni can join and receive all recordings/materials.

No more random marketing tactics.

Your business offers great products and services.

But how do you reach more audience and convert them into paying customers?

Maybe you’ve tried doing some SEO, Facebook ads or social media – but nothing really seem to work. In other words – you’re guessing everytime you do marketing.

What if you can grow your business revenue – with digital marketing?

Growth Marketing 360 helps you quickly grow and turn your business profitable.

24+ Hours of Training Materials

You get immediate access to an online learning platform, filled with step by step lessons, resources, and downloads – that will immediately help you do better digital marketing.

It includes video lessons, digital marketing cheatsheets, content and template downloads – that you will not find anywhere else.

2 Full-Day Physical Classes

Go through more marketing strategies and tactics, in the discussions during the physical classes.

The course provides 2 full-day physical classes. But, you can come back for class refreshers anytime you need.

Each physical class is limited to 25 participants.

Next Physical Classes: 26th & 27th June 2021
Time: 9AM – 5PM
Venue: SVOFO Training Centre, Sunway Nexis, Petaling Jaya.

Get help with marketing – anytime.

Got stuck when marketing your products or services? Need a second opinion on your Facebook ads?

Reach out to our instructors in our student support group. You’ll have a lifetime access.

I am an individual/startup/corporate.
Will this work for me?

  • If you are an individual who wants to learn digital marketing, this program takes you from the beginning and turns you into an advanced marketer.
  • If you’re a startup, this program shows you how to get paying customers with advanced digital marketing strategies.
  • If you’re from a corporate, this program shows you how to digitalize your corporate activities and win with digital marketing.

What’s the plan in Growth Marketing 360?

Upon signing up, you’ll get started with lessons inside.

Phase 1 – Build your website. 

The few lessons, you’ll learn to build your own website (WordPress) – for marketing. With your site, start doing data-driven marketing.

Phase 2 – Growth marketing to grow revenue.

Time to go to market.  Learn and grow your revenue within a week. This is where you’ll focus your first sale or increase your revenue 2X.


Phase 3 – Implement Marketing Systems

Repeat your success in phase 2. Track all your digital marketing efforts and learn to automate themu using softwares and tools. 

Phase 4 – Scaling and Beyond.

The final growth marketing lessons takes you one step further, teaching you to scale your business with advanced marketing & analytics strategies.

Some of the digital marketing tools you’ll learn include: 


LEAD’s Student Community

Course Syllabus

You will experience revenue growth in just the first 2 modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Growth Marketing

  • Marketing in the digital world.
  • Understanding your customers (B2C & B2B).
  • Data-driven marketing practice, analytics & tracking.
  • Growth formula.
  • Identify your marketing channels.
Module 2: Conversions & Sales Funnels.

  • Make your first RM100 as a marketer.
  • Developing your sales funnel strategy (Lead magnet, tripwire, downsells/upsells and profit maximizers.)
  • Advanced customer value optimization.
  • Build your landing page in 60 minutes.
Module 3: Build Your High-Converting Website

  • Build a high-converting website (WordPress)
  • Apply analytics to your website.
  • Remarketing tactics for products/services.
  • Hack your landing page growth.
Module 4: Search Engine Optimization & Content

  • Implement content marketing for your businesses.
  • Build your marketing funnel with content.
  • How to rank #1 on Google with SEO.
  • Drive revenue with content marketing strategies.
  • Growth hack your audience list.
Module 5: Build Revenue through Social Media

  • Marketing on social media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube, etc.)
  • Implement social tools for your business.
  • How to create ‘viral’ content for social media.
  • Growth strategy by going live on social media.
  • 3-steps strategy to avoid social PR disasters.
Module 6: Scaling Your Business with Paid Traffic.

  • Proven Facebook advertising strategies.
  • Google search, display and YouTube advertising.
  • Building your paid ads sales funnel.
  • Cross-platform advertising strategies.
  • Retargeting, cross-device & cross-platform marketing.
  • Analytics secrets for paid ad campaigns.
Module 7: Email Marketing & Community Marketing

  • Email marketing and list building strategies.
  • Email copywriting, subject lines & optimization.
  • Measuring success metrics, open/click optimization and result benchmark.
  • Designing retargeting tactics.
Module 8: Creative Marketing Extra!

