Build a high-converting landing page

How to build a High-Converting Landing Page

Stunning pages in just a few clicks – Simple, fast and perfect.
Build pages that convert your traffic and leads into more business even if web design is not really your thing
Build a high-converting landing page

What do you learn from this?

  • Ways to bring you ideas to life and track its performance
  • Step-by-step instructions to build your very own site
  • Q&A session with Reuben
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This class is for anyone looking to improve their online site or building one.

Building a high-converting landing page class

Go from “low sales” online site to a high-converting landing site. This class will teach you how to grab every chance to get all your visitor’s attention.

    This class is made with you in mind: 

    Business owners. Freelancers. Creative entrepreneur. Digital marketer.

    From the instructor:

    This is the exact formula I use to build a high-converting landing page without needing to hire a website designer.

    A growth marketer, entrepreneur and trainer with over 10+ years of industry experience working with brands like TNB Malaysia, Sony, Nando’s, UEM, Media Prima Digital, History Channel and Pacific West.

    Coming from a background of music production, he begun his entrepreneurship journey by starting a music school & recording studio in Penang in 2008.

    Currently, he leads marketing and manages the team at LEAD. From business direction to marketing strategy, he’s involved in every step to ensure that the growth of our clients are in line with the company’s growth.


    Reuben Ch’ng, Head of Marketing

    Reuben Coaching
    Judge by the students’ achievements, not by our promises.

    Margaret loh

    Runs one of the largest tyre service & sales business in Northern Malaysia. She owns the online space for her business with the help of SEO and growth marketing.


    Kevin reaches out to potential students and with content marketing and a dedicated website at Bentley Music.

    Shawn Lai

    An owner of a food machine manufacturing company now depends on digital marketing to grow his sales channel in Malaysia and overseas.


    Uses advanced digital marketing and social media strategies to acquire clients. He runs a profitable 6 figure personal training brand.

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