Launch your business with better marketing.

And get your first paying customer in a week.

Pre-enrolment is now open.
Program starts on 27th August 2022.

Your business can change lives.

Become a better marketer.

Marketing is how we create value, and doing better marketing is the best way to reach people who will benefit from your products and services.

Marketing is not just for E-commerce businesses. It’s a skill that you can learn and practice.

You can do better marketing – the kind that works and changes people’s lives.



Growth Marketing 360

Growth Marketing 360 is an 3-weeks program that will teach you digital marketing. You’ll learn to do marketing for the real world, apply it to your business and get customers.

It’s not a bunch of tutorial videos. It’s a hands-on program. You will do the work of marketing.

Who’s it for?
Entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers.

What is taught?

  • Business lessons and growth fundamentals.
  • Digital marketing strategies, tools and framework.
  • A place to build your business and get help without getting judged
  • Case studies and real-life lessons.

How does it work?

There are 4 parts to Growth Marketing 360.

1. 3 full-day physical classes

The main part of Growth Marketing 360 is the 3 days of physical classes, where Reuben will be present to teach digital marketing.

You do also have an option to tune in via live streaming and attend the classes from anywhere you’re at, mainly for overseas students.

Dates: 27th August, 3rd & 4th September 2022
Time: 9AM – 5PM
Venue: SVOFO, Sunway Nexis Office Suite, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


2. Video Lessons

There are 24+ hours of self-paced video lessons on digital marketing.

You’ll learn:

  • To build a marketing strategy.
  • Tools, frameworks, and examples for good marketing.
  • Step by step process to doing digital marketing.
  • To get customers and grow a business.

3. 6 Online live training (bonus)

There will be follow-up calls after the 3 physical classes, to reinforce your learning. 

It’s quite common to receive invitations for extra live classes after the 3-day program, depending on questions raised.

All video calls are recorded. You will be able to catch-up if you miss a session.



4. Assignments (in class and after)

Growth Marketing 360 is a practical program, designed to get you working. You will apply the lessons to the business you are marketing.

The assignments will get you to:

  • Design a marketing strategy.
  • Do keyword and competitive research.
  • Build a website.
  • Set up web analytics.
  • Run paid advertising on Facebook, Google, etc.
  • And more…

Amy built her website, YogaDose.co by the end of week 3.

Some of the marketing tools you’ll work with: 

Program requirements.


The program runs for over 3 weeks.

Your time will be spent doing marketing, going through the lessons, and engaging in discussions during the 3 full days.

Who is it for?

The program works best if you have a business, with products and services you want to sell.

If you don’t have a business yet, you’ll create one during the program.

Tech requirements

  • Computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Internet Access.
  • Discourse – We use Discourse, a discussion board for the lessons and discussions.
  • Zoom – Live coaching calls and meetups will be done on Zoom. A webcam and mic is recommended.

Program Syllabus


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Understanding marketing & its fundamentals. 
  • Deploying the ‘Zero to Launch’ strategy. 
  • Designing marketing funnels & the customer journey. 
  • Writing for marketing & call-to-action.
Module 2: Designing a High-Converting Website.
  • Build a high-converting landing page.
  • Deploying web analytics (Qualitative and quantitative)
  • Applying remarketing strategies.
  • Converting your first customer.
Module 3: Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google & other platforms. 
  • Building a content marketing funnel.
  • Driving revenue through content marketing. 
  • Ranking a webpage to #1 on Google.
Module 4: Social Media Marketing
  • Building a social media strategy on mainstream platforms. (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram)
  • Understanding the ‘4 Pillars of Social Media Marketing’
  • Using social media tools to grow revenue. 
  • Guide to creating ‘viral’ content on social media. 
  • The ‘3-Step Strategy’ for PR on social media.
Module 5: Paid Advertising Mastery
  • Growing revenue through digital paid advertising. 
  • Building a paid advertising strategy. 
  • Understanding major ad platforms – Facebook/Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok
  • Setting up cross-platform advertising. 
  • Analytics for paid ad campaigns.
Module 6: Email & Community Marketing
  • How to build an audience. 
  • Email marketing mastery. 
  • Creating a customer journey through email marketing & groups. 
  • Implementing marketing automation.
Module 7: Advanced Web & Data Analytics
  • Uncover marketing insights with Google Analytics 4
  • Developing a quantitative marketing strategy and plan. 
  • Exploring Google Tag Manager for marketing. 
  • Zig-Zag Strategy: Leveraging on untapped marketing sources.

