How To Become A Data Scientist - Without A Degree Or Any Experience

If you're curious about how to become a data scientist, I thought I'll share the exact lessons I've learnt as a data scientist. 

Also, here are 3 common misconceptions: 

Misconception #2 - You Need To Use Many 'Techy' Programs For Data Science

Not true. You can even do data analysis with Microsoft Excel! 

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Online Webinar

29th March 2018 - 8PM GMT+8

I want to show you what a data scientist really does, show you how to be one and promise it'll be the most interesting hour you'll spend in the week. 

Misconception #1 - Data Science is Only For Web Developers

While it’s true that a part of the job requires developer skills but that’s not a necessary condition to become a Data Scientist.

Misconception #3 - I Need A Degree To Do Data Science & Be Hired

A degree would help in credibility, but nothing beats true real-life data science skills, that are highly sought after by companies.

- Dr. Lau Cher Han

Who's Speaking In The Webinar?

"I was fortunate enough to get a PhD degree, but, do you really need that to become a data scientist?".

Join me in this online webinar and I'll explain what it takes to be a data scientist. 

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Host: Reuben Ch'ng

I will be hosting this webinar with Dr. Lau and will help you with your questions during the session. 

Ask questions, get answers and develop your knowledge about data science and how you can impact your career and life.

Learn The EXACT 3-Step Guide To Be A Data Scientist

What's Will You Get From This Webinar?

Your Future As
A Data Scientist

Ask Questions

What are the certifications you'll need to be a data scientist?
Which programming language should learn first and what is your path, if you are a  beginner?

What is data science really? 

See a demo of Python programming used for real data science applications.

"Dr. Lau is a data scientist with a strong technology background. In Microsoft e-Research, he built a mobile sensing network, before joining the Australian Institute of Future Environments to develop a Greenhouse Gas Analysis system. His Ph.D. research focuses on using machine learning and natural language processing techniques.

Dr. Lau has also been an in-house trainer on Big Data for companies such as Intel, HP, and Standard Chartered Scope International. 

Since, we're going to get lots of questions about it..

  • The webinar is an online live event. You'll need a computer and internet connection.
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This is that 'one' data science webinar where you'll learn
from a true industry-experienced data scientist. 

Register below and make sure to log on to the online webinar on 29th March, Thursday - sharp at 8PM.

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29th March 2018 - 8PM GMT+8