Practical web development online training

Learn how to program & build serious websites like Airbnb, Lazada, and Instagram as a beginner.

Learn web development and master web programming, so you can build web application that exactly reflects your idea – fast.

Date: 6th May 2020 (Wednesday)
 7:00PM – 10:00PM
Venue: Online Training (via Zoom)

What is Full Stack Web Development?

‘full-stack’ web developer is someone who understands both, the layers of web development, front-end & back-end.

This makes them highly skillful and in-demand. Companies & startups look for full stack developers all the time.

Learn the skill of web development so that you can apply in the fields you are working in – immediately.

p.s. Designed for beginners – you don’t need to have prior programming knowledge to pick up the skill of web development.

Full stack dash LEAD

Introducing Full Stack Dash Online Training

If you have wanted to learn web programming, but don’t know where to start, Full Stack Dash Online will help you get started.  This online workshop covers three major programming languages used by successful websites.

Learn HTML, the core of every website and the essential skill for any web application that you plan to build.

Where HTML forms the structure of your site, CSS comes in to add styles – colors, design & form to your website.

Learn how to build interactive websites with Javascript – a more powerful programming language. It is also used to build mobile apps and server-based applications.

What do I get in Full Stack Dash Online?

3 hours live online training 

Log in online, where you’ll learn from the instructor, see a live demo and then get tasked to build your own interactive web application.

Video recording & additional resources 

After the live training ends, it’ll be uploaded as a video recording that you would be able to access in your account, along with other downloadable materials and resources.

30 days instructor support

Most students fail because there’s no one around to mentor. Get a 30 days instant chat support with this online training.

Turn your ideas into reality and create an impact with your web application.

Every industry and role can benefit from a web application. Having an online presence will certainly boost your brand and credibility. Full Stack Dash Online teaches you to program and build web applications that you can be proud of.

Practical Training

Have a stable internet connection. We’ll teach you to build a working web application like Instagram in this online training.

Lessons will be taught step-by-step, and all the programming source codes will be given to you.

By the end of the online training, you will have a finished website.

Learn ‘Programming’ not Coding

You’ll be taught to program and build web applications.

The idea of joining this online training is so you learn to build scalable websites – not play around with code.

Whether your goal is to build your own website or to become an expert web developer – this workshop is for you.

And we have made it easy to follow – even for beginners.

No ‘WordPress’, ‘Wix’ or ‘Shopify’.

It is easy to build websites with ready-made platforms, templates or web builders. But how far can you go with them? 

But there are reasons why successful websites like Instagram, Lazada or Mudah.my are not built on Wix.

✅ No expensive themes or plugins.
✅ Build a website from the ground up, with free tools.
✅ No limitations to your web application.

Get all source codes & programming templates

Use them for practice or to launch your own website!

You’ll get every teaching material from the workshop, located in your member’s account.

Your own website, by the end of the online training

You’ll experience building using front-end and back-end programming languages, complete with guidance to using scripts, source codes, and frameworks.

In this workshop, we’ll focus building an Instagram web application – as your first practice website.

Who should join this online training?

The Aspiring Web Developer

If you want to kickstart a career as a full stack web developer, either to freelance or to get hired by tech companies –  this workshop is for you.

Business Owners

A business or startup owner who knows how to build their own web applications will have a better advantage in our current digital economy.

The Working Professional

Maybe you’re an individual who understands the importance to learn to program but wasn’t able to start. This online workshop will help you.

Learn From An Industry Expert

Edmund Hee

Senior Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer, Trainer of LEAD

Edmund started his journey as a Java and Mobile developer in a company dealing with crime data. This brought him immense experience working with machine learning & data analysis to combat crime.

Highly experienced with Python & Django for multiple programming cases, some of his achievements include building analytic dashboards, crunching big data and generating valuable reports to help stakeholders from different corporations understand business nature.

He has worked in companies ranging from startups, SME, to MNC which includes his previous position as a senior data scientist in AirAsia, Edmund looks forward to sharing insights and mentor from his experience.

“I have no programming experience. Will I be able to follow?”

You can join this workshop without a prior programming experience. We’ll teach from the basics.

Just be open to learning programming.
If that’s good, then we welcome you to join us!

Edmund Hee

Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist, Trainer at LEAD.

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This online training will transform the way you work with ideas and give you skillsets to build web applications and serious websites.

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What’s Included

  • 3+ hours live training
  • Complete video recordings
  • Downloads, template, and source codes.
  • Bonus assignments, tools, handouts, real-life exercises.
  • 30-Day student support.


Date: 6th May 2020 (Wednessday)
7:00PM – 10:00PM (GMT +8)
Online training (via Zoom)

Included in Full Stack Dash Online

Access your student resource

Find additional video resources & downloads in your account on our Class platform. The live training will also be uploaded as a video recording where you can go through at your own pace & time.

You get lifetime access to the Class platform, including every future update on the course.

Get 30 days full-time support

The real questions will come when you begin to work on your own data science projects.

Get direct support from the instructor via our support group. Just type your questions and see them answered within a few minutes – included with the online training.

Earn yourself a certificate

By the end of the training, earn yourself a certificate – for completing the program.

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See What Our Past Students Say

Individual or business owners – all our past students have built & found successful tech careers.

The web development workshop has helped me to be able to understand the technical aspects and capabilities of everything to do with web development. This helps me manage the programmers in my daily job.

Sirn Loong, COO at MoneyMatch

I learnt so much from the course even without a programming background. Will recommend anyone with any background to go for the course

Geoffrey, Data Scientist at MIMOS

Learning full stack web development have helped me so much, as I work with tech startups everyday

Ann Lee, Program Manager at SITEC

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