Ready to get crunchin’?

Yeah, it’s nice to have a cookie. We hope you enjoyed it too! 🙂

But hey, what’s better than a cookie is an opportunity.

3 reasons to enrol in the bootcamp.

Upskill yourself – for real.

How many times have we told ourselves to spend that weekend – to pick up a new skill.

Yet, weeks have passed. And we still have not gotten around to doing what we have planned.

When you commit in joining the Bootcamp, you commit to upskill yourself.


Become a data scientist.

Not by wishing, reading, or watching videos.

But by proactively working on 4 data science projects. Because it’s by ‘doing’ the activity, that we learn the fastest.

Just spend 30 minutes a day. Bit by bit. Drip by drip. By the end of the Bootcamp, you would have become a data scientist, without even realizing it.


Get career opportunities.

The funny thing about opportunities is that they come in ways we would have never imagined. 

Apart from just hard work, you also need a bit of luck. Well, we can’t produce luck, but we can increase our chances to get lucky.

That’s we’re pulling 10 companies (Citibank, Plus Malaysia, Exabytes, and more) to listen to your data presentation and pitch, at the end of the bootcamp.


What if it’s not a good time?

Well, how do you know when is a good time? Maybe you’re waiting for the lockdown to ease down, or work to settle down, or COVID to be over.

People who make a difference know that a good time never exists. They get started and make change happen.