Data science video training.

Are you more suitable to be a data analyst or data scientist?

data analyst vs data scientist

Are you better off pursuing a data analyst or data scientist career? Which one brings a higher salary – and why is it better to sometimes be a data analyst? 

This video training answers those questions, including: 

  • What data analysts/scientists actually do. See what their daily work looks like. 
  • What skills to learn. What skillsets to learn to separate yourself from the average data professional.
  • In-demand data tools. Which tools & platforms to master so that companies want you!
  • Navigating a data career. Strategies to build a profitable data career and painful mistakes to avoid.
data analyst vs data scientist

Presented by: Dr. Lau Cher Han

Dr. Lau is a chief data scientist with over 15+ years of experience, working with companies like IBM, Dell, Intel, and TNB Malaysia to grow their technology and data capabilities. 

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