Python Programming Online Workshop

Learn to perform industry-grade analytics with Python.

VENUE: Online Training (via Zoom)
DATE: 16th May 2020 (Saturday)
TIME: 3:00PM – 6:00PM

The programming tool of the future.

The world is now data-driven.

We can only imagine the skill of being able to work, extract and analyze data to be more common than ever.

In Python Sprint, you’ll learn Python – the programming tool used by data professionals to work with data.

Python.. What?

Python is a general-purpose programming language, that can be used for nearly everything.

It’s used to power apps like Instagram, building sites, to doing heavy analytics on large data sets.

Think of Python as the swiss-knife of programming language.

In this online training, we’ll set a foundation for you in Python and focus on using it for data analysis, visualization and solving real-world & business problems – in data science.

Better yet – Python is open-source. Your company will love you for saving them money from expensive software & platforms.

Who uses Python?

The companies, apps, and services you use everyday are using Python – in many different ways.

Spotify uses Python to stream music to you. It also collects data & builds a profile of you.

Netflix uses Python to stream movies and recommend films based on data analysis.

Python is used for gameplay data analysis & programming, such as score keeping and team balancing.

What do I get in Python Sprint Online?

3 hours live online training 

Log in online, where you’ll learn from the instructor, see a live demo and then get tasked to work on a real-world dataset to create data analysis and visualizations – in real-time together.

Video recording & additional resources 

After the live training ends, it’ll be uploaded as a video recording that you would be able to access in your account, along with other downloadable materials and resources.

30 days instructor support

Most students fail because there’s no one around to mentor. Get a 30 days instant chat support with this online training.

Pick up Python through this training.

By the end of this training, you’ll have the fundamentals to use Python for work – which sets you up to use Python, just like the industry practitioners.

Sure, you won’t be a pro immediately. However, upon completing this online training you’ll be able to continue practicing and picking up more advanced programming on your own.

Put the data you work with every day to use.

Every industry and role can benefit from Python for data analysis and visualization. Whether you work with Excel, E-Commerce or customer sales data, Python Sprint Online teaches you to use your current data to uncover trends and potentials.

Introduction to Python
Discover everything Python! Learn how to create variables, understand data type in Python and see possible data analysis possible with it. You’ll start practicing Python programming

Logic & Loop in Python
Loops and logic are both powerful concepts in programming, where software developers create efficient programs. This module will set you up to be a master in programming.

Use List to Customize Data
Discover ways to store multiple data points, select & build your data frame with Python lists. Then manipulate Lists in multiple ways.

Numpy & Data Visualization Mastery
Write amazingly fast code with Python libraries such as Numpy, do calculations with huge amounts of data then plot charts with visualization libraries. You’ll practice what you’ve learnt with real-world data science problems.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to do data analysis and visualization independently and apply in your work – with the skills of: 

  • Fundamentals of Python for Data Science.
  • Variables – Store data in your Python programs!
  • Numbers – How numbers work behind the scenes in your Python programs.
  • Strings – Python Text and automating messages.
  • Logic and Data Structures.
  • Loops – Build machine learning algorithms.
  • Numpy, Pandas, & Seaborn – Data Visualisation for Data Science.

Watch: See a quick example of what you can do with Python.

Who should join this online training?

The Aspiring Data Scientist

Are you trying to break into a career in data science?

This Python course shortcuts you into being a data scientist, by teaching you the most widely used programming language for data science.


Individuals with an interest in data science and wants to learn how to do data analysis using programs.

The Working Professional

Pick up Python programming for data science and add it to your skill set.

 Learn how to implement data analysis & visualization for your business, and make smarter business decisions.

Your instructor

Edmund Hee, Trainer
Ex-Data Scientist, Air Asia

Edmund started his journey as a Java and Mobile developer in a company dealing with crime data. This brought him immense experience working with machine learning & data analysis to combat crime.

Highly experienced with Python & Django for multiple programming cases, some of his achievements include building analytic dashboards, crunching big data and generating valuable reports to help stakeholders from different corporations understand business nature.

He has worked in companies ranging from startups, SME, to MNC which includes his previous position as a data scientist in AirAsia, Edmund looks forward to sharing insights and mentor from his experience.

Equip yourself with a new skill.

You will receive an email with preliminary exercises to set-up before the online workshop.

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What’s Included

  • 3+ hours live training
  • Complete video recordings
  • Downloads, resources and extra content.
  • Bonus assignments, tools, handouts, real-life exercises.
  • 30-Days student support.


Date: 16th May 2020 (Saturday)
3:00PM – 6:00PM (GMT +8)
Online training (via Zoom)

Included in Python Sprint Online Training

Access your student resource

Find additional video resources & downloads in your account on our Class platform. The live training will also be uploaded as a video recording where you can go through at your own pace & time.

You get lifetime access to the Class platform, including every future update on the course.

Get 30 days full-time support

The real questions will come when you begin to work on your own data science projects.

Get direct support from the instructor via our support group. Just type your questions and see them answered within a few minutes – included with the online training.

Earn yourself a certificate

By the end of the training, earn yourself a certificate – for completing the program.

See What Our Students Say

Individual or business owners – our past students have gained actionable knowledge from Python Sprint Online.

“The course fits those who wants to learn data science from a different perspective and if they are looking for someone who they can trust in skills and knowledge.”
Ghazal Ghalebandi, Data Scientist at Seek Asia

“I enjoyed learning how to transform data into information and then building predictive models from it. This enabled me to make smarter business directions for the company.”
Xin Hui, Hermo.my

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