6 Digital Marketing Secrets To Market Your Brand
Date: 28th February 2019 (Thursday) 
Time: 8PM – 10PM

Today, your ability to bring in leads and sales for your brand or business comes down to strategizing multiple marketing funnels and strategies.

It’s no longer enough to rely on just one marketing strategy. While getting ATTENTION is one strategy for digital marketing. In this free online training, Reuben will share the other 5 digital marketing secrets to market your brand.

What you’ll learn in this online training:

  • 6 Digital Marketing secrets that will build your brand.
  • How to implement data-driven marketing for your business.
  • Creating an omni-channel marketing strategy.
  • Tips to grow-hack your business for more sales.

Presented by Reuben Ch’ng

The Webinar Starts On:

 28th February 2019 (Thursday) 8PM – 10PM

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar, you’ll:

  • Know how to use different marketing channels for your brand or business. 
  • The framework to form marketing strategies that works.
  • Acquire skills to grow your brand and business.

Prerequisites To Join? 

Register and join the webinar with an open mind that is ready to learn.

Other than that, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to join.

Why & who should join this online training?

Marketing is the activity that communicates your offering & values to potential customers.
Without marketing – your business is as good as dead. 

This training will give you 6 secrets to using digital marketing to grow your brand
Well, they are not actually secrets. But we are damn sure what we share in this live training will help you grow your business.

Business Owner
You are a business owner or startup founder, who wants to acquire more customers.

You are someone who wants to learn digital marketing, so you could land a digital marketing job.

Working Professionals
You want to learn digital marketing because you recognize it as an emerging needed skill to prosper in the marketplace.

Who Is Speaking?

This is a live training, where you can ask actual questions. 
We’ll go live, sharp at 8PM on 28th February 2019.

Reuben Ch’ng
Head of Marketing, LEAD

Head of marketing and entrepreneur, Reuben has worked with brands such as Sony, History Channel, Capitaland, Ridsect and TNB Malaysia. 

With over 9+ years of digital marketing experience under his belt, he’ll be sharing actual case studies & lessons in this live training. 

Since we’re gonna get asked…

If we didn’t answer your question, just drop us a message through the chat bar on the bottom right.

Will there be a training replay?

We’re not doing a replay. You have to join this live.

Where will this webinar be held at?

This is an online training. Register and log in through the link we send you on 28th February 2019.

How long is the webinar?

We estimate the webinar will take up to 2 hours. Should you stay till the end? Of course! There’ always goodies that we give out at the end of our webinars.

Register For The Free Training Now

You will receive a link upon registering, that you can use to join the training a few minutes before the session.
(We have a 100 participants only limit. Register now to avoid disappoinment.)