Online courses that will open your mind.

Find online courses that are designed to take you to the next level – in your career, business and life.

Data Science Kickstart 

Are you someone looking to break into data science? Maybe you’re someone who realised the importance of big data in the industry and want to take part in it. 

Data Science Kickstart is an online course that will kickstart your data science career. It gives you a deep insight into the world of data science, big data analytics & machine learning.

Python Primer for Data Science

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that is used a lot by data scientists for big data analytics. 

In Python Primer for Data Science, you’ll learn how to do data analytics with Python, through a step-by-step learning approach. 

Facebook Ad Dive

If you have run some Facebook Ads before, you know how painful it is – when your ads do not convert into sales. 

Facebook Ad Dive is an online course focusing on running profitable Facebook advertising. You’ll learn through video lessons on setting & running successful ad campaigns.

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