Artificial Intelligence for Business Workshop

Grow Your Business With AI Predictive Analytics

Want to make smarter decisions using predictive analytics?

Join this 3 hours workshop and learn how to apply AI and predictive analytics to help you and your boss to make smarter decisions.

This workshop will teach you how to use AI in business analytics.

You will learn the types of AI, how they work, and how to apply them to real-world business problems.

You will also learn how to use AI tools and techniques to improve your data analysis skills.

    You will build 3 projects using real-world datasets

    • Churn analysis – Predict which customers are going leave
    • Sales forecasting – Estimate the sales of your products
    • Customer segmentation – Group customers by their behaviour


    Key Topics Covered

    • Types of AI and its application
    • Supervised and Unsupervised learning
    • How to identify the right algorithms for your business

    Who should attend?

    By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

    • Understand the basics of machine learning
    • Identify the right machine learning algorithms for your business
    • Collect and prepare data for machine learning
    • Build and deploy a machine learning model

    Workshop for

    Working professionals who want to apply machine learning at work. You will be apply predictive analytics to their business insights, even if you don’t have a technical background.

    You’ll instantly become a more valuable individual at work, after the workshop.

    How does the workshop work?

    This is a live workshop conducted on Zoom.

    We will record the entire workshop (including Q&A), and provide the slides, hands-on lab pdf, and templates. 

    You can access all the content anytime — even after the workshop.


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    RM 129

    What you’ll learn

    1. How to build predictive models?
    2. How to formulate data-driven business questions?
    3. Apply predictive models to answer business questions.

    What do I need?

    1. Computer or laptop (with internet access)
    2. Zoom 
    3. Webcam and microphones (to interact with instructor during the Zoom call)

    Your Trainer



    Dr Lau Cher Han

    Chief Data Scientist, AI keynote speaker, and data practitioner.

    Dr. Lau Cher Han is a chief data scientist, keynote speaker, and renowned trainer in data science and AI. With over 20+ years of experience, he has trained more than 2000 students in the tech and data field.

    On top of training, Dr. Lau also works with companies such as Intel, Dell, TnG Digital, OCBC, U Mobile, Shell, PLUS Malaysia Berhad, and Hitachi – to name a few, in preparing them for the data economy.