How do busy working professionals become data scientists?


Does this sound familiar?

You want to learn data science because it’ll help you progress your career. Can do more, means can earn more – right?

But you have a busy full-time job. When you reach home after work, you just don’t feel like watching any tutorials. So instead, you turn on Netflix and tell yourself you deserved the break.

Months go by.

Oh no. What happened to that data science goal?

(This live meetup will not be recorded. You can ask questions via Q&A during the event.)


Live Meetup
13th January, 2022

9PM – 10PM

Who is this for?
Working people who want to learn data science.


Why even non-tech people can do data science.

Most people think they have to be like Einstein, to be a data scientist. They think data science is rocket science.

Here’s the truth – practical data science is not the same as academic data science.

In fact, someone who has only focused on academia will be at a serious disadvantage when going into the industry, like:

  • No experience in the industry work environment.
  • In academia, you spend as much time finding solutions. In work industry, you have to find solutions, fast.

Learn the steps to become a data scientist – fast.

With chief data scientist, Dr. Lau.


Dr Lau Cher Han,
Chief Data Scientist, Big Data Consultant, Machine Learning researcher, Microsoft Excel World Champion, Data practitioner.

To date, Dr. Lau Cher Han has helped over 1000s of individuals break into a tech career. His training has been sought after by companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam, and TNB Malaysia.

In this session, Dr. Lau will share how his students, busy working professionals even from non-tech backgrounds, broke into data science.


Why is this live event free?

Are you selling something?

We run this live event because LEAD is an education company and our job is to help individuals (you) build meaningful data careers. There may be a good possibility that we could help you.

If you find value in what we do, you might consider Data Science 360. That’s it. 


Would you be the next data professional?

Join the other 800+ graduates from these companies.

This program led me to see the whole process of data science. From the front-end, back-end, and domain knowledge involved. Trainers are helpful with their broad experience and knowledge.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Chan Choy Hoong

Lead Technical Consultant, Consulting.

I can feel the limitation of Excel and that is why I joined this program. The instructors really gives a very clear guidelines using a very simple english with non- technical terms involved.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Ooi Ai Mei

Finance Analyst, Industry.

I felt this program is great because I get to experience working on real-world data. It’s the practical element of the program, the hands-on approach that I appreciate most.

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Muhamad Zainurul

Technical, Oil & gas industry.

View other alumni and find out how you can be the next in this live meetup.

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