Free Data Science Webinar

How To Build Your Personal Brand As a Data Scientist & Get Hired

Our Zoom plan has a limit of 100 spots. Register & arrive early.

Live webinar starts on:

17th April (Friday) | 8PM-10PM

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn how to brand yourself as a data scientist.
  • Understand the data science interview framework.
  • Get exposed to opportunities even in a movement lockdown.
  • Secrets to improving your data scienceprofile on Linkedin.


Register and join the webinar, with an open mind that is ready to learn.

Other than that, all you need is a laptop and internet connection to join the webinar.

What You’ll Learn

Whether you are an engineer, developer or data scientist – building your personal brand is a must. Doing so enables you to earn bigger paychecks and expose into more opportunities.

Building your digital profile.

How do you attract recruiters and headhunters?

Whether on Linkedin or through your website, there is a method to attract the best companies to reach out to you.

As an aspiring data scientist, learn how to boost your image and value in the market.

How to tackle the data science interview.

How do you prepare for a data science interview? What if you don’t have a technical background? 

Learn how to ace your data science interview, and no longer get rejected from your dream companies.

And much more … 

You’ll receive the link to join upon registration.

The Trainer

This is an online live webinar session – where you will be able to participate and interact with everyone.

Admond Lee

Data Scientist, Marketing Analytics, Speaker, Writer

Admond is a data scientist at Micron Technology, who did not come from a data science background but used the power of personal branding and continuos learning to secure a position in the industry.

He is also known and seen as one of the leading contributing writers in data science sites such as KDnuggets.com and AI Time Journal – where he writes about data science, AI and machine learning, helping aspiring data scientists. 

In this webinar, Admond will show you the exact steps to brand yourself as a data scientist and get hired.

Reuben Ch’ng
Head of Marketing, LEAD.

An entrepreneur in media and digital marketing, Reuben has worked with brands such as Sony, History Channel and TNB Malaysia. 

He has been invited to speak at events and trained companies such as Capitaland in digital marketing. Reuben will be moderating this webinar, so pass all your question to him. 

Since we are going to be asked…

Will there be a replay?

This webinar (on Zoom) will be done as a live webinar only. You will need to attend live.

Where is this webinar held at?

Ok, we believe nobody will ask this. But in case you wondered, this is an online event. Register and log in through the link we send you.

How long is this webinar?
We estimate the webinar will take up to 2 hours. Should you stay till the end? Of course! What you learn in this webinar will beat a whole week of tireless Googling.

Register For The Webinar

You will receive a link upon registering. Join the webinar through the link a few minutes before the session.
(We’ve got a 100 participant limit to the webinar. Make sure to register & join in early.)