A must-do online course for website owners.

Grow Your Website & Business with Data from Google Analytics.

A step-by-step course that shows you how to correctly set-up Google Analytics, use the important functions and use data to rapidly grow your website.

The best marketers start with data.

Why analytics? Marketing and selling more on your website starts with understanding your customers & their behaviors.

Things like what they want to see, where they came from, what makes them buy, and who they are, all goes back to analytics. Without it – you’re marketing in the dark.

If you don’t know Analytics, you’re shooting in the dark.

How can you improve something you don’t know? While marketing and selling online relies a lot on creativity and your offer – it’s hard to tell if you were successful with your marketing strategies.

Was the PR outreach you did last week successful? What about that ad campaign you launched on Facebook? 

Without analytics and tracking the right data, you’re just guessing.

Make Web Analytics a walk in the park.

Honestly, Google Analytics is probably the only analytics tool you need for your website or app.

The problem is most users only know how to use its basics features and read simple metrics.

There are lots of hidden, advanced metrics that will come useful for your next marketing strategy, advertising campaign or business expansion.

This online course reveals them.

Introducing Google Analytics Primer

This course will help you make smart website optimization.

Understand ‘what-the-heck’ is happening on your website.

Learn how to analyze your website with Google Analytics. See what is working and leverage on them. Find out problems and fix them. We do this to increase conversions and sales.

Fuel your marketing with data.

Learn to use data within Google Analytics for remarketing on Google Ads or SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) You will do better marketing, when you have clear, accurate data.

Convert more. Sell more.

The missing link for your business to be able to convert more customers could be something really small – that went undetected. Find out why your customers didn’t convert and improve it.

And explore beyond Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager.

Advanced marketers use Tag Managers to compile all their tags and collect additional data on their website, giving them possibilities.

Heatmapping & video recording.

Learn other methods of analyzing user behaviors on your website and capitalize on them to increase conversions and sales. 

Google Optimize.

Using Google Optimize, link your A/B test results directly with Google Analytics – and formulate insights to increase conversions on your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn to find out the search queries that your website is ranked for, dig into more advanced SEO data and implement SEO strategies to rank your website.

What’s inside the online course?

    Module 1: Introduction To Google Analytics

    • Understanding Web Analysis
    • Approaching Cookies & IPs
    • Basic Metrics in Google Analytics
    • Dimensions VS Metrics in Google Analytics

    Module 2: Setting Up Google Analytics

    • Implementing Google Analytics on your website.
    • Exploring Google Tag Manager
    • Installing Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.

    Module 3: Analyzing Data Like A Pro

    • The Google Analytics Dashboard
    • Socio-Demographics & Interest Reports
    • Analyzing Browser & Mobile Report Data
    • Troubleshooting your site with Mobile Reports
    • Content & Page Reports
    • Site Speed Reports
    • Internal Site Reports
    • Building UTM Tracking for Traffic Sources
    • Traffic Source Reports

    Module 4: Using Analytics Data To Fuel Marketing

    • Search Queries vs Keywords
    • Search Console & SEO Optimization
    • Setting Up Goal Tracking in Google Analytics
    • Retargeting on Google Ads using Audience Profiling in Analytics
    • Segmentizing Your Reports for Advanced Analytics

    Module 5: Advanced Analytics & Optimizing Your Site

    • Session Recording for Website Optimization (With live case study)
    • Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager
    • Creating Goals from Events
    • Event Reporting & Advanced Analytics
    • Running A/B Tests with Google Optimize

    Module 6: Conclusion

    • Final advice and tips to go further. 
    • Where do you go from here?

    What do you get in Google Analytics Primer?

    Over 4+ hours of video lessons. 

    You’ll get lifetime access (including updates) to all videos that you access through our online Class platform.

    Direct access to the instructor

    Your instructor is a practitioner, not an academic teacher. Ask industry-relevant questions within your support group and get help based on experience from real marketing.

    Access lessons through the Class platform.

    Start immediately through an easy to follow platform, and go through the lessons at your own pace and time. 

    Use any device, desktop or mobile, to watch the videos. Students also get additional resources to aid your learning.

    Join our closed community and learn more.

    Sure, an online course can teach you many things. However, everything changes when you start digging into your own Analytics account or work on your own project. 

    You’re going to need help and support. This is where our 24/7 available chat support group on Slack comes in.

    Meet Your Instructor

    Music producer turned marketer, Reuben waste no time on ‘rah-rah’ or ‘motivational’ marketing lessons. You’ll learn strategies and lessons that come directly from experience. 

    Today, Reuben spends his time as a teacher in digital marketing. Some of his clients include companies such as Media Prima Digital, Nandos, Sony Malaysia, Heineken and Q-dees.

    Reuben Ch'ng

    Head of Marketing, Entrepreneur, LEAD

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    Google Analytics Primer is for you.

    Business owner.

    It’s common for modern businesses to have websites. Most of them do not know how to derive marketing & business insights from Google Analytics. Learn how in this course.

    Website owner.

    Installed Google Analytics and already tracking basic metrics? Take it further. Use Google Analytics to its fullest and derive powerful marketing strategies from your analysis.

    Marketers & digital advertisers.

    To make smart marketing decisions means being data-driven. Learn how to collect data, track conversions, track events,  keywords and strategize powerful marketing strategies.

    E-commerce & shop owners.

    Discover user behavior and patterns on your store. Find out what makes them leave without purchasing and derive ways to win them back.

    Trusted by The Best

    Google Analytics Primer is trusted by the best organizations in Southeast Asia.
    You get the same type of training – at a price that works.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions we get about Google Analytics Primer.

    How do I access the course?

    This is an online course. You’ll be able to log in to our Class Platform to start watching the videos after you register.

    How do I join the Slack student support group?

    When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the instructions to join the Slack group. Make sure to say hello to everyone.

    How does the personal mentoring session work?

    If you take that option, Reuben will personally schedule two online consultation calls and during these calls, diagnose your Google Analytics and give you a customized report for your website.

    How are LEAD’s courses different from other courses?

    All our courses, including Google Analytics Primer, focuses on practical skills that you can actually use in the ‘real-world’. Everything is practical. Expect no fluff.

    What if the course doesn’t work for me?

    We don’t offer refunds, but take Google Analytics Primer and experience it. At the end, if you still don’t love the course, drop us a message and we’ll work something out.

    What Is The LEAD?

    LEAD is a technology institute aiming to grow talents in data science, programming, and digital marketing. The team comprises of industry experienced practitioners who teach from their experience and knowledge.