“I wish I could create my own websites”

What if… you could turn the ideas in your head into a business? Or have web development skills that will help you get paid what you’re worth?

Hi, I’m Reuben Ch’ng, co-founder of LEAD and head of marketing. At LEAD, we help 1000s of individuals break into tech and business.

After reading the emails of hundreds of people, a surprising thing I found out is how many people wish they could build websites – but then do nothing about it!

Take a look at an email we received:


He wanted to create an E-commerce website – but spent years not making any progress.

Here’s another email:


This guy was afraid that he is not good enough to get hired – and then gave himself an unnecessary problem that doesn’t exist yet.

Why not just go out and offer help to some companies? Do people actually NOT want to hire you?

And they are not alone…

This is a problem that almost nobody talks about. People have dreams of building stuff – I’m going to build a startup! I’m going to start an online marketplace. I’m going to start an online community!

But deep down, we silently procrastinate – again & again, because of our invisible fears:

  • Maybe I’m not a techy person.
  • What if coding is too difficult?
  • What if I can’t find any customers?
  • What if nobody wants to hire me?
  • I’ve no time…

For example, take a look at this email:


You could just Google for “which programming language to learn”, right?

What he is really saying:

  • I Googled for the best programming language to learn and got all sorts of answers, so I ended up doing nothing.
  • I don’t know which programming language will give me the best ROI for the time & money I’ll spend learning it. So for now, I choose to do nothing.


A lot of dreams don’t come true – thanks to procrastination. Days turn into months. Months into years.

But people who do great things, simply get started. They don’t necessarily have all the skills, but they start anyway. They discover things along the way.

Why online courses rarely works.

So if you do start – where do you go? If you are like most people, your first option would likely be an online course.

You browse Udemy, bought a course for RM59.90 – and quickly watched the first three videos.

15 mins in.. .your phone buzzes. It’s an Instagram notification. 30 minutes later, you find yourself scrolling random video reels.

Two weeks later, the course you bought was quickly forgotten.

It’s been 2 years now. And you’re nowhere near to building a website.

Online courses actually cost you thousands…

This is what many people don’t see.

Think of all the time and opportunity lost you experience when you enroll in an online course. Online courses rarely work because it relies on the student being EXTRA resourceful and motivated. You have to find your own answers, be motivated, Google around a lot, experiment, and spend more time than expected.

And if you ask questions, you have to wait 2-3 days only to get generic feedback from an instructor in a different timezone.

Sure, online courses DO WORK for some people.

But what if you are a busy person and don’t have the luxury of spending time doing all the extra research?

The truth is – you’ll discover that anyone (even really busy people) can learn to build a website.

  • Learn how to build market-ready websites.
  • Turn a website skillsets into a profitable venture – whether to get hired or to build a business.
  • Build digital solutions for problems you notice every day.
  • Turn an idea into a profitable digital business.


Build market-ready websites and make your first sale – in 30 days.

1st Aug – 29th Aug, 2022
30-days online workshop.

No tech experience needed.

Build a website and get your first sale.

Open for 40 participants only.

Zero to Market is an online workshop that gives you the lessons, tools, and systems to build market-ready websites and make your first sale.

The workshop is specific, focuses on habit-building – and includes exact step-by-step lessons, examples, materials, and case studies.

Lessons are released every day with assignments. You will work together with the other participants at your own pace and can revise the materials whenever you want.

There will also be practical guidance provided by two instructors. If you are tired of trying many online coding courses and failing, Zero to Market gives you accurate, actionable steps to build a website and launch it in the market.

In this workshop, you’ll learn…

How to build websites from scratch – like a pro.

Ever tried to build a website? Then bumping into stuff like if (condition) { // code}and absolutely got no clue what that is?

In this workshop, you will demystify the world of web development, with easy-to-follow lessons, practice, and examples on front-end and back-end development.

admin dashboard

Setting up backend systems.

This workshop isn’t just about building a fancy front-page website. 

You will learn to build actual solutions that involve developing web apps – like notifications, databases, admin dashboards or order forms.

get paid efficiently with payment integration

Creating a payment system.

Complete your website by integrating it with a payment gateway and sales funnel. Whether you want to build a single landing page or a full-fledge E-commerce website is up to you.

Allow your customers to pay you for products or services – in just one click.

get paid efficiently with payment integration

I can deploy more front-end capabilities now instead of just relying on Power BI and Google Data Studio. I just discovered (after joining ZTM) I really like designing web apps. This program is a good way to express my creativity. The one-hour daily structure of this program is good. Definitely fits well into my schedule.”

Koh Wyhow

Asst. VP Digital & Technology, Khazanah Nasional Bhd.

“The difference between courses out there, is I get to know people who are interested in programming. Dr Lau and his team do respond to our questions quickly. To me, that’s the most important thing because we are still new learners, and we tend to make a lot of simple mistakes where Dr Lau and his team are able to advise us. It is a very good program.”

Chiow Joo Phua

Business owner

“Learning to code and build websites have helped me so much, as I work with tech startups every day.” 

