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Data Science Breakthrough + Marketing Mastery = Knowledge Plus

Boost your knowledge and value in the market with 8 online courses by LEAD. Purchase the pre-sale at up to 70% off – during 11.11 week only.

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Equip yourself with in-demand and valuable skillsets. This year, we increased the number of courses and made drastic improvements.

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modules8 modules

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Predictive Analytics for Business People

Learn to use predictive analytics, no matter the size of your business – to uncover potentials and drive growth.

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Module 1 – Introduction to Business Analytics
Module 2 – Learning the Data Analytics Workflow
Module 3 – Predictive Analytics in Retail Analytics
Module 4 – Human Resource Analytics
Module 5 – Data-Driven Youtubers and KOLs
Module 6 – Taking Business Analytics To The Next Level
Module 7 – Data science – The Modern Day Alchemy
Module 8 – Building A Data-Driven Organization

Course Price: RM499

Python Primer for Data Science 2.0

Get your hands dirty, building data science models & programs with Python.

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Module 1 – Python Introduction
Module 2 – Usage of Python Language
Module 3 – Basic Concept of a Programming Language
Module 4 – Data Scientist Toolkits
Module 5 – Exploring Data Structures
Module 6 – Techniques for Data Cleaning
Module 7 – Data Visualisation Libraries
Module 8 – Machine Learning Libraries
Module 9 – Solution Implementation

Course Price: RM499

Data Scientist Personal Brand Toolkit

Take the steps and follow through a proven process to brand yourself as a high in-demand data scientist.

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Module 1 – What Is A ‘Personal Brand’?
Module 2 – Why Is Personal Branding Crucial?
Module 3 – How Personal Branding Helped My Career
Module 4 – Identifying Your Personal Brand & Story
Module 5 – Using LinkedIn & How Is It More Than A Job Search Platform
Module 6 – Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn


Course Price: RM499

Data Science Kickstart 2.0

Designed for individuals with zero technical and IT background, with a big goal – break into a data science career.

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Module 1 – The Goal of Data Science
Module 2 – Data Science is O.S.E.M.N
Module 3 – Obtaining Data
Module 4 – Scrub Your Data
Module 5 – Exploratory Data Analysis
Module 6 – Data Modelling
Module 7 – Interpreting results
Module 8 – Managing Structured and Unstructured Data
Module 9 – Machine Learning Fundamentals
Module 10 – Towards Artificial Intelligence
Module 11 – Hadoop – The Dancing Big Data Elephant
Module 12 – Real-World Data Science Application
Bonus – Definitive Guide to A Data Scientist Workflow (plus resources)

Course Price: RM499

Affiliate Marketing Profit Core

Finally. A course that teaches you to monetize online with affiliate marketing. No-nonsense, step by step lessons.

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Module 1Understanding Affiliate Marketing (And Your Goal to $1)
Module 2 – Finding Your Niche & Building A Business
Module 3 – Step-by-step Building Your Website with WordPress
Module 4 – Exploring Amazon Affiliate (plus other affiliate platforms)
Module 5 – Your Guide to Content Building & SEO
Module 6 – Deploying Email Marketing & Building Your Customer Database
Module 7 – Deploying Affiliate Monetization Strategies
Module 8 – Advanced Traffic Generation – Reaching The Right Audience
Module 9 – Affiliate Marketing on Social Media
Module 10 – Scaling Your Affiliate Business & Paid Advertising

Course Price: RM499

Google Analytics Primer

Own a website? Increase the conversion you get on your website by tracking visitors and making smart optimizations.

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Module 1 – Introduction to Web Analytics (and Google Analytics!)
Module 2 – Installing & Setting Up Google Analytics
Module 3 – Analyzing The Right Data for Improvement
Module 4 – Creating Reports & Visualization
Module 5 – Optimizing Your Website For Conversions (and Goals)
Module 6 – Using Your Data for Digital Marketing
Module 7 – Exploring Other Forms of Analysis (Heatmaps, video recordings, etc.)

