Web First Challenge

Build a Custom Website from Scratch. In 7 Days.

Join our 7-days web development challenge. Build your customized website. And get rewarded for completing the challenge.

Join the challenge at RM150. Full amount will be refunded when you complete the challenge.


What will I be doing?

This challenge is made for beginners, with the assumption you don’t have prior programming experience.

Start going through lessons.

Log in to the Class platform then go through lessons on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Decide what the type of website you’ll build – and follow through the lessons provided.

Reference & get help.

A bulk of your journey in building your website will be asking questions and getting help from the instructor to debug your code. During the 7-days our instructor will be on standby to help you.

Post your completed website.

Showcase your completed site by launching it on social media and tagging us. We’ll refund your entry fee as a way to congratulate you on making it till the end. 

Sounds interesting. What can I build?

The goal for this challenge is for you to build a small, yet functional website – that you can expand upon. Think of this challenge as a means to kickstart that website project you have always wanted to start.


Business Website

A website to showcase your business and its offerings.


Personal Site

A portfolio website to build your brand, offer value, and blog.



A marketplace offering services, food, or products – you choose!

ecommerce website


Sell your products or services through a custom-built website.

Join the challenge at RM150. Full amount will be refunded when you complete the challenge.

What happens in 7-days, after I complete the challenge?

Congratulations! You would have what we call a Minimum-Viable Product (MVP) as a website, that you can continue to build on. On top of that, we’ll provide you with bounties to help you continue your web development journey.


Student-only Offers

As a participant – you’ll get offers to our complete courses & products that will help you grow.

ecommerce website

1-Month Access

Full access to all web development lessons and guides, including instructor support – for 1 month.



You’ve earned it. Receive a completion e-certificate and use it to brag about your achievement.

Entry to the challenge is RM150. The collection will be shared evenly to participants who finish and launched their website, within the 7-days of challenge.

In case you missed something.

How much does the challenge cost?

You pay only RM150 to join the challenge. When you show us your completed website by the end, we’ll refund your payment. This keeps you accountable to complete the challenge.

How to get started?
  1. Join the challenge with an entry fee – it’ll be refunded later once you’ve completed the challenge. 
  2. Start going through lessons – access to the challenge content and implementation tutorials.
  3. Get instructor support via LEAD workspace on Slack Platform. Continue your development process and ask your questions while you progress.
  4. Submit your completed “Live” website – portfolio or company website.
  5. Showcase your accomplishments on Facebook & Linkedin, @mention LEAD.
  6. Earn yourself a certificate, LEAD Credits, and your entry fees refunded.
What is considered as a 'complete' website?

The minimum viable product (MVP) of a ‘complete’ website consist of:

1 . Showcasing your portfolio (personal site). And business information (company site).

Suggestion – create a home page and about page.

2. A contact form to collect leads.

Suggestion – can be within home page or create a separate contact page.

What if can't launch my website within the 7 days?

You won’t receive your entry fee refund and it’ll be contributed to a price pot. You can still continue to receive help and support from our instructor – for up to 1 month.

Will this be too difficult for beginners?

We designed the challenge specifically for beginners. You’ll get lots of help along the way.

Why this challenge?

What we found after teaching for so many years – is that most students fail when picking up programming, because they procrastinate and didn’t believe in themselves. We set this challenge to help participants move past that.

Join the challenge at RM150. Full amount will be refunded when you complete the challenge.

Terms and conditions:

  1. LEAD reserves the rights to determine whether you complete your challenge, based on our criteria for a ‘completed’ site.
  2. LEAD has the sole discretion to refund participants the entry fees once a participant website is deemed ‘completed’.
  3. Participants who did not complete the challenge within 7 days and launch their site, entry fees will not be refunded. Instead, the amount will be contribute to a price pot.