Ready to get rollin’?

Yeah, it’s awesome to be part of something – and to learn an in-demand new skill, together 🙂

But hey, what’s better than learning a new skill, is an opportunity to present to a panel of industry practitioners, get your portfolio validated.

*Find the full schedule once you login.

2 things to do right now, before the bootcamp.


Understand your ‘why’.

You know what you want to do, achieve, and become next – but when you write it down, you gain clarity.

This is to help you ‘visualize’ your goals, the possibilities, and understand your ‘why’ better.

You would receive this physical goal setting card with your ‘Starter Kit’ sent to you soon.

Plus some ‘surprise’ merchandises in there too 🙂


Access the Pro Group

  • It’s where the smartest people at LEAD gather. The bootcamp is a ‘category’ within. All daily lessons, tutorials, will be release here, and each day – you submit your tasks there.
  • Instructors will hop in to provide daily feedback. It works like a forum, you get a ‘new topic’ each day and ‘topic thread’ to submit your assignments.
  • This will be released on 13th May 2022, your live Orientation session. In the meantime, you can browse Class Platform first.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Login your class platform, get into Slack and say “hi!”, get acquianted with the Pro Group, and wear on your ‘insights inside’ cap!