Are you chasing your prospects and customers away?

With your terrible-sounding audio during video meetings?

RM560 RM420 introductory price.
Microphone provided (shipped anywhere in Malaysia)

I’m fed up with bad-sounding calls.

Have you been to a Zoom or live stream session, where the presenter is shouting into a cheap microphone and the sound is just killing you?

I have even bought online courses – with seriously bad audio.

The experience sucks.

It kills the quality and even credibility of the person I was listening to.

What if that person was you?

Have it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason people are not engaged during your webinars or meetings – is because you are really painful to listen to?

No offense. It’s not you – but your terrible microphone.

The static, crackly & distorted audio.


Sound sexier & get more sales!

Introducing the Communicate Effective program. You’ll receive a USB microphone and lessons that will enable you to create better content videos, ads, podcasts, live streams, and Zoom webinars – immediately.

Here’s what you’ll get.


The Samson Meteor USB Condenser microphone. Works with your computer, laptop, iPad,and even iOS/Android smartphone.


10 lessons where Reuben will teach you to get better audio – so that you can create effective content videos, live streams, Zoom webinars, and video ads.


A discussion area for you to get help anytime, troubleshooting your audio problems or to get tips/guides on videos for marketing.

Get the mic & program.

Upgrade your audio quality by this weekend – and start to see a difference in your webinars, sales calls, live streams, video ads, and content.


What’s Included

  • Samson Meteor USB Mic (Sent to you anywhere in Malaysia)
  • Video training on using the mic with Zoom, Clubhouse, and live-streaming apps like Facebook.
  • Learn how to record, edit & produce audio/video like LEAD.
  • A look through behind the scenes of our teaching setup.
  • Access to our discussion board – for questions & help.

Buy Now

RM420 RM560

Limited program. For 50 individuals only.

About that mic you’re getting…

Not convinced about that microphone I’ll be sending you?

Watch the video on the right to hear the difference you can have with your videos.

That’s just what a condenser microphone does. It makes you sound sexier. It makes your customers feel comfortable listening to you. It makes them want to watch more & more of your stuff.

Heck, soon it’s going to be hard to drop them off your call.

Serious money-back guarantee.

I’m so confident that your webinars, live streams, and video content will become so much better – just by getting this program and the microphone.

That, if you follow what I teach and people still say your sounds sucks – I’ll return you 100% of what you paid for this program.

Created by:

Besides working in marketing and helping individuals achieve more at LEAD, Reuben came from a music production background and used to run a recording studio.

Fortunately – his skill of working with broadcast audio, has been useful during these times, when every meeting and event is done virtually.

In this limited program, Reuben will help you get your audio setup right – giving you the ability to earn respect and sales online.

Reuben Ch'ng

Head of Marketing, Entrepreneur, LEAD

Questions you may have

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When will you send me the mic?

Upon purchasing, we’ll send the microphone to you the following working day.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, a 1-year warranty for the product. We partner with a reputable microphone supplier in Malaysia to bring you this deal. 

Why don’t I just buy a RM10 mic?

It’s expensive to be cheap. 

Is it worth missing a sale opportunity, over a silly decision to be cheap? Why would people join your terrible-sounding meeting?

When will the lessons be released?

All lessons will be completed by 31st August 2021. You can start with the first few lessons and progressively move on to the other lessons as they are released.