Practical data analytics complete training

Make better business decisions & work smarter with visual analytics

Learn big data analytics and master building dynamic business dashboards, so you can work smarter – when you make data work for you.

Date: 16th – 17th January 2021 (Sat – Sun)
 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Venue: SVOFO, Sunway Nexis, PJ.

*Pre-launch training fees limited to first 5 sign-ups. Launch fees at RM 1997.

Introducing Data Analyst Professional Course

An 2 full-day complete training that makes you a data analytics expert.

Big data and predictive analytics – isn’t just for big businesses. Work smarter when you put data to work for you, with data science disciplines such as data analytics to visualize data for smarter decision making – whether you work in finance, accounting, marketing or human resource.


Automate manual reports with automated business dashboards.

Generating reports manually and handling large csv/excel files? Or creating the same reports daily/monthly – manually?

Focus on what matter most – your data-driven business decisions. Build a complete dynamic business dashboard that creates value instead of handling text files. 

Designed for Excel users, executives, mangers – to work smarter instantly.

This course aims to empower you with skills that you’ll use it daily at work. We’re certain you’re working with MS Excel or Google Sheet – but most of the time, manually.

And you probaly able to sort & filter at minimally, but to extract valuable insights or visualizing it elegantly to present to your team, that drives real business value – is something you struggle with, not to mentiond if it’s BIG data.

So, the skills and tools in this course will help you with that. Learn and implement the ‘exact’ process and workflow – skills that you can apply at work, tomorrow.

You’ll learn cloud tools that is widely used – for data analytics.

Best of all, the tools taught in this course are open-source and would not cost you or your company any fees – your company will thank you for this.

Learn Big Data Analytics

Learn to process big data with Google BigQuery. It is a cloud-based big data analytics web service for processing very large read-only data sets. BigQuery was designed for analyzing data on the order of billions of rows, using a SQL-like syntax.

Learn Data Visualization 

Present with confidence when you know exactly what your data tells you with Google Data Studio, data visualization tool. It is ideal for managers & team leaders to get your point across, also with its ability to create a wide variety of custom made visual reports.

Check this example we made for you.

Learn Data Processing

Google Colab notebooks allow you to combine executable code and rich text in a single document, along with images, HTML, LaTeX and more. It’s primarily used for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and A.I. but you’ll be taught the basics of this powerful tool.

Data analytics process – in a nutshell.


Collect data

The first step in any data science project is to collect and obtain the data you need. 


Scrub data

With big data, what you’ve collected is messy. Clean and filter out irrelevant data, preparing it for analysis.


Explore data

Now that your data is ready to use, explore it to find business insights, uncover potentials and find opportunities.


Visualize data

This is where the magic happens. Build presentable insightful dashboards that creates business value.

Put the data you work with every day to use.

Every industry and role can benefit from big data analytics. Whether you work with Excel, E-Commerce or customer sales data, Data Analytics 360 teaches you to use big data and predictive analytics to uncover trends and potentials.

All-in-one automated dashboard

Streamline your entire data processing and visualize your data – without manual reporting. Each update or data input will be reflected on your dashboard without manual extra manual work.

Who: Directors, decision makers, senior managers.

Get in-depth customer insights

Predict the spending habits of your customers by analyzing customer behavior data. This helps improves customer relationships and enables you to increase earning potential in your company.

Who: Sales directors, marketers, business intelligence executives, etc.

Identify business process issues

Whether you work in a factory or customer relations, use predictive analysis to identify problem areas and inefficiencies which is causing your company customers and revenue.

Who: Business analysts, customer relationship managers, data analysts.

Risk analysis & mitigation strategy

Identify potential issues that could negatively affect business output or initiatives and mitigate the risk. Risk analysis is a process usually done at credit card, bank and credit companies.

Who: Finance analyst, risk analyst, risk management, product manager.

What do I get in Data Analyst Professional training?

2 full-days of physical training 

Attend physically, learn & apply, get tasked to build your own dyanmic data analytics business dashboard.

Video recording & additional resources 

After the entire 2 days trainings end, it’ll be uploaded as a video recording that you would be able to access in your account, along with other downloadable materials and resources.

Lifetime instructor support

Most students fail because there’s no one around to mentor. Get a lifetime instant chat support with this training course.

Topics covered in this training course.

Data Analyst Professional is made for beginners, who do not have a programming background. You’ll learn in-demand skills such as:

Automate data mining & cleansing

Streamlined the data process, and automate dashboard

Big data analytics & visualization

Better Visualisation with huge data, easy to view historical data

Zero-hassle Quick Reporting

Give you the ability to do report comparison by month-to-month or year-to-year

Structure Query Language

Ability to formulate table data required for analyst purposes

Connecting the dots

Understand how to connect silo data and create meaningful reports

Edmund Hee
Senior Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer,
Trainer of LEAD

Your Instructor

Edmund started his journey as a Java and Mobile developer in a company dealing with crime data. This brought him immense experience working with machine learning & data analysis to combat crime.

