An affiliate marketing online course.

Start Your Affiliate Content Website & Monetize.

Let’s get straight to the point.

In this course, you’ll learn to find a niche, build your content website with WordPress and monetize (yes, make money) with affiliate marketing.

With a 7-days money-back guarantee.

Build a site that pays you.

It may surprise you, but highly-profitable sites usually look quite modest. It’s not fancy or built by the most expensive developers. 

A profitable site is usually one that provides high value for its readers. And you, can provide value to people.

Learn to market your website.

If nobody knows about your website, you won’t be able to monetize. When it comes to your website, you have to build traffic and drive people to visit your site.

Building great content and providing value isn’t enough. Learn to use digital marketing strategies such as SEO to bring people to your valuable site.

Make your first $1, then scale.

Your goal in setting up an affiliate marketing is to make your first dollar. Once you’re able to achieve that, you would be able to scale and compound your effort passively.

This course will teach you step by step, to build your Wordpres site, sign-up for Amazon Affiliates and monetize your website.

Introducing Affiliate Marketing Profit Core

This course will help you build a monetizable content website.

Learn to build a profitable WordPress website.

Follow step-by-step video lessons and build your content website with WordPress. You don’t need to have a programming background to build your site.

Create good, monetizable content.

There are millions of content (articles, videos, etc.) on millions of websites in the world. Learn how to make your content stand out, be searchable and monetizable.

Build & scale your affiliate business.

From making your first $1 and scaling it, treat your affiliate website as a business and even look at ways to exit  – exploring website flipping.

Some of the things you’ll learn. And do.

Amazon Associates.

Set up your website to first profit through Amazon Associates, one of the world’s largest online E-commerce store. 

Search Engine Optimization.

One of the main strategies taught in the course, to building traffic is SEO. Learn proper SEO techniques to rank your website on a global scale. (Your audience should be tier #1 audiences, e.g. US, Canada, Australia, etc. – not Malaysia.)

Building Your WordPress Website.

Learn to build a fast-loading, intuitive and more importantly profitable WordPress website from scratch. You don’t need to be a programmer. (Reuben isn’t one.)

Email Marketing.

A totally underused tool in digital marketing – email marketing. Learn to exponentially grow your website subscribers and send them valuable, high-converting emails to drive your affiliate sales.

and more inside Affiliate Marketing Profit Core…

What’s inside the online course?

    Module 1: Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

    • Your Goal to your First $1
    • Why Build A Content Website
    • Understanding The Numbers in Affiliate Marketing
    • Setting Up Expectations

    Module 2: Finding Your Niche & Building a Business

    • How to Find A Passion Niche
    • Crowdsourcing Your Niche
    • Identifying a Monetizable Niche
    • Identifying & Research Market Competition

    Module 3: Step-by-step Building Your WordPress Site

    • Choosing & Buying A Profitable Domain Name
    • Understanding & Buying Hosting
    • Installing WordPress and Emails
    • Setting Up Pages/Posts
    • Designing Site for Affiliate Content
    • Installing SSL
    • Optimizing Site for SEO
    • Increasing Site Speed
    • and more…

    Module 4: Building Affiliate-Ready Content & SEO

    • Generating Keyword Ideas with Google
    • Setting Search Console & Picking Keywords.
    • Research Quora/Reddit for Keywords
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Using SEO Tools for Keyword Research 
    • Creating SEO-Ready Content
    • Implementing a Content Schedule (includes ready-made guides)

    Module 5: Deploying Amazon Affiliates & Other Monetization Strategies

    • Inserting Affiliate Links Into Your Website.
    • Cloaking Your Links
    • Advanced Technique to Increase Sales & Conversions
    • Exploring Other Affiliate & Monetization Channels.

    Module 6: Analytics & Building Your Audience

    • Setting up Analytics Tools
    • Email Marketing & Installing Opt-ins Capture
    • Setting up Mailchimp for automated emails.
    • Tips on Email Marketing for Affiliates

    Module 7: Advanced Traffic Generation

    • Optimizing YouTube Content for SEO
    • Building Audience with Social Media.
    • Getting Free Content for Your Website
    • Creating Facebook Pages & Running Strategic Ads
    • Techniques to Retarget Your Audience 

    Module 8: Conclusion

    • Closing tips and how do you take your affiliate marketing business to the next level?
    • Selling & exiting your website(s).

    What do you get?

    Over 6+ hours of video lessons. 

    You’ll get lifetime access (including updates) to all videos that you access through our online Class platform.

    Direct access to the instructor

    Your instructor is a practitioner, not an academic teacher. Ask industry-relevant questions within your support group and get help based on experience from real marketing.

    Content, sheets & resources b

    This includes helpful spreadsheets, templates and Trello boards – that serves to help you become a better affiliate marketer.

    Access lessons through the Class platform.

    Start immediately through an easy to follow platform, and go through the lessons at your own pace and time. 

    Use any device, desktop or mobile, to watch the videos. Students also get additional resources to aid your learning.

    Join the student support group and learn more.

    Why is a student support group so important? Because you’ll hit into roadblocks as you build your affiliate website, that’s why.

    But with our real-time student support group, you’re covered. Just ask your question anytime and your instructor will help.

    Meet Your Instructor

    Music producer turned marketer, Reuben waste no time on ‘rah-rah’ or ‘motivational’ marketing lessons. In Affiliate Marketing Profit Core, you’ll learn the exact ways he took to monetize one of his main affiliate sites – Audio Mentor.

    Today, Reuben spends his time as a teacher in digital marketing. Some of his clients include companies such as Media Prima Digital, Nandos, Sony Malaysia, Heineken and Q-dees.

    Reuben Ch'ng

    Head of Marketing, Entrepreneur, LEAD

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    Affiliate Marketing Profit Core is for you.

    Digital marketers.

    Embarking on affiliate marketing doesn’t just provide you with an extra monetizable source – but makes you a better marketer as well.


    Pick up digital marketing and website building skills – as you build your own profitable affiliate marketing business.

    No-nonsense guarantee.

    If you feel the course doesn’t provide you any value – just email reuben@thelead.io within 7 days and we’ll refund your fees, no questions asked.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions we get about Affiliate Marketing Profit Core.

    How do I access the course?

    This is an online course. You’ll be able to log in to our Class Platform to start watching the videos after you register.

    How do I join the Slack student support group?

    When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the instructions to join the Slack group. Make sure to say hello to everyone.

    How are LEAD’s courses different from other courses?

    All our courses, including Affiliate Marketing Profit Core, focuses on practical skills that you can actually use in the ‘real-world’. Everything is practical. Expect no fluff.

    How long will I take to make money with affiliate marketing?

    For your first $1? As fast as within a month. However, building an affiliate business is the same as any business. You can go fast by spending on ads and selling recklessly. However, we encourage you to build a strong foundation for your affiliate marketing website. 

    What if the course doesn’t work for me?

    We don’t offer refunds, but take the course and experience it for yourself. At the end, if you still don’t love the course, drop us a message and we’ll work something out.

    What Is The LEAD?

    LEAD is a technology institute aiming to grow talents in data science, programming, and digital marketing. The team comprises of industry experienced practitioners who teach from their experience and knowledge.