Data Science Demo Day

Join Data Science Uncut Bootcamp’s demo day, where participants will be presenting to a panel of panelists. Learn from their data science projects.

The Knowledge Circle

What circle? The circle of ‘knowledge’, growing every minute, filled with people who generously share their ideas and the things they learn.






Career Tips To Become A Full-Stack Developer

Let’s briefly go through some of the career tips that you can take notice when you’re applying for your next web programmer or full stack developer role. 1. Don’t put Microsoft office as your skillset. This is a programming role, it’s not an office admin role. Avoid...
We Work Semi-Remotely at Lead. Here’s How We Do It.

We Work Semi-Remotely at Lead. Here’s How We Do It.

We work semi-remotely at LEAD. Here’s how we do it. Working remotely is not a new concept. People from different industries and careers have been doing it for decades.  At LEAD, we’re fortunate to be able to set up a team that works semi-remotely. In this...