Highly experienced with Python & Django for multiple programming cases, some of his achievements include building analytic dashboards, crunching big data and generating valuable reports to help stakeholders from different corporations understand business nature.

He has worked in companies ranging from startups, SME, to MNC which includes his previous position as a senior data scientist in AirAsia, Edmund looks forward to sharing insights and mentor from his experience.

Instructor-led training

You’ll be learning only the latest industry real–world skills, that you can apply tomorrow at work.

Upon registering for the 2-day training, you’ll receive an email detailing the things to prepare.

You’ll be required to bring your own laptop (personal preferably) to the venue and emails reminders will be sent to you. 

Access your student resource

Find additional resources & downloads in your account on our Class platform. The entire 2-day training will also be uploaded as a video recording where you can go through at your own pace & time.

You get lifetime access to the Class platform, including every future update on the course.

Get lifetime instructor support

The real questions will come when you begin to work on your own data analytics and dashboard projects.

Get direct support from the instructor via our support group. Just type your questions and see them answered within minutes.

Earn yourself a certificate

By the end of the training, earn yourself a certificate, signed by your instructors – for completing the program.

Course Syllabus & Schedule

You will find every module to be impactful lessons with skills that
you can apply directly in the real-world working scenario.

Module 1: Introduction to Data Analyst

  • Tool for data
  • Database type 
  • Normalisation (1 NF, 2 NF, 3NF)
  • Setup Google Cloud Platform
  • Introduction to BigQuery

Module 2: BigQuery & Colab

  • Data source for BigQuery 
  • Introduction to Colab
  • Stream data with Colab
  • Creation of table in BigQuery

Module 3: Introduction to SQL Query

  • Select statement 
  • Distinct values
  • Condition handling
  • Group & ordering data
  • Filter condition
  • Aggregation
  • Case handling

Module 4: Introduction to Data Studio

  • Introduction to Data Studio
  • Import data from BigQuery
  • Create custom query in Data Studio
  • Create condition filter in Data Studio

Module 5: Group – individual assignment

  • Building your first dashboard
  • Presentation & data storytelling

Module 6: What’s next for BigQuery

  • Data type handling
  • Join multiple dataset in BigQuery
  • Usage of table partition
  • View table
  • WITH clause

I don’t have a technical background. Can I join?

The Data Analyst Professional training is designed to kickstart students who want to learn data analytics without being bothered by the technical stuff but do not know how or where to start.

You’ll be guide step-by-step by Edmund at each of the data analytics to dashboard automation process.

Join Data Analyst Professional Now

This 2-day training course will transform the way you work with data and give you skillsets to build dynamic analytics dashboards.

Upon registering, you’ll receive a link to join the training course, access to your online Class platform and support group.

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*Pre-launch training fees limited to first 5 sign-ups. Training course launch fees at RM 1997.

What’s Included

  • 2 full-days physical training
  • Complete video recordings
  • Downloads, resources and extra content.
  • Bonus assignments.
  • Lifetime student support.


Date: 16th – 17th January 2021 (Sat – Sun)
 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Venue: SVOFO, Sunway Nexis, PJ.

This online training is made for data-driven individuals.

If you don’t think data will help you work smarter & faster, this training is not for you.

This online training gets you started with using data to uncover insights. But watching it alone will not make you a data expert. The only thing that will, is you. Putting in the practice & work. Day after day.

The aspiring data scientist.

Use this training course to kickstart your skillsets and career into the world of data analytics.

Working professional.

If you work with data – using spreadsheets, charting sales forecast, managing a project, etc, this training will help you work smarter with data analytics.

Business owners.

Run a business and interested to use big data & analytics to drive your business growth?

Our students

Data Analyst Professional is a 2 full days physical training where students also take part in the conversation. You’ll be tasked with putting in the work – not just listen to a lecture.

The data science course by LEAD has helped me land a job at Deloitte as a data scientist. I’m even surprised myself because I did not have a tech background.

Chen K

Data Scientist, Deloitte

I’ve encountered many times where I need to extract the data in the past in order to reduce the cost in the future.

It’s great and helpful to have data science skill as a very beginner. this is really a good start for me.

Lee Jeong Min

Project Manager, Wilhelmsen Group

I’ve learnt how to do things faster, as in the types of software and tools to use to achieve some data processing problems. One of it is to optimise the recommendation engine at Job Street. 


Data Scientist, SEEKAsia Jobstreet

This training has been conducted for companies such as: