Our students’ success is our priority. And our role as educators is to give them a boost and to provide them with resources in the best way we can – so they can solely focus on learning and breaking into a technology career.

We’ve been working on a few partnerships and this month we have some exciting news to share.

Here’s how everything started.

One of the most common roadblocks we see our students face as they go into their tech projects are:

  • Cloud hosting and tools are too expensive for beginners.
  • What are some resources that I can use to launch my website, app and programs?

We’ve always wanted to address this problem for our students.

Today, we’re happy to announce that LEAD is now an education partner of Digital Ocean and Amazon Educate. Our students now get an added benefit of getting complimentary credits to using industry-standard cloud computing tools, to support their dreams into going into a technology career; in all things data science, web and app development.


What is Digital Ocean and what do students receive?

Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure provider who provides developers with cloud services that help to deploy and scale applications that run simultaneously on multiple computers.

As a student under any of our web programming or full stack courses, you will have free credits to access certain cloud products & tools under Digital Ocean to work on your new applications.

You will also be given access to supporting tools and services provided within this platform such as the APIs as well as seamless integration with development tools lik eCHEF, Kubernetes etc.

What is Digital Ocean and what do students receive?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s popular on-demand cloud computing platforms with plans for individuals, companies, and governments.

This will directly benefit students especially in our data science track courses, where they’ll receive free credits to run Amazon cloud instances and use cloud analytics, data science & big data tools.

Sounds exciting. How can I be part?

It definitely is. The LEAD team is actively looking for strategic partnerships with tech vendors and getting the best deals for our students & partners.

By partnering up with both cloud computing tools and services platforms, we are able to give our students a comprehensive learning process and experience – providing them with the tools necessary to break into their tech journey.

As educators, it’s in our interest to provide support and see our students succeed. Got questions or comments? Drop us a line or just leave a comment below.

To get all the benefits from our partners, Digital Ocean & AWS Educate, join any of our tech programs or events.