Ann Lee

Chief Operating Officer, Youbeli.com

“I wouldn’t be in MoneyMatch if it wasn’t for the course. The understanding of web technologies allows me to manage development teams and know what they are doing.” 

Sirn Loong

COO, MoneyMatch

Previous student’s work

Zero to Market is for you if…

  • You want to finally – be capable of building serious market-ready websites. 
  • You want to stop doing online courses after online courses, spending time/effort but getting no results. 
  • You want to start a digital business, community, or initiative.
  • You want to create web apps that the public can interact with.
  • You’ve learned a bit of web programming – but need the extra push, grit, and guidance to get better. 

How the workshop works.


30+ video lessons.

The workshop runs for 30 days with self-paced video lessons that will get you to build websites. Lessons are posted every day.

The program covers: 

  • Front-end Web Development. (HTML, CSS, and Javascript.)
  • User interface and User experience (UI / UX)
  • Create high-converting web layouts.
  • Building a database.
  • Git, GitHub, and Version Control
  • Domain, hosting, and deploying your website.
  • Landing page and connecting to Google Analytics 4.

8 live training calls.

There would be two live training sesisons (2-hours each) per week. All live training will be recorded.

During the live training (on Zoom), you will learn directly from the instructors – plus to get help and troubleshooting.



Why enrol in this workshop? Can’t we just learn from YouTube videos?

The heart of the workshop is the support provided by the trainers. It’s the support and guidance that will help you level up.


Practical work.

Learn by building your website in practice. The workshop will prompt you to start working, upload your progress and go into discussions with other participants. 

Bit by bit, each day – you’ll become a pro at the end.

Learning modules.

We recommend spending 2 hours per day on the workshop. Your time would be spent on the lessons, working on your website, posting, and giving feedback.

There will be live calls (2 hours each) on:

  • Every Wednesday at 8PM
  • Every Sunday at 10AM

Live calls are recorded, so you can catch up if you miss any sessions.

29th July 2022 – Orientation

Before the workshop starts, Dr. Lau will introduce you to the platform and help you make necessary preparation – software & tools for the workshop.

This is also when you will meet your peers and introduce yourself.

Module #1: Web development fundamentals

During the first week, you’ll learn how websites work, including the systems and platform you need to build a successful website.

  • Set up your workspace
  • Launching your first website.
  • Structuring your website with HTML.
  • Make your website appear professional.
  • Adding new pages to your website.
  • Understanding Git and code versioning
  • Week recap and discussion.
Module #2: HTML, CSS and web components
  • Creating site navigation.
  • Loading dynamic data.
  • Using web components to half your development time.
  • Understanding HTML tags and elements.
  • Exploring CSS syntax.
  • Building a responsive website.
  • Week recap and discussion.
Module #3: JavaScript, databases, and SEO
  • Introduction to JavaScript.
  • Storing data with a database.
  • Loading your data from databases.
  • Linking your website to databases.
  • Creating dynamic interactions on your website.
  • Building a landing page and implementing SEO.
  • Week recap and discussion.
Module #4: Web APIs and architecture design
  • Website VS web application.
  • Creating micro services using APIs
  • Understanding WWW & HTTP Protocols.
  • Planning your website build.
  • Designing a web architecture.
  • Registering a high-impact domain name.
Module #5: Launch your website
  • Implementing UI/UX concepts.
  • Production environment and website maintenance

Can I freelance utilizing the knowledge learned from the program?


In the previous cohort of Zero to Market, a number of participants were interested to freelance with the knowledge from the program.

That’s why in Zero to Market 2.0 – we’ve added new lessons, designed to help to get your first sale.


Getting your first sale.

How to market your website with digital marketing and get your first sale.

Building a RM500,000 landing page.

Learn what goes behind a landing page that has generated us over RM500,000 in revenue – and how to build one yourself.

Building sales funnels.

Learn to build a sales funnel on your website that qualifies and closes customers for you – on auto-pilot.

Build a WordPress site in 10 minutes.

Learn a step-by-step of building a website using WordPress – the same as how our website is built.

How to customize WordPress sites

Using everything you’ll learn in Zero to Market, learn how to make expert customizations on platforms like WordPress.

Building WordPress sites for clients

The secret of finding clients and charging them fees to build websites for them.

Meet your trainers.


Dr. Lau Cher Han

Zero to Market is created and led by full stack developer, chief data scientist and keynote speaker, Dr. Lau Cher Han.

Dr. Lau is a sought-after trainer in web development, data science and technology, following his long record of training individuals and leaders from OCBC Bank, TNB Malaysia, Intel, IBM, Dell, PLUS, Shell, F&N, Mitsubishi, HP, Gardenia, Heineken, U-Mobile, and more.

Follow Dr. Lau on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Edmund Hee from LEAD

Reuben Ch’ng

Reuben Ch’ng is head of marketing, entrepreneur, growth marketer and HRDF trainer with over 10+ years of experience working & training brands such as TNB Malaysia, Sony, Nando’s, UEM, Media Prima Digital, History Channel and Pacific West.

