Learn Data Science. The most in-demand skill that will transform your career.

Progress your career especially if you are a data analyst, engineer, marketer or finance professional.

Regardless of your industry, ‘data’ is the biggest asset to any organization.
Having data science skills to collect, analyze, program & manipulate data is going to be your advantage in the current century.

“Introducing, Data Science 360”

The complete data science program that has changed the lives of over 1000s of students.

Learn data science, big data analytics, machine learning and become a job-ready data scientist – in 6 weeks.

September 8th, 2021
4 full-days online live class & mentoring.

No prior technical knowledge or degree required.

26 hours online live training
With an additional 8+ hours of video modules. Free updates for life.

Lifetime warranty program
Re-attend the program again (and again) in the future until you achieve your goals – online or physical.

RM 4,799 (one-lifetime fees)
This include lifetime support, program updates, unlimited re-attendance (any intakes, online or physical).

Bi-weekly online live
Meet Dr Lau and the community as we explore various data science topics, once every 2 weeks.

Program Schedule

1-hour pre-program: Orientation & Workspace Setup

8th September (Wednesday) 8 pm – 9 pm

Before everything starts – Dr. Lau will help you guide you to install the right tools, software, and get you ready to be supported throughout the program.

Full-day 1: Data Science Fundamentals

11th September (Sat) 9 am – 5 pm

Your instructor, Dr. Lau Cher Han will be teaching you the fundamentals of data science, Python programming, and  how actual data science projects are done.

Dr Lau will also introduce you to the data science framework, workflow, and Captstone project you’ll work on.

Full-day 2: Data Wrangling & EDA

12th September (Sun) 9 am – 5 pm

You”ll learn what are the types of data, how to do data mining, cleaning, and explore data using visual and statistical analysis.

Besides, you’ll be taught to understanding databases and learn to write SQL scripts.

1-hour session: Live Mentoring

22nd Septmeber (Wednesday) 8 pm – 9 pm

As you progress with your lessons and practical exercises – Dr. Lau and the team will help you with any challenges and questions you have within the program.

Full-day 3: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

25th September (Sat) 9 am – 5 pm

You’ll learn about web scraping & APIs to collect data from the web, Natural Language Pocessing, and Text Analysis.

Followed by machine learning techniques, model evaluation, and application of A.I. 

And lastly as part of A.I, the understanding of Neural Network and Deep Learning basics.

Full-day 4: Big Data, Data Visualization & Storytelling

26th September (Sun) 9 am – 5 pm

You’ll learn the types of visualization, how to build an interactive BI dashboard with the right visualization and do  data storytelling. 

Besides, you’ll be introduce the Big Data landscape, Hadoop ecosystem, and how to deploy your project to production.

Lastly, learn how to build and publish your Capstone project (your 1st portfolio project).

Become A ‘Career-ready’ Data Scientist Today

Data Science 360 programme is a complete data science program.
We designed it in a way that even a non-technical individual can learn, follow & complete it. 

26+ Hours Online Live Training

With the ongoing lockdown, we’ve redesigned Data Science 360 to be a fully online program. 

This means you’ll be experiencing the exact learning methodology during our physical training – delivered virtually, in real-time.

This ‘physical-like’ mode of learning also means – no need for traffic jams, finding parking or accomodation. In fact, you’ll have more time for yourself as you take the classes from home.

8+ Hours Of Video Modules & Lessons.

Which you will have a lifetime access and free updates to through our online class portal.

The program covers every aspect of data science, right from the beginning, with step-by-step videos that even a complete beginner can follow.

Log in and re-visit every topic, even after the program has ended.

Instructor-led Hands-on Lessons.

You’ll always have someone to turn to during the program and after – at every stage of your career.

As we designed this program (online & physical) to be industry-driven and real-world practical lessons, we’re confident you’ll find utmost value, especially in building a career or career transition.

Lifetime Student Support

You receive full support directly from the instructors through our private Slack & Facebook groups – even after everything ends.

Get connected to the LEAD community of students & instructors. Build your network with like-minded people in tech & business.


Access to Industry-Wisdom via PRO Group

Meet and support each another – you get access to the smartest people in LEAD and 800+ of our alumni regionally.

Humans of LEAD comprises of C-level, data team leads, managers, and specialist across industries and countries.


Receive A Certificate

Data Science 360 is the only data science programme in Malaysia, with fully online, hybrid & physical training where you will receive a professional certificate upon completion, following an examination.

