Finally – A data science program that brings you career opportunities.

What if you can expertly handle serious data science projects – and use your skills to grow companies?

What if you can acquire in-demand skillsets – like Python & SQL programming so that companies want to hire you?

Early enrolment is now at RM2899.
Fees only apply if you’re accepted.

Sept/Oct, 2022
30-days bootcamp.

No prior technical knowledge or degree required.

Build 4 data science projects
As your portfolio and job application.

Cohort 5. Price may increase in the next cohort.


Data Science Uncut Bootcamp

30 Days Online Bootcamp: Sept 2022 – Oct 2022 

Confidently handle data science projects in 30 days

What’s in the bootcamp

  • A group of 60 people, willing to get to work – and changing their state at the end of 30-days.
  • Daily lessons & tasks released everyday in chunk-size, step-by-step videos and worksheets.
  • Pro Discussion Board to receive and share feedback on your daily work.
  • Demo-day. Present your data science project to stakeholders from 10 leading companies.
  • Build 4 real data science projects to equip yourself with profitable skillsets.
  • 4 live training sessions where Dr. Lau will personally guide you and give detailed feedback.
  • 4 live coaching calls with our coaches, helping you to complete the Bootcamp strong.
  • Portfolio feature. Your data science portfolio will be published on our website, seen by 100s of recruiters and businesses, looking for talents.

The fastest way to be an in-demand data scientist.

Highly-paid data professionals are not people who go around throwing big words like artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning.

They are people who solve data problems and have the skills to grow a company’s revenue.

You can watch hundreds of lessons on Udemy – and still, unable to call yourself a data scientist. Rather than watching videos, the Bootcamp pushes you to work and complete 4 data science projects.

Predictive Modelling

Learn to do prediction based on data, predict any events before it happens.

Regression analysis

Understand the relationship between variables and what factor matters most.


Social media analysis

Know exactly how customers, voters, users feel, think, respond to your organization.


Product recommendation

Gain deep insights about your customers & their desires.

Early enrolment is now at RM2899.
Fees only apply if you’re accepted.

Example of projects you will work on.

Here are some practical data science projects built by past students. You get to build projects of your own choice. 

Predicting Customer Churn

Abby Lee (Cohort #3), used a regression model to predict the churn rate for a telco company. This enables the telco company to design better telco packages to retain their customers.

Someone who’s passionate about risk, data and fintech, check out all of her projects here. 

Analyzing customer sentiment.

Using cosine similarity and sentiment analysis, Luqman Hakim (Cohort #3) identified words that are commonly used and their associated emotions for Disneyland.

This enables a company like Disneyland to know what their customers love or hate about their experience and help them discover opportunities. Check out his other projects here too.

Enrolment is now at RM3499.
Fees only apply if you’re accepted.

Want to be a data scientist? Don’t watch videos.

Go do data science. Receive and share feedback. Work with the others.

Show up and build your confidence.

Show up and work on meaningful projects. Work at your own time (with instructor-led), every day and attend online live coachings.

Practice the basics, assuming you know nothing, without prior experience, by working on a few preset projects, then go on to work on any type of project of your choice.

Mohd Sharir got a job offer immediately right after the demo day from the industry, which surprises him.

Put in your best work.

If you want to build muscles, don’t watch videos. Go to the gym and get to work, every day.

If you want to be a data scientist, then do data science. There is a lesson each day. Each lesson includes an assignment that prompts & challenges you to do the work.

YanBin got job opportunities by putting in the work during the Bootcamp.

It’s impossible to fall behind.

Most people never complete online courses they joined. In Data Science Uncut Bootcamp, 9 out of 10 participants complete the program.

You will work with another 60 people to receive and share feedback on each other’s work. By generously showing up and giving others feedback, you will learn far more than just watching tutorials. 

Practical data science is different.

Data is useless. Programming is pointless.

It is what you do with the data and programs that are useful. You will learn to apply the skillsets learned during the Bootcamp on practical use cases.

Become a problem-solver.

The goal of a data professional is not to become a geek. But to be able to solve advanced problems, using advanced data techniques you’ll learn from the bootcamp.


Automate tasks using Python

You will learn Python as you work on the data science projects.


Sentiment Analysis

Learn to determine opinions and the market sentiments with data.


Processing data using SQL

Learn to process, structure, and optimize databases with SQL.


Prediction Analytics

Predict events using classification techniques, modeling and more.


Presentation & visualizations

Learn to build visualization and present findings with confidence.


Forecasting using regressions

Learn techniques to forecast and optimize business processes.


Business Intelligence Tools

Put your hands on popular business intelligence tools used at work.


Increase sales using product recommendation

Learn to build recommender systems, just like the ones you see on Netflix, Amazon & YouTube.

Career-ready in 30 days.

Data Science is challenging. But that’s what makes it in-demand. From receiving a starter pack sent to you, here is what happens when you enrol in the Bootcamp.

Pre-bootcamp: On-boarding and installation.

Before everything starts – Dr. Lau will help you guide you to install the right tools, software and get you ready to be supported throughout the bootcamp.

