About Lead

We founded LEAD to give our students an avenue to acquire technology skills — so they can find better careers or to build successful businesses.

We offer courses via physical & online classes for three main subjects:

  1. Data Science
  2. Full Stack Web Development
  3. Digital Marketing

When we say technology skills, we are referring to IT-related skills like web development, app programming, digital marketing & data science. The type of skills you’ll need to be the best in your industry.

Collectively, our 15+ years in technology mentoring means you’ll get real insights & strategies from the best developers, marketers, and data scientists.

LEAD is owned by Ucan Technologies Sdn Bhd. (1207802-V)

The Core Team

We comprise of people who are experts in their own industry.
None of us teach from a textbook, but from experience.

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Chief Data Scientist, Big Data Researcher & Mentor

Reuben Ch'ng

Reuben Ch'ng

Head of Marketing, Producer

Edmund Hee

Edmund Hee

Data Scientist, Java Developer

Alex Foong

Alex Foong

Growth Marketer

Azhar Ramadhan

Azhar Ramadhan

Graphic Designer

Industry mentors

We comprise of people who are expert in their own industry. Our industry-driven mentors are the heart of our data science, web development, and digital marketing training and courses. We’re industry-led and experience-focused.

John Tan

John Tan

Instructor in the Maker Movement

Chong Theng Hui

Chong Theng Hui

Head of Artificial Intelligence, PLUS Malaysia

Chan Zi Yuan

Chan Zi Yuan

Co-Founder, TIDE Analytics

Sina Meraji

Sina Meraji

AI Product Manager, Mindvalley

Why do our courses work?

Why do we have so many success stories? What makes our students find better jobs and build profitable businesses — in a fraction of the time, others take to do?

Our courses are designed to teach in the fastest & most efficient way possible. There is little, to no value in learning the ‘history of HTML’. Who wants that? But what is valuable to you, is to acquire the skills that you’ll actually use in real-life work.

Data Science 360

I’m Petroleum Engineer and a newbie on Data Science. My primary objective was to understand the basics and see how this training can add extra value to my current job activities while working at a Big Data project.

I was able to self-study and have preparations for the class training by using the prepared videos by topics in the online student platform; short videos with examples to follow and questionnaire, etc.

This gave me the foundation and made me feel more confident in-class training.

My first surprise when joining the training was to see people coming as “refresher”, LEAD invite them to come back to any future class training) without any cost (as part of lifetime warranty). The trainers keep updating the syllabus with new material and subjects to keep up with the new software, development on the market.

The training was easy to follow; There were plenty of topics, from basics information such as skillset for a Data Science, answering questions “What problems are we trying to solve” until reaching deep subjects on analytics, python, SQL Query, google apps, visualization, perform prediction, accuracy score, linear regressions, data types, type of databases, chart suggestions, web scraping, etc.

Definitely for a newbie in this area, gave me the jumpstart overall idea and confidence with some hands-on examples on what Data Science can do.

I would recommend this training, also will give the opportunity to join groups with other people (increasing networking) and always welcome to come back to class for a refresh if needed and to learn from others while asking questions or sharing.

Roberto Fuenmayor

Petroleum Engineer , Schlumberger

Data Science 360

It provides me with a 360 view of data science and builds up my foundation for my future career path in data science. My background is in engineering, and I find it very interesting as I can apply it in so many different fields, it makes me more versatile.

For those coming for DS360, I highly suggest you learn the basics and have a burning question to ask Dr.Lau & the other instructor as well.

Tan Kah Chun

Engineering Intern, Nestlé Manufacturing Malaysia

Data Science 360

Currently, I’m working as a project manager and I’ve encountered many times where I need to extract the data in the past in order to reduce the cost in the future.

It’s great and helpful to have data science skill as a very beginner. Still, a lot more to learn, but this is really a good start for me.

Lee Jeong Min

Project Manager of Inventory Hazardous Materials, Wilhelmsen Group

Full Stack 360

From a non-technical background, I wanted to do full stack development and came across LEAD, which gives out a very good course layout and progression plan. So I decided to join.

It’s only a 4-full day physical class, but when I got the online modules, everything was very detailed, and I didn’t understand much.

However, after the 4 days, I have the basics understanding and I couldn’t imagine some things that I did in these 4 days!

Nicholas Rao

Senior Ops Sales Executive, Luxury Tours and Travel Pte Ltd, Ex-Malindo Airways

Full Stack 360

It’s great exposure to full stack development and to learn these languages. It’s more for me to explore what am I able to do besides my current job.

Full Stack 360 mainly have taught me an overall view of languages that we’re able to learn and helped me to know what kind of language to focus on. So, it’s a great course to start from.

Daniel Lee

Production Engineer, Frencken Mechatronics

We go against the formality of universities and colleges – which typically takes few years to complete. It typically takes an individual only a few months or weeks, to complete one of our courses.

It won’t be easy. It won’t ‘shortcut’ or change your life ‘overnight’. In fact, it’ll be one of the hardest thing you’ll do. But it’ll be worth it when you upgrade your life at the end.

You also get into a community of 1000+ successful students, that can help you no matter where you are on your journey.

Looking to get started? Look out to get connected with our mentors in our live online webinars or workshops.

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