What You Will Learn

Programming For Data Science
Learn programming skills used in major corporations, such as Python & R.
Data Mining & Cleaning
Learn to collect, extract, query, clean and aggregate data for analysis.
Exploratory Data Analysis
Learn how to explore real datasets with visual and statistical analysis.
A.I. & Machine Learning Techniques

Learn how to build machine learning models & implement algorithms used by large corporations.

Modeling, Validation & Problem Solving
Apply question, modeling, and validation problem-solving processes to datasets from various industries in order to provide insight into real-world problems and solutions.
Data Visualization & Storytelling
Learn how to create an eye-catching visualization that helps to communicate your data findings to any business unit.
Data Analysis To Presentation
Learn how to create value from your data findings, by being able to report findings to an organization, then frame business questions from data science.
Big Data Analytics

Learn how to use cloud computing technologies to mine data and identify big data opportunities.

What You’ll Learn In This Program

Programming for data science.

Learn programming skills that the job market demands for.

Data Mining & Cleaning

How to collect, extract, query, clean, and aggregate data for analysis.

Exploratory Data Analysis

How to explore datasets using visual analytics and statistical analysis.

A.I. & Machine Learning

How to build machine learning models and implement algorithms, artifical intelligence.

Modeling, Validation & Problem Solving

Apply question, modeling, and validation problem-solving processes to datasets from various industries in order to provide insight into real-world problems and solutions.

Data Visualization and Story Telling

Create eye-catching visualization that helps to tell a story that communicates your findings.

Analysis To Presentation

Communicate findings, results and creating an effective presentation, even a non-tech layman understands. Then frame business questions from data science.

Big Data Analysis

Identify big data opportunities and articulate how cloud computing technologies are solving these challenges.


Learn about his entrepreneurship journey with data science.
Student of Data Science 360.

Including these much-needed skillsets for data scientists…

Python Programming

Most popular data science programming language.

Python, a 5 times winner on major programming language list and Github. It’s popularly used by companies like Netflix, Grab and Uber. In fact, NASA used Python to produce the image of the blackhole

And with it being open-source and free, you’ll never have to burn a hole in your pocket.


Retrieving data at ease.

Being a data scientist means working with data – lots and lots of them.

Learning Structured Query Language (SQL) is not only a needed practical skill, but it’ll enable you to retrieve millions of data, across hundreds of tables using different relationships and functions.

Some Of The Topics Covered

Here’s a taste of some incredible data science skill & lessons you’ll learn in Data Science 360 program.

Data Cleansing

The very first step of data science involves acquiring raw data and getting it into a form ready for analysis. 

Learning how to diagnose your data for problems, dealing with missing values and outliers ensure quality results from your analysis. You’ll apply all of the techniques you’ve learned by gathering data from different types (CSV, Excel, API).

Gathering External Data

Most data in the world do not come in a ready format. You’ll learn methods & work with APIs (Application Programming Interface), to access data from Facebook and Twitter, and then build your own analysis around it.

For cases where APIs are not available, (e.g. news articles) you’ll learn how to use BeautifulSoup (a Python library) to scrape information out of web pages, and turn them into an analysis-ready format.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is an application of Natural Language Processing (NLP), text analysis and computational linguistics – to quantify subjective information. Here you will learn how to analyze sentiments in text data to understand the attitudes and opinions.

Then apply these techniques to extract relevant insights, from real data from Twitter, product reviews, news articles & more.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is about teaching computers how to make decisions. Here you will learn how to extract features, build supervised and unsupervised machine learning models.

You will learn three key machine learning tasks: classification, regression, and clustering, to identify patterns and make predictions.


Here you will learn how to fit ARIMA models to time series data. First, you will explore the nature of time series data and fit them into various ARIMA models to simulate data.

Once you have mastered the basics, you will learn how to apply ARIMA models to various real data sets, to perform forecasting.

Your Instructors

You get access to key leading data scientists & instructors in this program.

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, Machine Learning researcher, Microsoft Excel World Champion and in-house trainer for Standard Chartered, OCBC, Johor Corporation & Intel.

Edmund Hee

Data scientist at AirAsia, product manager at WatchOverMe and senior Python developer.

The Complete Syllabus

Module 1 – The Data Science Workflow

  • Asking data science questions
  • Python refresher and advanced techniques
  • Python environment and ecosystem
  • Data scientist workflow
  • ETL process and Data Cleansing

Module 2 – Data Wrangling

  • Understanding Databases (Relational, Unstructured, NoSQL)
  • Database design
  • Working with different data sources (Excel, CSV, JSON)
  • Database design and normalization
  • Writing SQL scripts

Module 3 – Handling Text and Semi-structured Data

  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • Collecting data from Web with scraping and API
  • Processing text using Natural Language Processing
  • Mining and retrieving information from text
  • Analyzing sentiment from text

Module 4 – Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Supervised Learning (Regression, Decision Tree)
  • Unsupervised Learning (Clustering)
  • Evaluating a Machine Learning Model
  • Understanding Neural Network basics and A.I. applications

Module 5 – Visualization and Presentation

  • Selecting the right visualization
  • Data storytelling
  • Building a data science portfolio
  • Preparing to land a data scientist job.

