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What Cooking Can Teach You About Data Science

What Cooking Can Teach You About Data Science

This post was inspired by Richard Cornelius with his post on Towards Data Science.  Over the past year of staying home, I’ve picked up cooking. I cook every day, so since the lockdown, I must have cooked over 100 dishes. Chinese, Malay, Western, Mediterranean dishes....

Build a Data Science Career by 2021 in Malaysia

Build a Data Science Career by 2021 in Malaysia

You might wonder what the data science industry will be like in 2021 and moving forward? Are there any signs of slow down for the demand of data professionals in Malaysia? And is it too late to ‘upskill’ and land a job in the data field or data-related industries?...

Data Science 360 vs DS Uncut Bootcamp

Data Science 360 vs DS Uncut Bootcamp

Hey there! Thinking about venturing into data science? Or trying to make a career transition? If you’re wondering what are the differences between Data Science Bootcamp and Data Science 360 for working professionals, we put together this no-nonsense overview.    ...

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