Data Science Demo Day

Join Data Science Uncut Bootcamp’s demo day, where participants will be presenting to a panel of panelists. Learn from their data science projects.

The Knowledge Circle

What circle? The circle of ‘knowledge’, growing every minute, filled with people who generously share their ideas and the things they learn.






Dr. Lau

“If you’re struggling in the process of learning data science or any practical inquiries in data science industry, you’re at the right place. Get industrial advises, actionable tactics and coaching from Dr.Lau.”

Why get coaching from Dr. Lau?

Talk about why you’re here. You’re probably new and interested in data science, or you could be experienced in data science itself but stuck at some point of your aspiring journey to become a data scientist, looking for improvements and scalability.

You could be wondering “I can enrol in any related courses online or university degrees, why do i still need a private coaching?” You can learn from courses, from A to Z. Spend so much time exploring things yourself. Try to hone your skills to perfection. Miss out big opportunities. Here is what you need to know, technologies are ever-changing, so is data science or artificial intelligence. Don’t waste your precious time learning things on your own. Get actionable guidance and coaching from an experienced mentor from this industry.

Data Science coaching from Dr.Lau

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Dr.Lau Coaching

How it works?

After you have purchased a coaching session, you will select a time option that works for you. To prepare for the session you will need the following ready – if applicable :

  • The goal you are trying to achieve or any questions you have – Write them down! Example:-  you need help in choosing a machine learning model or how to pass data science interview.   
  • What have you done and attempted to do. Example:-  What had worked well and what hasn’t.
  • Resources in hand. Example:- datasets, surveys and etc.

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Ready for private coaching?

RM 500

 For 1 hour session

LEAD is a tech institute for Data Science, Digital Marketing & Full Stack Web Development. 


Office (Kuala Lumpur):
Level 11, Menara KEN, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.