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The experience has been insightful and it opens-up possibilities that i can explore when i get back to my job. Looking forward put all that I learnt into practice. I highly recommend LEAD.

My experience // What I did in 4 day

Lai Sue Sein

Research Analyst, banking industry.

“I like to know what a data scientist does, and what can we do when dealing with data – especially their tools and the knowledge to put the tools to use. “

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Saiful Izwan

Full Stack Developer, MaGIC.

“This experience helps me to understand the practical work aspects of a data science project, giving me the confidence to be brave to look at data and do something with it.”

My experience  // What I did in 4 days

Sng Wee Suan

Corporate Planning, Sunway.

I always wondered why data in project management takes so long to generate, extract, or to gain insights. It gives me the feeling of being a student again to learn from nothing to something.

My experience // What I did in 4 days 

Marcus Chai

Finance & investment industry.

“I’ve no experience in programming or data science being in the banking industry. This experience is eye opening and quite an intresting kickstart to learn more about Data Science.

My experience 

Brian Chong

Commercial banking, CIMB

“I’m in-charge of analysing my company’s data. And from this experience, I’ve learned valuable tools that can help my company to process and visualize data for insighst and decision making.

My experience

Putri Attica Papay

Business Analyst, Limocab.

“As a fresh graduate, it’s an eye-opening experience for me. I can’t wait to join the data science industry, after gaining relevant skills and knowledge from this class.

My experience // What I did in 4 days 

Hui Chuan

Environment engineering, fresh graduate.

“The experience is intense, but I understand what is going on in data science, as there’s many aspects involved. I think for me I manage to get the overall picture of data science.”

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Lee Teck Liet

Marketing, pharmaceutical industry.

“Initially I tried learning Python by my own, but I didn’t got anywhere with it as it’s quite broad. Not until I attended this program at LEAD – where I get to ask my questions live & get guidance needed.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Neesha Lopez

Psychology, graduate.

“I tried self-learning data science, but I failed. Joining LEAD’s structured program helped me to understand where I should focus on data science and gave me a kickstart to progress further.

My experience // What I did in 4 days 

Darryl Ng

Business analyst, Insurance industry.

I would say that LEAD have a very solid program & reputation for Data Science. They have a structured training that helps beginner like myself to start, till completion of a data science project.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Shaari Alwi

Senior IT manager, MaGIC.

This program led me to see the whole process of data science. From the front-end, back-end, and domain knowledge involved. Trainers are helpful with their broad experience and knowledge.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Chan Choy Hoong

Lead Technical Consultant, Consulting.

“I do a lot of manual data processing using Excel at work. This program helped me navigate around data faster. I felt the program’s materials and tutorial are easy to understand compared to the rest.

My experience 

Eric Tay

Manager, 123RF.

“I wanted to learn this data skill at LEAD because trainers are very professional and knowledgeable in data science and the Capstone project helps me to solidify my overall data science skills.

My experience

Lee Kwoon Fai

Software engineer, Experian.

“I wanted to build a stronger foundation in data science and hopefully I don’t struggle so much as there’s no clear direction. After this program, I’m excited to explore more about data science”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Goh Lianni

Graduate, Actuarial science & finance.

“Before I joined this program, I dealt with a lot data as an online analyst in an investment firm, but after this I’m able to deal with big data.”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Seng Yung

Online Analyst, FDV.

“I felt overwhelm at the start as a beginner, but as the programs goes on, I’ve found what I wanted to know, with the hands-on practices through the program.

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Brandon Chia

Trader, Investment Industry.

It’s overwhelming at the start, but I came with an open mind, and to learn as much possible. Definitely a great program and i learned alot. I’m looking forward to re-attend the next intake

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Johan Lee

Manufacturing automation.

“Prior to this I’ve some background in SQL, but my aim for this program is to learn something new, which I did. And I got to know myself better too through the process in this program”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Shereen Yong

Banking industry.

“I found the program to be interesting, especially I’ve gotten to learn more about what the industry is doing in terms of data science.”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Cheah Jin Xun


My background is in IT service management. I’m glad to have join this program, as there are plenty of well-structured materials, and be able to refer to instructors even after the training.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Sue Ngeow

IT, service management.

I felt this program is great because I get to experience working on real-world data. It’s the practical element of the program, the hands-on approach that I appreciate most.

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Muhamad Zainurul

Technical, Oil & gas industry.

“I would like to challenge myself to learn something new, and I find it helpful when we learn together rather than by my own. The program has helped me to understand data science better.”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Shie Li Lai

Application Analyst.

“The framework of the program is well-structured and instructors is very good. They pointed me to the right direction which save me a lot  of time and challenging situation. It has been a profound experience learning here.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Saw Wen Qi

Engineer, Oil & gas industry.

“I felt that I’ve a deeper understaning of data science, what data scientist does, and being able to do data analysis at the basic level with real world data.”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Kenny Tan

Insurance industry.

“I’ve interest in data science but I don’t have a clear direction, so after this program I’ve learn’t a lot, especially being able to practice on real-world datasets.”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Muhammad Faiz


“As a beginner I’ve learn a lot like programming, SQL. This program is good for anyone who doesn’t have a basic in data science, they can learn so much.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Muhammad Nazrin

Admin, insurance industry.

I can feel the limitation of Excel and that is why I joined this program. The instructors really gives a very clear guidelines using a very simple english with non- technical terms involved.

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Ooi Ai Mei

Finance Analyst, Industry.

“I joined this program to learn practical data science skill which I know would help with my current job and future career.”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Yong Zong Wei

Process control, engineer.

“I’m already an analyst, and been using Excel mostly for data analysis. I thought why not use programming language to analyse more stuff and to predict using data.”

My experience // What I did in 4 days

Shirlyn Chua


“I’m from the database background and I find data science has alot to learn. What I like most about this program is the systematic way of learning & real-life examples and tools.”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Colin Kong

Database background.

“Before the program, I normally learn from Youtube, but I find it difficult. I appreciate the guidance of instructors especially the coding part, it’s quite interesting! I really enjoy this program.”

My experience // what I did in 4 days

Mohd Rafei

Engineering background

“The instructors are good, friendly and caring – so ask away your question during the program. I can approach them and ask any questions openly.”

My experience

Meng Lok

Statistic background.

“Coming from a oil and gas background, I felt the need to reskills especially in this new norm with data science skills. I find it challenging but yet enjoyable throughout this program”

My experience

Azzuddin Rizal

Engineer, oil and gas industry.

“I joined the program as a complete beginner – not knowing programming or data. And what I liked most about the program is the practical example and real-life experience sharing from the instructors.

My experience

Anthony Ho

Biomedical engineer background.

“I wanted to explore how to make data meaningful. After the program, it helped me to understand how to use the tools and techniques to process data and apply it to my field of work.

My experience

Rachel Lim


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