Practical AI bootcamp that 10x your productivity.

What if you could automate routine tasks in your job, freeing up time for creative and strategic tasks?

What if you could analyze vast amounts of data instantly to make effective business decisions?

1st June, 2024
for 14 days.

No technical knowledge or degree required.

Build 4 AI projects
As your portfolio and job application.

Special launch offer. Price will increase in the next cohort.


Practical AI Supercharge Bootcamp

14 Days Online Bootcamp: 1st June 2024 – 14th June 2024 

Learn how to build a complete AI solutions in 14 days

What’s in the bootcamp

  • A group of 30 like-minded people, willing to get to work – and changing their state at the end of 14 days.
  • Daily lessons & tasks released everyday in chunk-size, step-by-step videos and worksheets.
  • Pro Discussion Board to receive and share feedback on your daily work.
  • Final project. Learn how to build an end-to-end AI project.
  • Build 4 real AI projects to equip yourself with in-demand skillsets.
  • 2 live training sessions where Dr. Lau will personally guide you and give detailed feedback.
  • 2 live coaching calls with our coaches, helping you to complete the Bootcamp strong.
  • Hybrid learning. Learn how to use AI in business applications, and the theories behind.

Learn from industry experts

You probably surveyed many AI courses before this one.

But let’s cut through the the noise. Most courses out there are either a ChatGPT course disguises as an  AI program,  or focuses too much on technical deep learning subjects.

Also, many trainers who teach those programs do not have actual experience to implement an end-to-end AI solution.

That’s why I created the “AI supercharge bootcamp“.

I want to help you to understand and learn  the skills that industry needs.

I’ve personally curated every content in this bootcamp using data and models from actual client projects, ensuring that what you learn is truly applicable.

The coaches that joined me in this program are also industry practitioners. 

That’s the blueprint I used to create this program, and I believe it’s what a real bootcamp should offer.

Dr. Lau Cher Han
Chief Instructor

This is not a ChatGPT class.

This bootcamp is not about how to use ChatGPT or how to write the best prompt. We want to turn you into an AI problem solver, that goes beyond chatbots. 

This bootcamp dives into tailored AI solutions that businesses need today. 

We focus on building real-world AI systems. You will learn machine learning techniques, AI tools, and how to integrate AI with existing technologies to solve business challenges. 

To become well-versed in AI is not about watching tutorials on YouTube or sign up another Udemy course.  This course will push you to work and complete 4 AI projects that you can apply at work.

By the time you completed, you will gain real skills that deliver results, and become indispensable in the tech-driven job market.


Generative AI

Learn the best practices of using prompt engineering to create text, image, movie and music with AI.


Automate business processes and deploy AI solutions without writing codes.



Know exactly how customers, voters, users feel, think, respond to your organization.



Gain deep insights about your customers & their desires.

Early enrolment is now at RM 2,299.

Example of projects you will work on.

Here are some practical AI projects built by past students. You get to build projects that solves real-world problems.

AI Assisted Engineering

Yvonne used gpt-engineer AI via GitHub codespaces to write a program for customers to perform registration and send email after successful registration.

You can also use AI to test the logic and create an automated workflow by describing it using plain English.

Analyzing customer sentiment.

Evan built a feedback analyzer using Knime, a no-code AI tool. He can quickly group responses into positive, negative, and neutral groups without writing any code.

He analyzes students’ sentiment to find out what affected their study, and how to improve their performance based on AI suggestions.

Create a Digital Twin

It only took me 2 minutes to create a digital version of myself, using Heygen.

You can use this digital persona to create tutorial videos, speech, and produce introduction, in 25 languages. This can create a consistent and personalized presence online, enhancing the brand’s interaction with clients and followers.

and kickstart your AI journey now!

Become a practitioner.

The goal of an AI practitioner is not about complex algorithms. Rather, it is to apply the technologies you’ll learn from the Bootcamp in actual business.


No-code Automation Workflow

Learn how to use visual workflow tool as you work on the AI projects.


Customer Behaviour Analysis

Mine customer opinions and group their behaviour from their feedback.


LLM and Text Analytics

Process and analyze text data, understanding LLMs like GPT.


Generative AI

Boost productivity and streamline workflow using Generative AI tools.


Prompt Engineering

Craft the best prompts that guide AI to deliver your desired outputs.


Machine Learning Models

Choose the right models to answer business questions.


AI Business Strategy

Pragmatic business strategies for automation and decision-making.


