Data Science Demo Day

Join Data Science Uncut Bootcamp’s demo day, where participants will be presenting to a panel of panelists. Learn from their data science projects.

The Knowledge Circle

What circle? The circle of ‘knowledge’, growing every minute, filled with people who generously share their ideas and the things they learn.






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Why Aren’t You Running Google Ads Already?

Why Aren’t You Running Google Ads Already?

Join Webinar: How instantly get customers with Google Ads – Friday, 28th May Why are so many businesses still not using Google Ads? Maybe some businesses are secretly boycotting Google for being a monopoly. I don't know about that. Jokes aside, here are few common...

Increase your sales with this copywriting formula

Increase your sales with this copywriting formula

Click to download the workbook for this lesson (PDF) Whether you're posting on Facebook, creating a landing page, or building a product page for your business – you inevitably have to write something. That's it. You're a copywriter. Copywriting refers to the process...

Headlines Matter More Than You Think.

Headlines Matter More Than You Think.

Whether you are in your blog writer, content writer, journalist, author, or editor you need headlines. Whether that’s at the title of your book or the title of your page it matters. Why though? Why is it SO important? Headlines of the first thing that your audience...

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