Days 1-6: Data Science Fundamentals

Your instructor, Dr. Lau Cher Han will be teaching you the fundamentals of data science, how actual data science projects are done, and introduce you to the projects you’ll work on.


  • Day 1: Turn business question into data science problem
  • Day 2: OSEMN – The Data Science framework
  • Day 3: Data science roles and career prospect
  • Day 4: Set up your data science workspace
  • Day 5: Python programming basics
  • Day 6: Project – Write your first data science program
Days 7-12: Predict customer churn using decision tree

In this module, you will learn how to use the decision tree, a visual classification method. You will learn how to apply a decision tree to predict customer churn for a telco company. 

  • Day 7: Types of data 
  • Day 8: Conduct EDA (Exploratory data analysis)
  • Day 9: Implement decision tree for classification
  • Day 10: Metrics for evaluating classification model
  • Day 11 & 12: Project – Telco churn analytics
Days 13-18: Forecasting using Regression analysis

Picking up regression analysis is your first step into forecasting. Regression analysis is a skillset highly sought after by companies.

  • Day 13: Regression analysis in Data Science
  • Day 14: Statistical modelling vs machine learning
  • Day 15: Build a linear regression model
  • Day 16: How to evaluate a linear regression model
  • Day 17 & 18: Project –  Sales forecasting using ads spent
Days 19-24: Social media and text analysis

Unstructured data refers to data that you can’t fit into an Excel sheet – such as video, audio, image files or texts. During this week, you’ll learn to work with text, the most common unstructured data. Use NLP to understand your customers, 

  • Day 19: Types of unstructured data
  • Day 20: Applied Natural Language Processing
  • Day 21: Extract features from text documents
  • Day 22: Analyze sentiments using Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
  • Day 23 & 24: Analyze sentiments for TripAdvisor hotels
Days 25-30: Dashboard and portfolio

During the final week, you will learn how to display data in an appealing dashboard. You will also learn how to publish your work to portfolio.

  • Day 25: Types of visualization
  • Day 26: Self-serve interactive business Intelligence
  • Day 27: Build dashboard using Google data studio
  • Day 28: Key elements of an impressive portfolio
  • Day 29: Using web templates for portfolio
  • Day 30: Project –  Publish your personal data science portfolio using GitHub

Bootcamp dates overview.

How much time do you need?

Pre-Bootcamp orientation
13th May 2022  // 1 hour (one-off)

Day 1 – Day 30 daily tutorials
16th May – 13th June 2022 // allocate 30 min – 1 hour daily.

Live classes
Every Wednesday at 9 PM.
Sessions: 18th, 25th May. 1st, 8th June 2022.

Coaching calls
Every Sunday at 10 AM.

Sessions: 22nd, 29th May. 5th, 12th June 2022.

Demo day – showcase your work
Get industry insights // 10 AM – 4 PM | 25th June 2022 (Saturday)

*Live classes and coaching calls are recorded, so you can catch up in case you miss any sessions. Best to attend live.

Get ahead – in front of 100’s potential employers.

In collaboration with our job placement partner:

Your bootcamp instructor.

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, Founder of LEAD, Machine Learning researcher, Microsoft Excel World Champion.

What makes instructors like Dr. Lau different? Like many hard-working professionals, Dr. Lau works in practice. For every day of teaching, he does 3-5 days consulting and working with brands.

Dr. Lau has trained executives and companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam and TNB Malaysia to break into data science, big data, and artificial intelligence.

And with over 15 years of experience in software development, database technologies, data mining and analytics – he has consulted companies such as Intel, Jabil, HP and the Selangor Government.

Bootcamp coaches.

The Bootcamp has two dedicated coaches who help to focus discussions, address concerns and help you complete.

data science uncut mentors

Jasmine Kijam is co-founder of Matamata, a social-driven enterprise that harnesses technology to help the blind and visually impaired community gain independence and inclusivity online. She’s a past LEAD data science graduate.

Luqman Hakim a research assistant, conducts research on ML applications in the oil and gas industry, Petronas. Luqman was too – a data science graduate at LEAD.

data science uncut mentors

What you’ll get.

The Bootcamp provides you with everything to become a data professional. No other school gives you this much. “Why?”, you ask. Because we can.


Your Starter Pack

Like, for real. Once you’re in the Bootcamp, we’ll send you a physical starter pack, containing a LEAD notebook, guidebook, and a cap.

Put on the cap and get ready to work!


Daily video lessons & tasks.

You will receive daily lessons and assignments in the Pro Group.

Log in, take the lessons, do the assignment and publish your work. Dr. Lau and our mentors will be around to help.



8 live training sessions.

Get together with your Bootcamp mates and Dr. Lau, as you go through what you’ve learned throughout the week. It’s also a chance to ask questions and receive direct mentorship.

These 1-hour sessions will run on alternate Wednesdays (9PM) and Sundays (10AM) during the Bootcamp. the 30 days. If you miss the sessions, catch up with the rcodings.


Build 4 real data science projects.

The bootcamp guides you to build 4 data science projects – when completed, indirectly equips you with job-ready data science skills.