Predictive Analytics

Predict event outcomes using various classification techniques.

Upgrade yourself in 14 days.

AI is changing fast. And that’s what makes it exciting. Go from beginner to someone who can apply AI and integrate it with existing systems, in 14 days.

Pre-bootcamp: On-boarding and installation.

Before everything starts – Dr. Lau will help you guide you to install the right tools, software and get you ready to be supported throughout the bootcamp.

Days 1-3: AI Fundamentals

Your instructor, Dr. Lau Cher Han, will teach you the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, how actual AI are done, and introduce you to the projects you’ll work on.

  • Day 1: AI from now to 2030
  • Day 2: Create your first AI program using No-code tools.
  • Day 3: Extract insights and analyze data using AI
Days 4-6: Generative AI and LLMs

In this module, you will dive into the latest Large Language Models, and how it is changing how we enhance text, generate artistic media, and redefine how work should be.

  • Day 4: Choosing the right LLM for your applications.
  • Day 5: Boost your productivity 10x using Generative AI tools
  • Day 6: Get AI to deliver best results using prompt engineering.
Days 7-9: Applied Machine Learning in AI

Machine learning is the core of AI. Learn the different types of ML techniques and use it in AI applications.

  • Day 7: Forecast sales results and outcomes
  • Day 8: Analyze customer preferences and recommend products
  • Day 9: Gain insights from customers review
Days 10-12: Unstructured data

Unstructured data refers to data that you can’t fit into an Excel sheet – such as video, audio, image files or texts. During this week, you’ll learn to work with text, the most common unstructured data. Use NLP to understand your customers, 

  • Day 10:
  • Day 11: Learn customer insights using sentiment analysis
  • Day 12
Days 13-14: AI in production and final assessment

During the final week, you will learn how to display data in an appealing dashboard. You will also learn how to publish your work to portfolio.

  • Day 13: How to measure the performance of AI project
  • Day 14: Presenting an AI solution effectively

Bootcamp dates overview.

How much time do you need?

Pre-Bootcamp orientation
30th May 2024  // 30 minutes (one-off)

Day 1 – Day 14 daily tutorials
1st June – 14th June 2024 // allocate 30 min – 1 hour daily.

Live classes
Every Wednesday at 9 PM.
Sessions: 5th, 12th June 2024.

Coaching calls
Every Sunday at 10 AM.

Sessions: 22nd, 29th May. 5th, 12th June 2024.

Final presentation
Record and upload to YouTube  //  Final deadline: 23rd June 2024 

*Live classes and coaching calls are recorded, so you can catch up in case you miss any sessions. Best to attend live.

Your bootcamp instructor.

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, Founder of LEAD, Machine Learning researcher, Microsoft Excel World Champion.

What makes instructors like Dr. Lau different?

Like many hard-working professionals, Dr. Lau works in practice. For every day of teaching, he does 3-5 days consulting and working with brands.

Dr. Lau is also a keynote speaker for events organized by Microsoft, Facebook and Google. He is also a regular guests at local media such as BFM, Astro, and RTM TV2 and AiFM. 

Dr. Lau has trained executives and companies such as IBM, Intel, CIMB, Telekom and TNB Malaysia to break into data science, big data, and AI.

And with over 20 years of experience in software, startup, data mining and analytics – he has consulted companies such as Intel, HP, Selangor State Government, and Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).

Bootcamp coaches.

The Bootcamp has two dedicated coaches who help to focus discussions, address concerns and help you complete.

data science uncut mentors

Edmund Hee is an experienced senior data scientist who led data projects at AirAsia and now runs his own data company, serving clients from Thailand, Singapore, and Sweden across sectors like gaming, retail, and F&B.

Kent Chong is a self-taught data analyst with a civil engineering background. He is currently a data analyst helping clients to uncover valuable insights.

What you’ll get.

The Bootcamp provides you with everything to become an AI practitioner. No other school gives you this much. “Why?”, you ask. Because we can.


Daily video lessons & tasks.

You will receive daily lessons and assignments in the Pro Group.

Log in, take the lessons, do the assignment and publish your work. Dr. Lau and our coaches will be around to help.


4 live training sessions.

Get together with your Bootcamp mates and Dr. Lau, as you go through what you’ve learned throughout the week. It’s also a chance to ask questions and receive direct mentorship.

These 1-hour sessions will run on Wednesdays (9PM) and Sundays (10AM) during the Bootcamp. 

All sessions are recorded so that you can catch up with the replays.



Build 4 real AI projects.

