Digital Marketing Webinar 

Making Your Break in Digital Marketing

Want to become a digital marketer? 

In this webinar, we’ll answer real questions such as: 

  • Is it still OK to pick up digital marketing? 
  • How do you build a high-paying digital marketing career? 
  • How do you become a freelance/agency marketer – help clients and make good revenue from it?
  • What are the actual digital marketing strategies that work these days?

(We have a 100 participant limit.)

The online webinar starts on:

26th February 2021 (Friday) | 9AM – 10AM

Will this webinar be worth your time?

We think it will. The things you will learn – are lessons we learned working on real projects. Feel free to pick them up and implement for your career or business.

Re-discover digital marketing.

Digital marketing is simply, marketing. 

Once you nail down the fundamentals, it’s quite easy to see where to focus your marketing efforts on. During this webinar, we’ll go through some key digital marketing disciplines from: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion optimization.
  • Copywriting.
  • Social media marketing.
  • And more..

Marketing creates change.

To many people, marketing is simply a means to grow more revenue.

We get that. That’s why in this webinar, we’ll discuss things like, whether it’s still worth it to pick up digital marketing, how to look for a digital marketing job and how to find paying clients.

clubhouse tik-tok

What about Tik Tok? Clubhouse?

As an institute – we get asked a lot about new techniques and platforms. “Everyone is on Clubhouse, should I find ways to promote my business there and be an early adopter?”

How come so many business owners spend time finding something that works, finally get it, gets results…. then suddenly get shiny-object syndrome and fall for the next thing? 

Think about it. You’ve built a website, started creating social media content regularly, got a few sales… then suddenly Clubhouse come about and you’re thinking. “OK, so what now? I guess I should devise a plan for Clubhouse.


Marketing hasn’t changed.

  1. Find buyers. 
  2. Sell them amazing products that they love. 
  3. Do more of that. 

In short — find what works … and do more of it.

Who’s conducting this webinar?

You can ask questions and discuss during the webinar.

Reuben Ch’ng

My name is Reuben, an entrepreneur, growth marketer, and head of marketing at LEAD.

My question for you – have you been to digital marketing workshops or previews, that leave you with lots of information but didn’t get you to take action?

Let’s change that. In this webinar, I’ll share actionable lessons from my experience working with clients such as TNB Malaysia, Nandos, Q-dees, Media Prima and SITEC. 

Our training has helped companies such as:

heineken-data science-data science 360

Some questions we normally get…

Can I get the webinar recording?

This webinar will be done live. We don’t share recordings with respect to those who took the time to attend.

Where is this webinar held at?

This is an online webinar. This saves time for you and us.

How long is this webinar?

This webinar up to 60 minutes, and maybe longer if help is needed throughout. Should you stay till the end? Of course! You’ll never find another webinar like this.

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(Only 100 participants limit to each webinar. Make sure to register early.)