These projects can be used as a data science portfolio, for when you apply for a job.

Take a look at a student, Chun Yuan’s data science portfolio.


Present your work to real companies.

At the end of the Bootcamp, you’ll have two weeks to complete your data portfolio before presenting them to stakeholders from real companies on Demo-Day.

We’ll invite 10 companies to listen to your presentation on Demo-Day. This boosts your confidence as you receive real feedback.


Earn a digital certification.

At LEAD we believe skillsets matter more than certificates. After all, it’s just a piece of paper.

But we understand that some need a certificate. The Bootcamp provides you with one. Publish it on your LinkedIn profile!

Register Now

The Bootcamp is open for anyone in Malaysia. You don’t need to spend on accommodation or travel.  

This is your chance to become a serious problem-solver, equipped with skillsets that no company can live without.

When you click on the button below, you’ll be required to apply for the Bootcamp. It’ll take us one day to let you know if you’re accepted.

Bootcamp Fee


Enrolment is now at RM3499.
Fees only apply if you’re accepted.

What’s Included

  • Starter kit sent to you.
  • 30-days of Bootcamp content.
  • 8 live online training sessions.
  • Downloads, recording access and extra content.
  • Lifetime student support
  • Demo-day & digital certification.

When & Where

Bootcamp starts on: 16th May 2022

Venue: Digital Classroom. You can participate from anywhere in Malaysia – as long as you have an internet connection.

Need support or have some questions?
Call: +018-2777 989
Email: support@thelead.io

Is the Bootcamp worth joining?

We think so. After all, this came from hours of discussions, observations, and tweaks. But don’t believe us – believe what our students say.


“Every day, I get to learn something new. From this bootcamp, I get to share ideas, people are very helpful here, whatever problems you give, immediately people will try to solve your problem.”

Luqman Hakim

Mechanical Engineering, Graduate.

“In these 30 days, I learnt a lot, and it is great to have this platform for us to mix around and refer back. Even though the bootcamp is ending, I feel my data science journey is just about to start.”

Lee Hong Tan

IT, System management

“I don’t know whether I can venture into data science, not until these 30 days. Overall is very exciting to learn and this bootcamp has given me the confidence I built in myself, and it’s quite interesting. I really really enjoy the experience.”

Reuban Rao

RF engineer, Telco Industry.

“I’ve learnt how to do things faster, including the type of tools, software and libraries to use to achieve my tasks faster. And I like the support given by the team where I could get help for some tasks I have at work.”

Dara Tumenbayeva

Software Development Engineer, Amazon

“What I like about the course by LEAD is its real-life experiences from the instructors and as well as the continuous support that the team gives. They are always online helping me, 6 AM to 1 AM in the morning. That shows dedication.”

Vanessa Miranda

Demand Generation Lead / Snr. Digital Marketing, Lenovo

“The course was comprehensive and it taught me everything I need to know about and the industry practices both – locally and globally. And I think the rest of it will have to be on my own to discover.”

Josh Wang

Growth Hacker, Boost Financial Services

See all bootcampers at LEAD.

To a life of limitless growth.

We’re all about your growth. Our team works hard to call you by your names and stays around to celebrate your success.

This requires dedication.

That’s why – all students are given lifetime access to support and 6 months to the Bootcamp modules and discussion boards.

Potentially Asked Questions

Here are some questions you probably would have.

What if I miss a day because I’m busy?

  • Not an issue! We designed the Bootcamp, understanding that you are a busy working person and it’s only natural to have to miss out on a day – or two. You’ll be able to catch up. 

Is the Bootcamp or cert accredited?

  • Proudly, no. Accreditation makes sense for certain types of education, but that is not what makes great data professionals.

    We’ll happily provide completion certificates upon the end. But know this.

    Instead of having a paper to ‘prove’ you know something, how about having 4 completed data science projects to show for?

Do I need prior tech or coding knowledge?

  • None. The Bootcamp doesn’t require prerequisites or prior knowledge. Bring your curiosity and desire to grow, and that’s enough.

I have a full-time job. Can I still join the bootcamp?

  • Yes. The daily lessons and assignments are recorded. You can do them at your own time and pace. We recommend spending 1 hour a day, working on them.

Why can’t I just learn online myself?

  • You can. However, it’s faster and more efficient to learn data science with someone to guide you. And while most online courses are ‘self-paced’, we designed this Bootcamp to be ‘instructor-led-paced’, to keep you accountable.

Is there an exam?

  • No. We’re beginning to drop examinations because we believe ‘test to grade’ is ruining education, as it limits discovery and incentivizes students to ask questions like, “Will this be on the test?”

How long is the bootcamp?

  • The Bootcamp is designed for 30 days. This would translate into more than 60+ hours of learning and work.

    But we’re really vouching for life-long learning. Often times we see real learning happening after a course, where our students continue to self-discover and interact with their peers.

Did anyone get hired from the demo day?

  • We don’t directly track the hiring that happens during the demo day (but it did previously). However, we’re proud to see our students go on to work at companies such as FoodPanda, Amazon, and TnG Digital.

You made it all the way here…

When is the time to level up?