Bonus Module: A Web Analytics Career

Course Price: RM499

Breakthrough AI Product Management

Fast track to become an AI product manager. Learn the frameworks to manage tech teams, design, and launch products.

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Module 1 – Introduction to A.I
Module 2 – Defining Problems & Onboarding People
Module 3 – When To Use A.I.
Module 4 – Preparing Data
Module 5 – Evaluation & Testing
Module 6 – Launch, Iterations & Feedback Loop
Module 7 – Expectations management and explainability of AI

Bonus #1: Case Study (Product Specs for a Chatbot Product)
Bonus #2: Career planning, progression and being an AI Product Manager

Course Price: RM499

Facebook Ad Dive 2.0

Learn the strategies and methods to run profitable Facebook Ads in our best-selling Facebook advertising online course.

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Module 1 – Facebook Ad Marketing Deep Dive
Module 2 – Understanding Facebook Ads
Module 3 – Running End to End Facebook Ad Campaigns
Module 4 – Advanced Facebook Pixel Mastery
Module 5 – In-Depth Facebook Ads Techniques
Module 6 – Knowing If Your Ads Are Working & Optimization
Module 7 – Business Facebook Page Method

Bonus: Facebook Hacks By The Best Marketers

  • Facebook like hacks: Getting as low as RM0.01 per like
  • 5 social media marketing content tips
  • 3 Case Studies: Building a Facebook ad strategy for property, education, and service provider company.
  • How to start your own Facebook ad agency
  • Done for you: Facebook ad templates & copy

Course Price: RM499

The Instructors

Meet your game changers

Knowledge Plus brings you an assembly of people who will share their knowledge and teach – without holding back.

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, Founder of LEAD.

An expert mentor who has helped over 1000 individuals break into Data Science & Tech, Dr. Lau brings experience, case studies & teachings from the data industry and condenses it into actionable steps for you.

Courses Taught in Knowledge Plus 

  • Predictive Analytics for Business People.
  • Data Science Kickstart 2.0

Sina Meraji

ex-Supahands AI Product Management.
Prospective AI postgraduate student.

Hailing from a computer science and A.I. background, Sina introduces a pathway for individuals who wants a career in tech, but not necessarily to do coding or programming. 

Courses Taught in Knowledge Plus 

  • A.I. Product Management Breakthrough

Reuben Ch’ng

Head of Marketing, LEAD. 
Founder of Cat Insights Marketing.

Music producer turned marketer, Reuben waste no time on ‘rah-rah’ or ‘motivational’ marketing lessons and instead, teaches step by step, with experience from building and managing his own businesses.

Courses Taught in Knowledge Plus 

  • Google Analytics Primer
  • Affiliate Marketing Profit Core
  • Facebook Ad Dive 2.0

Edmund Hee

Senior Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer.

Edmund is a senior data scientist and full stack developer with experience working with startups and corporates. As a strong technical person, he’ll teach you to get started coding with Python.

Courses Taught in Knowledge Plus 

  • Python Primer for Data Science 2.0

Admond Lee

Data Scientist at Micron Technology. 
Contributing Writer at KDNuggets.com, AI Time Journal.

A self-made data scientist and accomplished writer in prominent data science sites, Admond shows you how to brand yourself as a data scientist and get the recruiters rushing to your profile.

Courses Taught in Knowledge Plus 

  • Data Scientist Personal Brand Toolkit

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some questions we usually get. If we didn’t answer yours, email us at chelsea@thelead.io or chat with us.

    When will the courses be released?

    Knowledge Plus by LEAD is a pre-sale. Our instructors and production team is hard at work producing & upgrading the courses currently and access will be provided to you on 20th December 2019.

    Where will the classes be held at?

    The classes are online classes. When released, you will get your online logins to enter and go through the course.

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    We don’t usually run discounts at LEAD, mainly because we know the worth of our courses. However, we’re making an exception during the 11.11 week. This offer will end by 18th November.

    How are LEAD’s courses different from other courses?

    We built our courses to make sure it provides you with lots of value, whether your goal is to grow your business, break into data science or to become a digital marketer.

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