How Much Is the Salary of a Full Stack Web Developer?

Mar 3, 2020

Whenever we run a webinar or course on full stack web development, we would inevitably get this question: “How much is the salary of a full stack web developer?”

Here’s the fact. Your salary will ultimately depend on your skillset and negotiation skills.

Though you shouldn’t always equate monetary benefits with the act of learning a valuable skillset like web development, it’s understandable that knowing the potential salary can be important – especially if you’re a working professional looking to switch to a tech career.

Before discussing the potential salary made by full stack web developers in Malaysia, let’s briefly discuss what is the current job demand and why is it high in demand.

The current job demand for Full Stack web developers in Malaysia

The demand for full-stack web developers has been increasing in recent years.

Survey by Stack Overflow

This is the result of the Stack Overflow survey in 2019 show that majority of developers consider themselves as full stack developers.

This clearly shows that the demand for full-stack web developers is growing – as more and more developers want to turn themselves into full stack web developers to add more value to companies.

But what makes a full stack web developer more valuable for a company? Here are some reasons why so many companies are looking to hire full stack web developers:

  • Full stack web developers can work on both front-end and back-end of a web development project, thus lowering the cost of human capital for a company.
  • With an understanding of both front-end and back-end, full stack web developers are able to be better project managers to manage a team of developers.
  • Full stack developers are trained to be familiar with each part of a technology stack, so they can build an entire web application MVP without needing to outsource.

Full stack developers are sometimes called, “A jack of all trades & master of none”. While this may be partially true for inexperienced developers, at LEAD we urge aspiring full stack developers to take a different thinking and motive, and rather be A jack of all trades & master of some.

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What is the average pay a Full Stack Web Developer can expect to make in 2020?

According to Indeed, a full stack web developer in Malaysia makes RM5,633 per month for a starting position. 

Average Salary of a full-stack web developer / Source: Indeed

Of course, this is only an average. Depending on your skillset and proficiency, it’s possible to ask for a bigger salary as you gain more experience and is able to add more value to the company.

A large part of your salary also comes down to being able to negotiate with your future employer.

The average salary of a non-full stack web developer / Source: Indeed

On the contrary, a non-full-stack web developer makes RM3600/month on average for a starting position. There is nearly a 75% increase in your salary as a full-stack developer.

Here’s another average salary of a full stack developer, taken from Payscale.

Source: Payscale.com

This is one of the reasons why so many web developers look to upskill and become full stack web developers.

Put simply, the more problems you’re able to solve, the more valuable you will be towards a company.


The demand for full stack developers is high because they make a valuable asset to any company. That said, it’ll be a bigger challenge to become a full stack web developer, as you need to master more web technologies and combine them.

Nevertheless, picking up the skillsets and role will be worth the effort, regardless if you are interested to pursue a web development career or to build your own web applications.

What motivates you to pick up web development? Let us know in the comment section below.

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