3 full days physical class

Physical training is held on 3 different Saturdays (27th Aug, 3rd – 4th Sept). You can find recordings to catch up if you have a schedule change.


Meet your instructor.

Reuben Ch’ng

Head of Marketing, Founder of Cat Insights

Reuben Ch’ng is head of marketing, entrepreneur, growth marketer and HRDF trainer with over 10+ years of experience working & training brands such as TNB Malaysia, Sony, Nando’s, UEM, Media Prima Digital, History Channel and Pacific West.

He started his entrepreneurial journey as a founder of a music school and recording studio, Cat Studio – before moving into the media world where he worked on several  broadcast projects. With his media experience, Reuben then took the position of business director in the mobile AdTech industry, working with FMCGs and corporates on advertising and marketing campaigns.

As an entrepreneur, he runs several education and media companies. Cat Studio, a music/recording school, Audio Mentor, an online media publication and LEAD.

Little nice-to-haves.

The nice thing about enrolling in a digital marketing course at LEAD is that you get additional benefits – tools, software, and more.


Premium DIVI WordPress Theme

Drag-and-drop WordPress theme. Spend less time building your website, and more time reaching your customers.


1-year Web Hosting

Pay nothing for hosting to build your website. Transfer to your own hosting when you’re ready.


Sitechecker.pro Premium Account

All-in-one SEO platform for SEO reports, rank & backlink tracker, and website monitoring tool. (1-month)

Students from the program.

Students from around Malaysia, in large and small companies, have taken this program to improve their marketing and walked away with a high-ROI skill set.

Margaret Loh

Runs one of the largest tyre service & sales business in Northern Malaysia. She owns the online space for her business with the help of SEO and growth marketing.
Aren, KD Trainer
Uses advanced digital marketing and social media strategies to acquire clients. He runs a profitable 6 figure personal training brand.

Zhen Yang – CEO, Engage Blink

Learn about building customer loyalty with a former student, Zhen Yang.

Growth Marketing 360

Launch your business and get paying customers in under a week.


  • 3-weeks marketing program: Weekly lessons on business and marketing, with assignments to launch your business.
  • Weekly coaching calls: Receive help to grow your business.
  • Student support: A growing, passionate community filled with the smartest marketers to learn and grow from.

Program starts on Aug 27th

Pre-enrol now to save on fees.

Duration: 3-weeks
Format: Physical classes at Sunway Nexis, SVOFO.
Commitment: 3 full-day.

RM3,899 one-time fee.

Earn a certificate.

A good marketer is one who does things, not the one who owns a piece of paper. That said, we’re happy to award you with a completion certificate – at the end.

HRDF Claimable

If your company contributes a levy to HRDF, Growth Marketing 360 allows you to claim a portion of the program fees.


We don’t offer refunds, but we don’t think you will request for a refund – given the growth you’ll achieve upon completing the program.

Even after the program, the community you can still contribute and receive from the passionate community.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So many digital marketing courses out there. Why join Growth Marketing 360?

A: What’s the most indispensable digital marketing skill? To put money on the table.

Most digital marketing courses never focus on that and instead, teaches you boring, long-winded ‘digital’ marketing tactics that don’t work.

Q: Can I get the instructor to help me with my business? 

A: Yes, this is what the student support is for. Although, the implementation will have to be done by you.