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The mission of growth.

Why do we wake up & go to work everyday?

LEAD was founded to help individuals grow in tech & business – so that they can go on to build a successful careers and work at their dream jobs.

We do this by teaching practical skills – through courses in data science, full stack web development and digital marketing that are delivered through online platforms, social media, digital media and physical events.

Get ready for growth.

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Data Science Illustration

Data Science

Equip skillsets of future    – today

Every company and organization – even the one you work at, will eventually turn into a data company. Data is the new oil and will only get bigger.

Here’s the good news – you don’t have to be a programmer to take part in the data industry. To be a data scientist, you simply get started.

Full Stack Web Development

Go build useful web applications

We interact with hundreds, if not thousands of websites and applications on a daily basis.

Here’s the opportunity – for you to pick up skillsets to build what makes up the internet. 

Web Development Illustration
Digital Marketing Illustration

Digital Marketing

Put yourself in front of your audience

According to, there are 4.57 billion active Internet users in 2020 – half the world’s population.            4 billion reasons to start digital marketing today. Grow your business by reaching a wider audience.

Simple as it is. Here’s what you only need  – a mobile phone or laptop.

Closer than you think.

Our upcoming event

Join upcoming workshops, events & webinars – hear from the experts.

How to deploy data analytics

Deploy predictive model & A.I.

What are the smartest and best way to learn artificial intelligence – the toolset, skillset, and mindset? Let us guide you step-by-step in our live workshop.

How to deploy data analytics

Build a web app like Airbnb 

What is exactly is web development and the skills of it? Join this free live workshop to learn exactly how you can pick up this in-demand skill today.

Mobile Jumpstarter - Build an application

Mobile App Development

Spend just 3 hours to build you own app. Yes, in just 3 hours – you are able to build your own app!

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Read our latest discussion, updates and marketing tips.

How to design a responsive mobile site?

How to design a responsive mobile site?

“Oh, it should look good on mobile!” It was the end of a meeting with a new client, and we’re just about to wrap up our video call. We spent close to 2 hours just to outline exactly what he requires for his site and some funnels for lead generation.  Some components...

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