For Working  professionals, business owners, individuals. 

Let data analytics take your career up and up

Drive revenues, regain back your time, and become hyper-productive at work with world-class data analytics skills without coding or programming.

Date: 20th January 2021 (Wednesday)
 7:00PM – 10:00PM
Venue: Online Training via Zoom

Price increases after the first 15 sign-ups.

Are you somone who tried to pick up data science, but then got stuck with programming?

Or you can’t figure out how to gain insights that creates business value with piles of data – in your Excel spreadsheet?

We get you, it’s frustrating & time consuming.

Let’s put an end to this – possibly messy, un-used, and eventually ‘archive’ data – that could tranform your career & business by uncovering opportunities and doubling your productivity.


An online training that makes you proficient in data analytics as a complete beginner.

A comprehensive 3-hours training that shows you the ‘exact’ approach in mastering data science without coding – by using Excel & Tableau.


Master data analytics without programming & you will:

✔️ Never stare at your PC screen blankly anymore when dealing with data.
✔️ Be able to point out the most critical revenue driver in your business or company – on autopilot.
✔️ Grow that figure in your bank, using what data tells you – yes data.

and much more …

And, it takes no more than 3-hours to implement.

mixpanel dashboard

So, what is this worth?

All those days and hours, you spent Googling for answers, and all those incomplete online courses that you’ve enrolled.

Those untold problems you stumble upon learning on your own.

It ends here – with this online training.

mixpanel dashboard

Learn data analytics without coding – with globally used analytics tools.

Data analytics process


Collect data

The first step in any data science project is to collect and obtain the data you need.


Scrub data

With big data, what you’ve collected is messy. Clean and filter out irrelevant data, preparing it for analysis.


Explore data

Now that your data is ready to use, explore it to find business insights, uncover potentials and find opportunities.


Model data

This is where the magic happens. Build predictive models that forecast future outcomes.

Put the data you work with every day to use.

Every industry and role can benefit from predictive analytics. Whether you work with Excel, E-Commerce or customer sales data, Data Science Amplify teaches you to use data analytics (Excel & Tableau) to uncover trends and potentials.

Get in-depth customer insights

Predict the spending habits of your customers by analyzing customer behavior data. This helps improves customer relationships and enables you to increase earning potential in your company.

Who: Sales directors, marketers, business intelligence executives, etc.

Identify business process issues

Whether you work in a factory or customer relations, use predictive analysis to identify problem areas and inefficiencies which is causing your company customers and revenue.

Who: Business analysts, customer relationship managers, data analysts.

Risk analysis

Identify potential issues that could negatively affect business output or initiatives and mitigate the risk. Risk analysis is a process usually done at credit card, bank and credit companies.

Who: Finance analyst, risk analyst, risk management, product manager.

What do I get in Data Science Amplify?

3 hours live online training 

Log in online, where you’ll learn from the instructor, see a live demo and then get tasked to build your own data analytics dashboard.

Video recording & additional resources 

After the live training ends, it’ll be uploaded as a video recording that you would be able to access in your account, along with other downloadable materials and resources. Even if you couldn’t make it at last minute, you’ll not missed any action.

30 days instructor support

Most students fail because there’s no one around to mentor. Get a 30 days instant chat support with this online training.

Topics covered in this online training.

Data Science Amplify is made for beginners, who do not have a programming background. You’ll learn in-demand skills such as:

Demystifying Big Data

Learn the difference between of big data and data science, then how to make collect data in your company.

Build Your Data Science Workspace

Formulate a business question and hypothesis, then use Python to analyse and explore your data.

Machine Learning

With the findings from the data, write prediction models that help you identify future outcomes.

APPLY Artificial Intelligence

Learn to use AI and machine learning algorithms to gain the upper advantage for business.

Bonus: Lifetime Access to the Pro Group

2 spots left only. Join Now.

Publish your work, project and discuss them with other people who share the same interests as you.

The Pro Group is our newest addition, designed for synchronous learning and growth. Your lifetime access to the Pro Group puts you directly within reach of hundreds of smart people at LEAD.


Plus, you’ll get started with the world’s leading analytics platform – without coding.

You’ll learn to set up your data science workspace, get used to visual analytics tool – then move quickly to performing exploratory data analysis to solve problems.

Better yet – Tableau Public is open-source. You don’t need expensive software & platforms to get started in your data science learning.

Your instructor

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, Founder of LEAD, Machine Learning researcher, Microsoft Excel World Champion.

Dr. Lau has trained executives and companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam and TNB Malaysia to break into data science, big data and artificial intelligence.

Through his 15 years of experience in software development, database technologies, data mining and analytics – he has helped & consulted companies such as Intel, Jabil, HP, the Selangor Government and more. 

Instructor-led online training

Upon registering for the online training, you’ll receive an email detailing the things to prepare – including a link to join the training.

On 13th November, click on the join link 15 minutes early, greet the other participants and prepare to learn. For the best experience, make sure to have a fast internet connection and log in on a desktop/laptop.

The class starts sharp at 7PM and ends at 10PM.

Access your student resource

Find additional video resources & downloads in your account on our Class platform. The live training will also be uploaded as a video recording where you can go through at your own pace & time.

You get lifetime access to the Class platform, including every future update on the course.

Get 30 days full-time support

The real questions will come when you begin to work on your own data science projects.

Get direct support from the instructor via our support group. Just type your questions and see them answered within a few minutes – included with the online training.

Earn yourself a certificate

By the end of the training, earn yourself a certificate, issued by LEAD – for completing the program.

Join Data Science Amplify

This online training will transform the way you work with data and give you skillsets to build analytics dashboards and do predictive analytics.

Upon registering, you’ll receive a link to join the online training, access to your online Class platform and support group.

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Price increases after the first 15 sign-ups.

What’s Included

  • 3+ hours live training
  • Complete video recordings
  • Downloads, resources and extra content.
  • 3 bonus assignments.
  • 30-Day student support.


Date: 20th January 2020 (Wednesday)
7:00PM – 10:00PM (GMT +8)
Online training via Zoom

This online training is made for data-driven individuals.

If you don’t think data will help you work smarter & faster, this training is not for you.

This online training gets you started with using data to uncover insights. But watching it alone will not make you a data expert. The only thing that will, is you. Putting in the practice & work. Day after day.

The aspiring data scientist.

Use this online training to kickstart your skillsets and career in data science.

Working professional.

If you work with data – using spreadsheets, charting sales forecast, managing a project, etc, this training will help you work smarter with data analytics.

Business owners.

Run a business and interested to use big data & analytics to drive your business growth?

Our students

Data Science Amplify is an experiential online training where students also take part in the conversation. You’ll be tasked with putting in the work – not just listen to a lecture.

The data science course by LEAD has helped me land a job at Deloitte as a data scientist. I’m even surprised myself because I did not have a tech background.
Chen K

Data Scientist, Deloitte

I’ve encountered many times where I need to extract the data in the past in order to reduce the cost in the future.

It’s great and helpful to have data science skill as a very beginner. this is really a good start for me.

Lee Jeong Min

Project Manager, Wilhelmsen Group

I’ve learnt how to do things faster, as in the types of software and tools to use to achieve some data processing problems. One of it is to optimise the recommendation engine at Job Street.

Data Scientist, SEEKAsia Jobstreet

This training has been conducted for companies such as: