Write Programs That Helps You Finish Your Tasks in Seconds.

A practical Python programming course for working professionals, business owners, and administrators who want to ‘explode’ their productivity. 

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Introducing, Python 360.

Python programming course made for people who want to build programs that help do practical tasks – such as web scraping, schedule job processing, email automation, data scrapping and more.

Made for beginners, this course skips the boring part of studying computer science and jumps straight into enabling you to build interesting programs with Python.

Supplementary online video classes. Lifetime access & updates.

4 full-day physical classes at Svofo, Petaling Jaya on:

  • 5th – 6th September 2020
  • 19th – 20th September 2020
    (9AM – 5PM)

Lifetime warranty for class refreshers and student support.

What is Python?

World’s most popular programming language.

Python is one of the top major programming language popularly used by companies like Netflix, Grab & Uber. In fact, NASA used Python to produce the image of the blackhole

While it’s a favourite tool for data scientists, in Python 360, you’ll focus to use Python to program tools and applications to automate tasks.

From processing lots of data, sending receipts automatically to programming a notification system, your life can be changed forever – with Python.

And with it being open-source and free, you’ll never have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Who should pick Python 360 up?

You don’t need to be a programmer. But we’re living in an era where we work on a computer every day. Here’s the thing, it pays to learn how to make your computer work for you.

Working professionals.

Lots of tasks today can be automated with programs. Work smarter and increase your value by learning programming computers to do your job for you.

Aspiring programmers.

Upskill yourself with the programming language used by organizations like NASA, Google, YouTube, Netflix and more – increasing your employability in the market.

Business owners.

Increase your productivity by automating your tasks. Imagine the cost you’ll save, for example – when you build a system to generate invoices for you, rather than to hire a full-time staff. 

Is there a reason to learn programming?

Your job probably involves using a computer – a lot. And using a computer sometimes means mindless clicking, typing, and processing. What if you can program your computer to do your work?

Automating tasks with Python.

How much time would you save if you could build programs that automatically send emails, duplicate files or post social media posts for you? 

Whether you’re an accountant, business owner, marketer or office worker – your task can be automated. 

Scrape data from the internet.

Still spend hours online looking for contact emails, information, and low prices when shopping? 

It’s time to #worksmart.

Build a Python script to scrape websites or social media sites for the exact information you need.

Automate your daily business tasks.

What is it like to hack life?

Use Python to automate tasks like calculating a spreadsheet automatically, generating reports or sending a notification whenever a website updates.

It’s making computers work for you. As a business owner, you work smarter and become efficient. As a working professional, you increase your worth at the workplace.

Designed for beginners.

Python 360 starts from the basic and quickly ramps up into advanced content with one goal – to getting you capable of building programs with Python.

Module 1 – Fundamental Python Programming

Begin programming and reading in Python with the fundamentals on a Jupyter Notebook.

  • Variables & Data Type
  • Logical & Conditional Flow
  • Loop
  • Data Structure

Module 2 – Advanced Python Programming

Having grasped the fundamentals, you’ll begin learning advanced Python programming techniques.

  • Functions
  • Class
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Class Inheritance

Module 3 – Building Web Applications with Python Scripting

This is where things get interesting as you experience building your first web application with Python scripting for task automation.

  • Developing web applications.
  • Micro Service Application.
  • Flask Development.
  • Working with APIs.
  • Creating program schedulers.
  • Building and storing data in databases.
  • Creating a web scraping tool.
  • Get introduced to Version Control.

Module 4 – Build A Real-World Scheduler Application

With your new-found skill with Python, you’ll be challenged to build an actual real-world application with a scheduler, combining every skill you’ve learnt so far.

  • Building programs with task automation using Python.
  • Group assignment & hacking activity.
  • Presentation and final lessons.

By the end, you would be able to:

Write Programs

Build scripts to send emails on your behalf to creating your own financial app to manage your income & expense. With Python, you can get creative with building programs around your work-tasks.

Go into Data Science.

A reason why data scientists use Python is because of its collection of machine learning & data science libraries, enabling them to deploy algorithms quickly. With Python skills, you’re one step closer to being a data scientist.

Launch your programming career.

Python is growing fast and is increasing in demand. Besides helping you to get a job it will also add to your career growth in the tech industry.

Senior data scientist and full stack developer with experience from both corporate & startups – Edmund, worked with us to design Python 360, which is meant to get you into programming, without having to go through years of studying.

You don’t need to be a computer genius to start programming with Python, as Edmund will get you Python-capable.

Edmund Hee

Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer, ex. Air Asia

Register your spot.

Python 360 only takes in 20 students. Register for the intake and prepare to be surprised by what you can do at the end.

What Our Students Say?

See what our past students say. The difference with Python 360 is we go much deeper with Python programming.

“I’ve learnt how to do things faster, including the type of tools, software and libraries to use to achieve my tasks faster. And I like the support given by the team where I could get help for some tasks I have at work.”

Dara Tumenbayeva

Data Scientist, JobStreet

“What I like about the course by LEAD is its real-life experiences from the instructors and as well as the continuous support that the team gives. They are always online helping me, 6 AM to 1 AM in the morning. That shows dedication.”

Vanessa Miranda

Data Science & ML Adopter, Business Director, m/SIX Agency

“The course was comprehensive and it taught me everything I need to know about and the industry practices both – locally and globally. And I think the rest of it will have to be on my own to discover.”

Josh Wang

COO, The Malaysian SOCIAL Project

Earn A Certificate

You’ll be awarded a completion certificate at the end of the course, signed by the instructor.

HRDF Claimable

LEAD is a HRDF registered training provider. We have trained some of the biggest tech companies in Southeast Asia.

Need support or have some questions?
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What people ask.

We know you will ask things like ‘can I master Python in just 4 days?’

Q: What if I cannot make it for one or more of the physical class?

We understand sometimes schedules clash. But that’s alright. As a student, we allow you to come back for class refreshers during any Python 360 intakes we do.

Q: I’ve never done programming or coding before. Can I join this program?

One misconception of many people is that you need lots of math and statistics skills to pick up programming languages like Python. In this program we’ll skip the computer science part and go straight into building useful programs with Python.

Q: How is this different from other courses?

You’ll feel the difference on the first day itself. We waste no time going through theory,  jumping straight into transferring actual practical skills that you’ll use at work or to build real programs.

Q: Can I seriously master Python in 4 days?

You’ll learn a serious bulk of Python during the 4 days. To ‘master’ Python programming? That takes practice and you’ll be covered through our always available student support. If you are consistently practicing, we see students mastering Python as fast as 6 months.

Q: Can I apply for jobs with the certificate received?

While the certificate you’ll be awarded at the end is not a diploma or degree, it will bring some weight when you’re applying for a job. Feel free to get us at LEAD to make recommendations to companies for you as well. 

Join Python 360 Course – 100% Risk-Free

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We confidently designed Python 360, making sure it will work for you.

Put simply: As a LEAD student, you always have access to learning materials and can reattend any Python 360 intake, anytime we run it  –with no extra charge.