The bootcamp guides you to build 4 AI projects – from industry use cases and using real-world data.

When completed,  you can straightaway apply them at your work, or use them in your portfolio to apply for jobs.


Earn a certificate.

At LEAD we believe skillsets matter more than certificates. After all, it’s just a piece of paper.

But we understand that some need a certificate. The Bootcamp provides you with one. Publish it on your LinkedIn profile!

Register Now

The Bootcamp is an online program open for everyone with an interest to up their game in Artificial Intelligence. 

This is your chance to become a serious problem-solver, equipped with skillsets that no company can live without.

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Bootcamp Fee

RM 2,299

For June’24 intake

What’s Included

  • 14 days of Bootcamp content.
  • 4 live online training sessions.
  • Downloads, recording access and extra content.
  • Lifetime student support
  • Presentation & digital certification.

When & Where

Bootcamp starts on: 30th May 2024

Venue: Digital Classroom. You can participate from anywhere — as long as you have an internet connection.

Need support or have some questions?
WhatsApp: +018-2777 989
Email: support@thelead.io

Is the Bootcamp worth joining?

We think so. After all, this came from hours of discussions, observations, and tweaks. But don’t believe us – believe what our students say.


“Every day, I get to learn something new. From this bootcamp, I get to share ideas, people are very helpful here, whatever problems you give, immediately people will try to solve your problem.”

Luqman Hakim

Mechanical Engineering, Graduate.

“In this bootcamp, I learnt a lot, and it is great to have this platform for us to mix around and refer back. Even though the bootcamp is ending, I feel my journey is just about to start.”

Lee Hong Tan

IT, System management

“I don’t know whether I can venture into data science, not until this bootcamp. Overall is very exciting to learn and this bootcamp has given me the confidence I built in myself, and it’s quite interesting. I really really enjoy the experience.”

Reuban Rao

RF engineer, Telco Industry.

“I’ve learnt how to do things faster, including the type of tools, software and libraries to use to achieve my tasks faster. And I like the support given by the team where I could get help for some tasks I have at work.”

Dara Tumenbayeva

Software Development Engineer, Amazon

“What I like about the course by LEAD is its real-life experiences from the instructors and as well as the continuous support that the team gives. They are always online helping me, 6 AM to 1 AM in the morning. That shows dedication.”

Vanessa Miranda

Demand Generation Lead / Snr. Digital Marketing, Lenovo

“The course was comprehensive and it taught me everything I need to know about and the industry practices both – locally and globally. And I think the rest of it will have to be on my own to discover.”

Josh Wang

Growth Hacker, Boost Financial Services

To a life of limitless growth.

We’re all about your growth. Our team works hard to call you by your names and stays around to celebrate your success.

This requires dedication.

That’s why – all students are given lifetime access to support and 6 months to the Bootcamp modules and discussion boards.

Potentially Asked Questions

Here are some questions you probably would have.

What if I miss a day because I’m busy?

  • Not an issue! We designed the Bootcamp, understanding that you are a busy working person and it’s only natural to have to miss out on a day – or two. You’ll be able to catch up. 

Will there a certificate after completion ?

  • Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after the BootCamp.

    Many of our students have used the cert to help them to get a job, switch to a new career, or internal promotion.

Do I need prior tech or coding knowledge?

  • None. The Bootcamp doesn’t require prerequisites or prior knowledge. Bring your curiosity and desire to grow, and that’s enough.

I have a full-time job. Can I still join the bootcamp?

  • Yes. The daily lessons and assignments are recorded. You can do them at your own time and pace. We recommend spending 1 hour a day, working on them.

Why can’t I just learn online myself?

  • You can. However, it’s faster and more efficient to learn AI with someone to guide you. And while most online courses are ‘self-paced’, we designed this Bootcamp to be ‘instructor-led-paced’, to keep you accountable.

What is the job prospect after graduated?

  • You will gain practical AI skills that are highly sought after in today’s job market. Some of our past graduates go on to work at companies like FoodPanda, Amazon, and TnG Digital.

How long is the bootcamp?

  • The Bootcamp is 14 days. This translates into more than 24+ hours of learning and work. We also vouch for life-long learning where our students continue to self-discover and interact with their peers after the Bootcamp.

Will there be any hands-on or just videos?

  • Every day you will be given a video tutorial that comes with hands-on exercises. All projects and case studies are from real-world datasets so that you can practice how to apply AI concepts and strategies.

You made it all the way here…

When is the time to level up?