  • How to create marketing videos that converts strangers into customers.
  • Marketing creatively – Facebook stories, Instagram stories, YouTube and more.
Module 9: Advanced Analytics & Landing Page Optimization

  • Uncover more revenue insights with Google Analytics.
  • Goal tracking, micro & macro conversions with Google Tag Manager.
  • Explore multiple tracking & customer behavior tools.
  • Heat-mapping, user tagging, video recording, and content analysis.
Module 10: Beyond a ‘digital marketer’.

  • Advanced mobile advertising and attribution.
  • Exploring RTB programmatic advertising – Display, TV, Broadcast, and Retargeting.
  • Direct buys from newspaper and media.
  • Marketing on other platforms.

Bonus Module: Make money with digital marketing. 

Modules shown are partial-only of what you’ll be getting inside. As a student – you will receive all future lesson updates.

Meet your instructor.

Learn digital marketing from someone who actually does marketing. 

Hey, it’s Reuben Ch’ng.

Head of Marketing at LEAD, Founder at Cat Studio, Entrepreneur

You might recognize me as the person who appeared as a speaker and trainer – in some marketing & business events by organizations like SITEC, Facon & Exabytes.

But what I’m prouder of is that I’ve helped companies such as TNB Malaysia, Nandos, Q-dees, UEM, Media Prima Digital and Pacific West – grow their revenue.

These days, I spend most of my time at LEAD, which I’ve helped grew into a known tech institute.

When I started, I was like most. I was doing digital marketing – but I was guessing a lot. Trying random tactics, just because I saw someone else do it.

Fast forward after trying hundreds of marketing strategies (and rubbish) over the past 9 years, I’m ready to teach growth marketing to business who wants to grow their revenue.

This is a cheque from Amazon Affiliates with affiliate marketing. Something you’ll learn in the course too. 

Today, I help businesses to grow their revenue with digital marketing.

Individuals who have leveled up.

Who took the choice to learn digital marketing – not so that they can empty their customer’s wallets as fast as possible, but to add value to more people’s lives.

Margaret Loh

Runs one of the largest tyre service & sales business in Northern Malaysia. She owns the online space for her business with the help of SEO and growth marketing.
Kevin, Bentley Music

Kevin reaches out to potential students and with content marketing and a dedicated website at Bentley Music.
Shawn Lai, AEC
An owner of a food machine manufacturing company now depends on digital marketing to grow his sales channel in Malaysia and overseas.
Aren, KD Trainer
Uses advanced digital marketing and social media strategies to acquire clients. He runs a profitable 6 figure personal training brand.

Do better with honest marketing.

Get access to the course that would help your business.

Here to help you succeed.

Tools, softwares and nice things you’ll get together with the course.


Premium DIVI WordPress Theme

Drag-and-drop WordPress theme. Spend less time building your website, and more time reaching your customers.


1-year Web Hosting

Pay nothing for hosting, to get your website ready. Transfer to your own hosting when you’re ready.

sitechecker Premium Account

All-in-one SEO platform for SEO reports, rank & backlink tracker, and website monitoring tool. (1-month)

Earn a certificate.

A good marketer is one who does things, not the one who owns a piece of paper. That said, we’re happy to award you with a completion certificate.

HRDF Claimable

LEAD is a HRDF registered training provider. We have trained some of the biggest tech companies in Southeast Asia.

Individuals from growing companies.

Have found insights, built the confidence and ability to do better marketing.


First – we don’t offer refunds. That’s because digital courses are consumed the moment you enrol.

However, you won’t believe the level of support we put into our courses. Our students still receive support and updates, months after they completed the course.

If there’s one thing we can brag about, it is this – we’re probably the only institute that offers the best support in Southeast Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So many digital marketing courses out there. Why join Growth Marketing 360?

A: What’s the most indispensable digital marketing skill? To put money on the table.

Most digital marketing courses never focus on that and instead, teaches you boring, long-winded ‘digital’ marketing tactics that don’t work.

Q: Can I get the instructor to help me with my business? 

A: Yes, this is what the student support is for. Although, the implementation will have to be done by you.