As an entrepreneur, he runs several education and media companies. Cat Studio, a music/recording school, Audio Mentor, an online media publication and LEAD.

You can follow Reuben on LinkedIn.

I love the (daily) video. It’s fun actually. It’s something I have never been involved in before. Even if the video is only 10 minutes, I can repeat it 2-3 times to follow the script until I understand the flow and the logic behind the coding, finally, this is working.”

Seng Yung Quek

Business Analyst, FDV.

“I think the community, is the one pushing me. When we achieve something or get stuck, the community is there for us – and even if the community can’t help, Dr Lau can solve it. They have this policy where they will not leave us hanging for 48 hours. That’s why they have to call live sessions every week.”

Ashkamir Ashrum

Procurement, Telco industry.

“Well, I might be one of the slow and steady student, he ever had (oh my!). Anyway, I give you a glimpse of my ‘masterpiece’ which I learnt from Dr Lau https://testsewaanbilikmeeting.netlify.app/ Hope he can be proud of it.”

Nor Hafizah

IT Executive, Government Sector.

Enrol in Zero to Market

The workshop is taken online. You don’t need to spend on accommodation or travel.

The workshop officially runs from 1st August to 29th August. There is an orientation call on 29th July.

You’ll need a computer (desktop or laptop) with internet access. We use Discourse to power our discussion board and Zoom for our live calls. 

Program Fee


Accepting only 40 participants.

What’s Included

  • 30-days workshop.
  • 8 live call sessions.
  • Access to a discussion board, content and recordings.
  • Checklists and templates.
  • Digital certification.
  • Lifetime access to content & free updates.

When & Where

Workshop starts: 1st August 2022
Workshop ends: 29th August 2022

Venue: Online

Need support or have some questions?
Call: +018-2777 989
Email: chelsea@thelead.io

30-days money-back guarantee.

Take the entire Zero to Market program. If it doesn’t work, we insist to return the fees to you.

We invested a lot of time into designing Zero to Market, and have proven it to work. We studied other courses in the market, studied our student’s psychology, and even researched how learning works.

That’s why we know Zero to Market is worth every cent – and we are bold to stand by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This guarantee extends for 30 days, until the end of the program. We only ask you to show us that you did the exercises and did not get results.


Earn a certificate.

To show off your competency in developing serious websites.

Certificate-zero to market

HRD Corp claimable.

Zero to Market is HRD Corp registered. Your company can claim the program fees from HRD Corp. Email us at chelsea@thelead.io to register.

Still have questions?

What if the program does not help me?

Take the entire program for the next 30 days. If you don’t love it, we insist to return your fees.

Just show us that you did the lessons, but did not get results and we’ll give you a 100% refund – no questions asked.

Do I need to know programming to join?

Zero to Market is a web development & business launch workshop, designed for beginners. We assume students do not have a technical background and are keen to learn.

Why does Zero to Market work?

Most courses focus on providing more information. But, you don’t need more information. If more information is all you need, you’d probably be able to find it. 

Imagine if we gave you all the information you need to build a custom website. Would you be able to? Why not? Because life doesn’t work that way. 

Zero to Market focuses on active learning by doing. 80% of your time in the workshop will be spent on working on the assignments and discussing.

Is there an exam?

There are no exams.

We believe examinations make people focus on the wrong things – focusing to pass an exam, compared to learning skillsets that matter.

Can I get Dr. Lau or Reuben to help me with my launch?


Take full advantage of the workshop to get all the help you need. There is also a helpful community that will be there to share feedback.

How long is the access to the lessons?

You’ll have lifetime refreshers.

The discussion board and lessons, however, will close 6 months after the program ends. Want to continue working with the rest after the program? No problem. We’ll tell you how you can be part of our lifetime Pro membership.

How long do I need to spend daily?

We recommend you to spend 1 hour per day working on the workshop – lessons and prompts as it’s a progression towards completing your web project.

What if I’m unable to complete the lessons within 30 days?
We understand life circumstances can get in the way. If you’re unable to complete the workshop, send us an email and we’ll be happy to schedule you for the next workshop – as part of lifetime refreshers.
Will I get a certificate? Is this recognized by the industry?

Yes, you will receive a completion certificate at the end of the program.

We’re recognized by SME & MNC companies across industries in Malaysia. That continues to grow with more of our graduates securing jobs in various companies.

Do you accept payment in installments?

No, with a good reason.

We found students who request instalment payments, are not ready to take a program. They are often distracted, which would dilute their experience in the program.

If you cannot afford the program, we kindly ask you to make use of our free web development materials. You can come back when you’re ready.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

You can email Alex at alex@thelead.io.

We put in a lot of effort to talk to our customers personally and support emails get answered in under 24 hours.

Will the program fees be the same for the next intake?
We can’t guarantee the same price for future intakes. The truth is, there will never be a perfect time to join. If you want to upskill yourself, then it’s worth starting now.