Predictive Analytics for Business People

Learn to use predictive analytics, no matter the size of your business – to uncover potentials and drive growth.

Create obsessive growth, uncover hidden opportunities, and marry analytics with your business future.

Predictive analytics uses disciplines from data analytics, machine learning & big data to enhance accuracy and precision in business forecasting. Predict with confidence whether it’s your revenue figures or cost-to-profit ratio, analytics can do the job for you. 

“If you understand the power of analytics and the value of data, but do not necessarily want to get your hands dirty with the technicalities – this is for you.”

Dr Lau Cher Han, Chief Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, Founder of LEAD. 

An expert mentor who has helped over 1000 individuals break into Data Science & Tech, Dr. Lau brings experience, case studies & teachings from the data industry and condenses it into actionable steps for you.

Dr. Lau has trained executives and companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam and TNB Malaysia to break into data science, big data and artificial intelligence.

Through his 15 years of experience in software development, database technologies, data mining and analytics – he has helped & consulted companies such as Intel, Jabil, HP, the Selangor Government and more. 

What do I get?

8 Modules | 300+ Minutes

Dr Lau, your instructor will empower you to tell what works and what doesn’t in your company, through sharing the best practices, processes, including case studies of predictive analytics for business – that you can apply, immediately.

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Whether you start watching today or next month, you have lifetime access to the lessons, including future updates.

Instructor Support

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What’s Inside

8 Course Modules

Module 1 – Introduction to Business Analytics
Module 2 – Learning the Data Analytics Workflow
Module 3 – Predictive Analytics in Retail Analytics
Module 4 – Human Resource Analytics
Module 5 – Data-Driven Youtubers and KOLs
Module 6 – Taking Business Analytics To The Next Level
Module 7 – Data science – The Modern Day Alchemy
Module 8 – Building A Data-Driven Organization

📌 Understand the art and science of predictive analytics to craft your business strategy that creates business value.

📌 Derive actionable insights from existing business data and take proactive steps to increase sales, reduce marketing cost, and improve customer retention rates.

📌 Learn how to predict customer’s behaviour or patterns and being able to identify which customers are most or least likely to respond to direct marketing campaigns.

📌 Identify and evaluate your digital and offline customer persona accurately with analytics.

📌 Define relevant business objectives for a predictive analytics implementation in a specific business function, division or industry.

📌 Optimize manpower, development, testing, operation process, and most importantly customer lifetime value.

📌 Gain clarity in the use of and assist in the selection of industry-standard analytics tools.

📌 Integrate insightful and conventionally untapped sources of information with your organization.

📌 ‘Digitize’ functional activities within and move towards being a data-driven organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably will ask questions like, “Will this will work for me”?

How do I learn in Predictive Analytics for Business People?

This is an online course. You’ll be able to log into your course on our online learning when you register.

How do I join the Slack group?

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the instructions to join the Slack group, including the link to the online platform.

Can I learn without the support group?

Of course! Feel free to join Predictive Analytics for Business People without the Support group and learn at your own pace.

How are LEAD’s courses different from other courses?

In Predictive Analytics for Business People, Dr Lau holds nothing back and gives you real lessons from his actual 15+ years of industry and consulting experience. He has condensed the best practices, use cases, and workflows in business analytics that will help you to predict growth and chart your business expansion with data. 

What if the course doesn’t work for me?

We don’t offer refunds, but take Predictive Analytics for Business People and experience it. If you still don’t love the course, drop us a message and let’s chat.

What Is The LEAD?

LEAD is a technology institute aiming to grow talents in data science, programming, and digital marketing. The team comprises of industry experienced practitioners who teach from their experience and knowledge.