A Hands-on Growth Marketing Webinar

How To Target The Right People With Facebook Ads

How to use Facebook Ads to correctly target your audience. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to use Facebook Ads to consistently get leads. 
  • Remove unwanted audiences from seeing your ads. 
  • Define a strategy for running paid ads.

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Live webinar on: 

27th November (Friday) | 9AM – 10AM

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Typical problems we want to help you fix.

Why do my ads attract irrelevant people?

If your Facebook Ads is getting lots of likes and comments made by people from other countries – this webinar will explain what you can fix.


I’m getting lots of ‘PMs’ and comments, but not leads or sales.

Why is it that my ads seem to attract lots of comments, shares and even requests for me to ‘private message’ them – but I don’t get enough sales and conversions? 


Plus a 15-min discussion session during the webinar – to help you run better ads.

Your Instructor

This is a live session – where you can discuss and get direct help.

Reuben Ch’ng
Head of Marketing, LEAD

Head of marketing and entrepreneur, Reuben has worked with brands such as Sony, History Channel, Capitaland, Ridsect and TNB Malaysia. 

With over 9+ years of digital marketing experience under his belt, he’ll be sharing actual case studies & lessons in this live training. 

Since we are going to be asked…

Will there be a replay?
We’re not doing a replay. You have to join this live.
Where is this webinar held at?
Ok, we believe nobody will ask this. But in case you did click here, this is an online event. Register and log in through the link we send you.
How long is this webinar?
We estimate the webinar will take up to 2 hours. Should you stay till the end? Of course! What you learn in this webinar will beat a whole week of tireless Googling.

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