How Data Science 360 works?

The Data Science 360 is a complete, industry-driven, practical data science program with a 6-weeks real-time interactive program.

You will have 5-6 lesson prompts to complete per module (throughout 6-weeks), a proven industry-learning structure, a dedicated cohort for peer support, and a coach holding you accountable.

You Will Have Peer Support

  • The program is cohort-based, which means as soon as you enter, you will be assigned a group of people (in your timezone) who will act as your “classmates” through this program.
  • You will tag them in your assignments (and they will tag you in theirs).
  • This will find your ‘study buddy’ and foster friendships that makes learning fun while embarking on this journey together.

You Will Work On Your Own Project

  • In addition to our lesson prompts – we set up a space, called The Business Case Study, where you can practice data cleansing, processing, analyzing, and visualization for personal projects of your choice.
  • This is in addition to the lesson prompts within the modules. The Business Case Study is a place where you can safely test, apply, and play with the new skills you acquire over the course of the program. And get meaningful feedback that makes your work stronger.

You Will Build REAL Data Projects

  • The prompts are designed to get you to build projects (not just learning about it – but doing it). The videos lessons are around five to ten minutes, so you can fit them into a busy schedule and focus on doing.
  • There will be additional material to read (and some bonuses sprinkled in for those who want to go deeper). But the goal is to get you doing.
  • Some of the prompts focus on data science concepts, while others focus on your personal work (it’s ok if you don’t have a data project you’re working for – your coaches will help you with that).

You Get a Group Coach

  • Each cohort has a dedicated coach. The coaches are there to provide support, offer feedback on your prompts, and hold you accountable – so you don’t feel like you’re in this alone, binge-watching videos in your bedroom pajamas.
  • You’ll feel like you’re in a classroom with a group of peers all committed to the same goals of improving their data skills, changing the world, and an uproar in their careers 😉
  • There will be real-time coaching calls as well. They are not required, but are highly encouraged if you want to get the most out of the program.

You Can Choose Your Level

  • The program is designed for non-technical beginners. But if you are familiar with data science or already practising, you can tag (@drlau or @edmundhee) your instructors for an advanced version of the prompt.
  • Concepts and lessons are the same throughout, but the application of those concepts is a little different when you opt for advanced.
  • Advance applications are there to show you what’s possible and to challenge you to stretch, if and when you’re ready.


  • For 6-weeks, you will work through many lessons prompts with a cohort of peers and a dedicated coach in real-time.
  • You’ll be attending the 4-full days of core training, and working on your project throughout.
  • You will be giving and receiving generous feedback from your peer group and coaches.
  • You will get support and accountability from coaches.
  • You will grow. Your perspective will change. You will have fun while also stretching yourself.

Most importantly:

You will get better at building data science projects that make a difference, wherever you work at.

Together with the help of LEAD coaches and others on a similar journey, you will dramatically improve your ability to build great projects, eventually an amazing data career.

Become a data scientist.

Students typically complete and get jobs under 3 months.