Use Machine Learning &  Artificial Intelligence – to uncover opportunities and solve business problems.

What if you could learn a skill that is transforming every field it touches?  a skill that you can apply immediately at work – tomorrow.

What is Machine Learning?

The idea that machines can learn by itself without any extra programming from humans – brought about machine learning.

Today, machine learning is used at most modern companies.

– A tech company uses it to determine user behavior.
– Finance companies use it to predict stock movements and create forecasts.
– Telco companies use it to predict their customer churn rate.
– Ad networks predict which advertisement you prefer viewing based on your behavior online.

and more..

Learn the skill of machine learning so that you can apply in the fields you are working in – immediately.

p.s. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or even have prior programming knowledge to pick up the skill of machine learning.



Introducing Machine Learning Spark Online Training

A Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Just like knowing how to use a computer today enable you to leverage on the internet and work at jobs. Older people who did not take the initiative to learn, are now unable to leverage the internet.

Machine Learning is tomorrow’s literacy skill. Sure, that will be apps and people who can do it for you – but you will always be in the hands of others.

Having machine learning & AI skills will open up a world filled with possibilities, opportunities and you’ll always have the upper advantage – no matter what.

Venue: Online Training (via Zoom)
Date: 30th April 2020 (Thursday)
7PM -10PM // Evening Online Workshop

What do I get in Machine Learning Spark Online?

3 hours live online training 

Log in online, where you’ll learn from the instructor, see a live demo and then get tasked to work on structure and unstructured data to build machine learning models & AI – in real-time together.

Video recording & additional resources 

After the live training ends, it’ll be uploaded as a video recording that you would be able to access in your account, along with other downloadable materials and resources.

30 days instructor support

Most students fail because there’s no one around to mentor. Get a 30 days instant chat support with this online training.

Deploy machine learning and AI through this training.

Machine Learning Spark Online is an evening hands-on live online training that coaches the deployment of machine learning and AI algorithms. The tools taught in this class are used in areas of finance, telcos, e-commerce, marketing and more.

You will return to work, ready to apply learning algorithms in your own industry and see the world differently.

Put the data you work with every day to use.

Every industry and role can benefit from machine learning and AI. Whether you work with Excel, E-Commerce or customer sales data, Machine Learning Spark Online teaches you to use structure and unstructured data to build machine learning models.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI), that gives computers the ability to automatically learn and improve itself. Here, you’ll learn the core idea of teaching a computer to learn concepts using data and how it can be applied to various industry use cases.

Features Engineering

How do you get most of your data for predictive modeling? Feature engineering is often the most difficult phase of your ML project, but it doesn’t have to be so. Learn the importance of features and the role they play – which you’ll use to improve the accuracy of your Machine Learning models.

Logistic & Linear Regression

Perform classification, predict probability and value output based on an input value with linear regression.

Predictive model related algorithms will be covered and taught.

K-Means Clustering

Use unsupervised learning to build models that help you to understand your data better.  Training on K-Means algorithm for clustering will enable you to learn groupings of unlabeled data points.

Deep Learning

An introduction to neural networks and popular deep learning framework, Tensorflow, using a hands-on approach. You’ll understand TensorFlow capabilities, an open-source software library for the purpose of conducting machine learning.

Who should join this online training?

The Aspiring AI Specialist

Are you trying to break into a career in data science?

This online training shortcuts you into being a machine learning and AI specialist, by teaching you the most widely used tools, algorithms. models to deploy.


Individuals with an interest in data science and wants to learn how to work on structured and unstructured data to build machine learning models & AI.

The Working Professional

Pick up machine learning skill and add it to your skill set.

 Learn how to work with structured and unstructured data to build machine learning models & AI, and make smarter business decisions.

Learn From An Industry Expert

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, CTO, Founder of LEAD.
Big Data Researcher, Microsoft Excel World Champion and in-house trainer for Standard Chartered, OCBC, Intel & Johor Corporation.

Dr. Lau has trained executives and companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam and TNB Malaysia to break into data science, big data and artificial intelligence.

Through his 15 years of experience in software development, database technologies, data mining and analytics – he has helped & consulted companies such as Intel, Jabil, HP, the Selangor Government and more. 

Dr. Lau has helped over 1000s of individuals break into a tech career.

“I have no programming experience. Will I be able to follow?”

You can join this workshop without a prior programming experience. We’ll teach from the basics.

Just be open to learning programming.
If that’s good, then we welcome you to join us!

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, Machine Learning & AI Practitioner.

Equip yourself with a new skill.

You will receive an email with preliminary exercises to set-up before the online workshop.

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What’s Included

  • 3+ hours live training
  • Complete video recordings
  • Machine learning tools & software
  • Downloads, templates, and source codes
  • Bonus assignments, tools, handouts, real-life exercises
  • 30-Days full-time student support


Date: 30th April 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 7:00PM – 10:00PM (GMT +8)
Online training (via Zoom)

Included in Machine Learning Spark Online

Access your student resource

Find additional video resources & downloads in your account on our Class platform. The live training will also be uploaded as a video recording where you can go through at your own pace & time.

You get lifetime access to the Class platform, including every future update on the course.

Get 30 days full-time support

The real questions will come when you begin to work on your own data science projects.

Get direct support from the instructor via our support group. Just type your questions and see them answered within a few minutes – included with the online training.

Earn yourself a certificate

By the end of the training, earn yourself a certificate – for completing the program.

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Olivia is a digital marketer who now uses data to help optimize performance ad campaigns at work.
Josh enjoyed meeting like-minded people during courses by LEAD, in pursuing a data science career.
Luqman learnt data science & machine learning without prior programming knowledge in the course.
Alexander loved the fact that the courses are based on practical hands-on approach, rather than just theory.

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