Kickstart Your Data Science Career

Watch a data scientist work from behind his shoulders and learn the skill of data science & big data analytics as he explains every step.

Introducing Data Science Kickstart

Data Science Kickstart is an online course, designed to get you started in your journey to becoming a data scientist. 

Every company is becoming a data company. It’s said that data is now the new oil in Industry 4.0. If you want to explore the data industry and build a data science career, Data Science Kickstart is for you. 

Join Dr. Lau Cher Han in this course, as he guides you through easy to follow video lessons – beginning your journey into being a data scientist.

Learn artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and data science – and apply it at work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the data science landscape.
  • Learn how big companies are utilizing data.
  • Apply data science framework in real-world projects.
  • Exploring machine learning & artificial intelligence.
  • Discover the tools for data science & big data analytics.
  • Take a step into being a data scientist.

Course Outlines

Module 1 – The Goal of Data Science
Module 2 – Data Science is O.S.E.M.N
Module 3 – Obtaining Data
Module 4 – Scrub Your Data
Module 5 – Exploratory Data Analysis
Module 6 – Data Modelling
Module 7 – Interpreting results
Module 8 – Managing Structured and Unstructured Data
Module 9 – Machine Learning Fundamentals
Module 10 – Towards Artificial Intelligence
Module 11 – Hadoop – The Dancing Big Data Elephant
Module 12 – Real-World Data Science Application
Bonus – Definitive Guide to A Data Scientist Workflow (plus resources)

    Meet Your Instructor

    An expert mentor who has helped over 1000 individuals break into Data Science & Tech, Dr. Lau brings experience, case studies & teachings from the data science industry and condenses it in Data Science Kickstart.

    Break into data science, whether you are a business owner, employed professional or individual.

    Dr. Lau Cher Han

    Chief Data Scientist, CTO.

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    Will This Work for Me?

    Frequently asked questions about Data Science Kickstart.

    How do I learn in Data Science Kickstart?

    This is an online course. You’ll be able to log into your course on our online learning platform, when you register. 

    How do I join the Slack group?

    When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the instructions to join the Slack group, including the link to the online platform.

    Can I learn without the support group?

    Of course! Feel free to join Data Science Kickstart without the Support group and learn at your own pace.

    How are LEAD’s courses different from other courses?

    Data Science Kickstart comes with lessons from real-work examples and case studies. You don’t find this in general courses anywhere.

    What if the course doesn’t work for me?

    We don’t offer refunds, but take Data Science Kickstart and experience it. If you still don’t love the course, drop us a message and let’s chat.

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