Students-only webinar.

How to be a Full-Stack Data Scientist

Also known as a ‘unicorn‘. The full-stack data scientist has skillsets to handle more sophisticated projects, compared to a regular data scientist. They also get paid more. 

Saturday, 12th March ’22  |  10AM – 11AM

You will learn:

How to differentiate.

  • Learn how to stand out in the data industry.
  • Differentiate yourself from other data scientists.

Handle end-to-end data science projects.

  • Discover the development skills to pick up, to be more capable at work.
  • Exact in-demand tech skills to learn in 2022.

Negotiate a higher pay.

  • How to find out what you are worth.
  • The ‘briefcase technique’ to ask for a pay raise.

How to go from regular to full-stack data scientist.

  • Discover the type of work full-stack data scientists do.
  • Learn how to perform as a full-stack data scientists.

Webinar by:

Dr. Lau Cher Han has helped over 1000s of individuals break into a tech career. His training has been sought after by companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam, and TNB Malaysia.

In this session, Dr. Lau will teach you to go from data scientist to full-stack data scientist.


Dr Lau Cher Han,
Full-stack developer & chief data scientist

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