Module 6 – Big Data / Final Project

  • Big Data Landscape
  • Introduction to Hadoop ecosystem
  • Data Science Project in Production
  • Capstone Project

Get Immediate Access

You will get your login to the classes and membership group – as soon as you register.
Data Science 360’s September 2021 (online) intake is open for 25 participants only.

Registrations for Sept intake is now open.
Get your access to the video modules & membership immediately.

See What Our Past Students Say

Every student from Data Science 360 has found exciting data science jobs.

“The teaching methods were easy to understand and applicable to real-world applications. If you see a program by Dr. Lau or LEAD, just go for it.”.


B.A, Economics

“I found the program was useful for me to explore different types of analysis and I could apply it to the work in my company. One of reason I joined was because I wanted to join the data science team in my company.”


Data Scientist, NMG Consulting

It was a great opportunity to learn from Dr. Lau and the group of like-minded people. This program has boosted my confidence to handle tasks in my daily work.

Ghazal Ghalebandi

Software Research, SEEKAsia

Earn A Certificate

You’ll be awarded with a certificate at the end of the program, signed by Dr. Lau Cher Han himself.

HRDF Claimable

LEAD is a HRDF registered training provider. We have trained some of the biggest tech companies in Southeast Asia.

Need support or have some questions?
Call: +018-2777 989
Email: reuben@thelead.io

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will ask questions, like, “how is this different from other data science program?

I don’t think taking a program online is the same as physical?

  • First – you’re right. It is not the same.
  • Secondly – We see online classes differently. No need for traffic jams, finding parking or accomodation. In fact, you’ll have more time for yourself as you take the classes from home.

What we found, is most people have the problem of enrolment. In a physical class setting, they are ‘forced’ to sit in a physical class. That uncomfortable situation ironically ‘forces’ them to be enrolled. But you can get enrolled to a class from home too. This is where our goal setting and community support comes in to help you get enrolled.

What if I cannot make it for one or more of the physical class?

  • Not an issue! While the physical classes are meant to be learning reinforcement sessions, you can always join the physical classes in any of our next intakes, for free.

Will the price be the same for the next intake?

  • We don’t guarantee the same price for new intakes. If something is worth a career upgrade, bigger salaries, and a better life – it’s worth starting now. Take advantage of the current price.

I don’t have a technical or programming background. Can I join?

  • We teach data science, assuming you are a beginner with no technical skill or background. You will learn data science from the beginning, to mastering programming for data science.

Do I need a computer-related qualification or a technology degree to pick up data science?

  • No. You’ll be given a 360 complete skill fundamental training into basic analytic, statistical tool, data modelling, up to visualization technique and data storytelling – everything essential to become a industry ready skilled professional.

How is this different from most data science program?

  • The instructors in Data Science 360 certification are not merely industry experts, but actual data scientist & practitioners. You’ll learn a lot from their experiences and focus on actual real-world data science skill sets.

OK, let’s be honest. Can I really learn Data Science in 6 weeks?

  • If you’re committed and follow the program, yes. Some of our best students have found data science jobs, in less than 3 months.

Is there going to be an examination in this data science program?

  • No. We’re moving away from an exam-based learning, but at the end of the program, you’ll be doing a data presentation in which you will be awarded a data science certificate after.

Is this professional certification recognized by the industry?

  • Yes. We’re recognized and favored as a trusted training provider by management of SMEs & MNCs across industries and academic instituitions local and regionally. However, this is not a substitute for an university degree or diploma.

Is this professional certification recognized by the industry?

  • Yes. We’re recognized and favored as a trusted training provider by management of SMEs & MNCs across industries and academic instituitions local and regionally. However, this is not a substitute for an university degree or diploma.

This exact same program has trained over 500 people from companies such as:

And we invite them back to share their work experiences with you.

Join Data Science 360 Program – 100% Risk-Free

With An Unbeatable Guarantee

We’ve placed a lot of effort into Data Science 360 and made sure that this program will work for you.

Put simply: Join the entire program and go through it. At the end of the program, if you can’t pick data science up – you can attend any upcoming intake as a refresher – completely free.