Frequently asked questions.

I don’t have a technical or programming background. Can I join?

    Yes. That’s the reason why we created Data Science 360.

    You’ll learn practical data science from scratch – starting by understanding it, picking up programming, applying algorithms, producing visualizations, and presenting.

    How is this different from other data science programs?

    We don’t operate like a university or an online course, following an outdated way of learning.

    Data Science 360 is cohort-based. Students will start the program together, and work together and end the program on a designated timeline. This creates some healthy pressure, which we observed to have helped students complete.

    Do I need a computer-related qualification or degree to do data science?

      Having a degree or certification is great. We think there is great value, joining a college or university.

      But, unlike professions (like being a doctor) that require certification, you don’t need a certificate to start adding value to a company as a data scientist.

      Is there an exam?

        There will be a mini assessment to gauge your understanding.

        Examinations force people to look for ways to pass the exam. We prefer to focus on passing actual practical skillsets to our students.

        Can I get Dr Lau or Edmund to help me with my data science project?


        Over 5 years of running and evolving Data Science 360, Dr Lau still personally answers, guides, and helps students. You’ll also find a helpful community who will be there ready to help you.

        That doesn’t mean the program will give you all the answers. The program is designed to give you a pathway and guide. The doing and map are all up to you. 

        OK, let’s be honest. Can I really learn Data Science in 6 weeks?

          If you’re committed and follow the program, yes. Some of our students have built their data science career under 3 months.

          How long is the access to the lessons?

          You’ll have lifetime access to the lessons. To come back for class refreshers, just inform us. 

          The discussion board, however, will close 6 months after the program ends. Want to continue working with the rest after the program? No problem. We’ll tell you how you can be part of our lifetime Pro membership.

          Will I get a certificate? Is this recognized by the industry?

          Yes, you will receive a completion certificate at the end of the program.

          We’re recognized by SME & MNC companies across industries in Malaysia. That continues to grow with more of our graduates securing jobs in various companies.

          Do you accept payment in installments?

          No, with a good reason.

          In the past, we found students who requests to pay the program fees in instalments to be not ready to take the program.

          If you cannot afford the program, we kindly ask you to make use of our free data science materials first. You can come back when you’re ready.

          Who can I contact to ask more?

          You can email Alex at alex@thelead.io.

          We put in a lot of effort to talk to our customers personally and support emails get answered in under 24 hours.

          Is the program claimable?

          Yes, we’re registered under HRD Corp. However, the program is not a university MQA program nor under the Department of Skills Development (DSOD).

          What if I cannot make it for one or more days of the online live class?

          Not an issue! You can always join the online live classes in any of our next intakes, for free.

          Otherwise, watch the recording that details each step and action of the live classes.

          Will the price be the same for the next intake?

          We don’t guarantee the same price for new intakes. If something is worth a career upgrade, bigger salaries, and a better life – it’s worth starting now. Take advantage of the current price.

          Become a data scientist.

          Students typically complete and get jobs under 3 months.