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The Headline Kit helps you save hours of head-cracking for anyone writing articles, posting contents, designing websites, running ads – basically every business needs this!

Aren, KD

Founder, KD Trainer

I really like the work from LEAD where it teaches from A-Z on how to write an effective content with good example!

Lance Ong

CEO, Vechnology

For those who always stuck at writing their first word, this headline kit & generator is seriously useful.

Ebby Boon

Founder, Just Blooms

Business owners, who rely on content marketing:

You just created a piece of content – hit the post button. Then excitedly wait for the comments to pile in.

Minutes go by… crickets.

Maybe it is just Facebook’s algorithm. (So you give it more time.)

The next day you check your phone, and see you’ve gotten a comment. But wait, it’s just a spam comment.

Sigh… Did you just spend 8 hours to create this content masterpiece, and got only a spam comment in return?

Does content marketing still work?

Content marketing requires patience. More patience than you’ll imagine.

No wonder so many give up content marketing.

Whether it’s posting on social media, YouTube or blogging – it takes a lot of time, before you see an actual return-on-investment.

How do we know this?

Because content marketing is our #1 strategy at LEAD.

Social media posts.

Blog articles.

YouTube videos.

Content matters. Headlines matter more.

With so much content online nowadays, what are your chances?

This is where catchy headlines really matter.

People skim on ads, videos, articles and news. This behaviour isn’t new. Back when we read newspapers, the headlines were what made us read the news.

How a person typically scrolls on Facebook.

What they are looking for is an attractive headline – that excites, inform or entertain them.

This means whether your emails get opened, ads get noticed or content gets read – depends on it’s headline.

Introducing, The Headline Kit

A 90-page guidebook on writing high-converting headlines.


Packed with more than 300 ready-to-use headline templates, see your ads and content convert better than. before.

The Headline Kit also includes lessons and frameworks that teaches you how to write your own catchy headlines, such as:

  • Clickbait headlinesExample: Watch Me Sell XYZ in just 10 Minutes (Pg. 47)
  • Skim-stopper Technique  – How to stop people from scrolling and to pay attention to your ads and content. (Pg. 67)
  • Shoutcaster Technique – Learn a powerful technique to grab attention, especially for headlines on websites and subscribe forms. (Pg. 80)
  • The Million Dollar Hack – How to write like a world-class copywriter, even if you’ve not written a headline before. (Pg. 81)

What’s inside?

Everything you need to create badass headlines.


300+ high-converting headline formulas.


Powerful headline copywriting lessons.


5 headline copywriting video training.


Lifetime access to Pro Group, LEAD’s student discussion area.

We’re confident it’ll help you –

That if you don’t find even one thing useful – email us within 7 days, tell us it didn’t help and we’ll return your fees. 

The copywriting techniques, templates and lessons in The Headline Kit, comes from our 10+ years of experience, marketing our brands and helping clients.

In fact – we use the exact headlines found in The Headline Kit to generate hundreds of leads for our weekly webinars. 

Buy The Headline Kit

Increase your sales and content conversions, by re-inventing your headlines.

Lessons, frameworks and templates in The Headline Kit – works for articles, ads, sales copies, blogs, landing pages, emails and even business reports.

Upon purchasing, you’ll receive a link to download The Headline Kit (PDF), logins to watch the video tutorials and access the Pro Group.


What’s Included

  • The Headline Kit Guidebook (PDF)
  • 300+ Headline Templates
  • 5 Training Videos
  • 5 Copywriting Frameworks
  • Lifetime Pro Group Membership

Buy The Headline Kit 

RM47 RM247

Risk-free guarantee.  Lifetime updates included.

Authored by:

Head of marketing, Reuben believes in marketing that isn’t selfish. In a cut-throat world of high-pressure sales and marketing, the way forward is marketing that seeks positive change.

Some clients Reuben have worked with include brands such as Media Prima Digital, Nandos, SEAGM, Sony Malaysia, Heineken and Q-dees.

Reuben Ch'ng

Head of Marketing, Entrepreneur, LEAD

Questions you may have

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How do I access The Headline Kit?

Upon purchasing, you’ll receive a link to download The Headline Kit (PDF), logins to watch the video tutorials and access the Pro Group.

What’s your refund policy?

We usually don’t accept refunds on the sale of digital products, unless started. With digital products, a return is a loss to the seller and we’re sure you understand. 

However, we’re happy to offer a 7-days money-back guarantee for The Headline Kit.

What is the Pro Group?

We learn best when we teach. The Pro Group is our discussion forum for students, where we ask that you join to help other people – building a helpful community.

Why can’t I just Google for headlines?

Yes, you can definitely use Google to figure out some headlines. But that means spending time and effort, trying to figure the best headlines to use. Rather, use our guide, get your tasks done within minutes – and spend your precious time building your business.