Data Science Demo Day

Join Data Science Uncut Bootcamp’s demo day, where participants will be presenting to a panel of panelists. Learn from their data science projects.

The Knowledge Circle

What circle? The circle of ‘knowledge’, growing every minute, filled with people who generously share their ideas and the things they learn.






What Types of Questions Can Data Science Answer?

What Types of Questions Can Data Science Answer?

Data science has empowered us to solve complex and diverse problems by deploying machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling. Here we have shared the common applications of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning techniques. Machine learning (ML)...

How To Break Into A Tech Career?

In this Data Crunch episode 17, we talked about how are you able to break into a tech career the smartest and shortest way possible. How do you thrive in this fast-growing and evolving industry? Sooner or later every industry will be disrupted digitally with the...