Python Data Analysis Course

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Work on your first Python project.

Learn how to use Python, a programming language to analyze large amounts of data to find business insights. Work on a real-world Ecommerce dataset together in this course.

Intro to Python programming

Get a taste of what Python programming is like and how you apply to analyze data.

Using Pandas library

Deploy Pandas library using Python to analyze actual E-commerce data.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Use Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to spot business patterns and opportunities. 

What would having an extra swiss-knife skill mean for you?

Python is a general-purpose programming language, that can be used for nearly everything.

It’s used to power apps like Instagram, building sites, to doing heavy analytics on large data sets.

Think of Python as the swiss-knife of programming language.

Data Science Illustration

Here’s how you can do that with Python.

We will teach you to analyze data and find trends or patterns in the course. But to get an idea, here are some quick examples:

  • You run an e-commerce store, but you’re not able to tell who’s your most valuable customer. Now you can with Python.
  • You enjoy programming. Someone asked you for help, and you charge RM100 per hour to teach. You end up doing 15 hours per month, totalling RM1,500.
  • You enjoy data analytics. You help an E-commerce analyze their data and charge a project fee of RM4,500.



Why Python?

Python is the biggest growing programming language in 2022. There is a growing need for Python-skilled professionals.

Netflix uses Python to stream movies and recommend films based on data analysis.

Spotify uses Python to stream music to you. It also collects data & builds a profile of you.

What you’ll learn.

Data Science Illustration

Python concepts & practical application

A quick intro to python programming and pandas library. That includes Pandas series and data frames – initializing, combining, and slicing data.

Importing and exporting data into csv, reading and selecting data.

Data Science Illustration

How to use Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Learn exactly how to analyze data and spot patterns that emerge which can create business value.

We’ll show you how to analyze e-commerce data and interpret the outcome of insights gathered for decision making.

Data Science Illustration

A beginner’s technical quick guide

Get a Python 101 technical guide for beginners by LEAD – and kickstart your Python learning journey.

You’ll be learning the basics of Python that you’ll be applying to any data or development projects.

Mentored by Afif Fitri 


Afif Fitri bin Muhammad Amin

Afif is a data analyst at Decathlon Malaysia, the world’s largest French sporting goods retailer. Ex-data scientist at Dattel, the ASEAN’s leading Consumer Intelligence company driven by innovation.

What he does at work.

He builds and maintains performance dashboards for multiple stakeholders according to relevant KPIs using SQL, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Google Data Studio.

Organized a regional study on new product development; leading the survey programming, data analysis, and presentation to stakeholders.

And he’s excited to be imparting his data experience to you.

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  • Templates, scripts, and toolbox.
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Still have questions?

What if the course does not help me?

Take the entire online course for the next 30 days. If you don’t love it, we insist to return your fees.

Just show us that you did the lessons, did not get results and we’ll give you a 100% refund – no questions asked.

I don't have business idea. Can I join?

This is why we made this course. You’ll learn how to find a profitable business idea using our idea generator technique – and then test the idea by getting real clients.

Can I ask for help in the course?

Yes. You can post questions and the instructor will help. 

So there's homework in the course?

Not in the style of traditional schools. The course provides you with an opportunity to work on your freelance business as you go through the content and use the community interaction. You don’t have to participate – but we hope you will, as it will bring the learnings to life. 

What is a freelancer?

A freelancer is not someone who does work for free. A freelancer is someone who does the work they love and get paid for it. 

You can freelance full-time or do it as a side hustle – it’s really up to you. Also, freelancers don’t go around telling others they freelance. Smart freelancers position themselves as solution providers. You’ll learn more about this in the course.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Email chelsea@thelead.io or click here to contact us. 

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