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 LEAD designs practical-based data science, digital marketing, and web development programs with student support and a passionate community.

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Data Science

Equip skillsets of future – today

Every company and organization – even the one you work at, will eventually turn into a data company. Data is the new oil and will only get bigger.

Here’s the good news – you don’t have to be a programmer to take part in the data industry. To be a data scientist, you simply get started.

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Full Stack Web Development

Go build useful web applications

We interact with hundreds, if not thousands of websites and applications on a daily basis.

Here’s the opportunity – for you to pick up skillsets to build what makes up the internet. 

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Digital Marketing

Put yourself in front of your audience

According to, there are 4.57 billion active Internet users in 2020 – half the world’s population.            4 billion reasons to start digital marketing today. Grow your business by reaching a wider audience.

Simple as it is. Here’s what you only need  – a mobile phone or laptop.

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Become a ‘career-ready’ data scientist in 6 weeks with a proven structure.

Would pursuing a degree, Masters, or even PhD in data science a worthwhile pursuit?As a working professional, you know data science will be a ‘norm’ in the future, and it’s an in-demand industry for high-employability or career transition skill.


30-days to become a versatile data professional

Expands your boundaries and employability when you pick up 21st-century skillsets used by actual data professionals at work. Experience 4 real-world projects by the end of 30-days. Apply to get in now!

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Can (and should) you self-learn data science?

Can (and should) you self-learn data science?

You want to switch to a data science career, but don't know how to get started. If you have ever considered entering a data science career but haven't done so, chances are you are sold with the idea that you need a PhD, or formal education like a bachelor or master...

3 Ways to Increase Your Business Revenue

3 Ways to Increase Your Business Revenue

What if I told you that you can increase your business revenue by at least 2X without having to 2X the work? Interested?  Keep reading – as I reveal to you 3 revenue optimization models that you can apply right now, to increase your business revenue. 1 – Increase # of...

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