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Data Science

Equip skillsets of future – today

Every company and organization – even the one you work at, will eventually turn into a data company. Data is the new oil and will only get bigger.

Here’s the good news – you don’t have to be a programmer to take part in the data industry. To be a data scientist, you simply get started.

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Full Stack Web Development

Go build useful web applications

We interact with hundreds, if not thousands of websites and applications on a daily basis.

Here’s the opportunity – for you to pick up skillsets to build what makes up the internet. 

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Turn your ideas into reality – from idea to launch in 2-hours.

Discover how to build world-class websites and get your first paying customer. This is a paid online live workshop. Please tune in with your laptop, to follow the lesson. See you on 26th July 2022.


Build a world-class website and get your first sale in 30 days.

If you ever had a thought: “I wish I could create my own websites” or “I wish I could get into business, build a fulfilling life”. Zero To Market promises to take you from zero to your 1st sale in 30-days.


Become a ‘career-ready’ data scientist in 6 weeks with a proven structure.

Would pursuing a degree, Masters, or even PhD in data science a worthwhile pursuit?As a working professional, you know data science will be a ‘norm’ in the future, and it’s an in-demand industry for high-employability or career transition skill.

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Data Analyst Salary in Malaysia (updated June 2024)

Data Analyst Salary in Malaysia (updated June 2024)

Introduction A data analyst is a crucial first hire for companies building their data teams. This role consistently ranks among the top 10 in-demand jobs in Malaysia. According to Payscale, the average data analyst in Malaysia earns around RM 44,472 to RM 56,063 per...

How is AI in Malaysia (2024)?

How is AI in Malaysia (2024)?

Are you curious about the state of AI in Malaysia? In 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken storm in the media. It began with the poster boy ChatGPT, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and many other generative AI applications. So, how is AI doing in Malaysia after...

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