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Data Science 360

This program turns you into a job-ready data scientist. Hundreds of students have found their dream careers in data science. 

Learn More: Data Science 360
Program Fee: RM4799
Bonus Perk: Predictive Analytics for Business People online course (Worth RM499)

Data Science Uncut Bootcamp

In this practical-led data science bootcamp, you will assume a data scientist role to work and solve data analytics problems.

Learn More: Data Science Uncut Bootcamp
Bootcamp Fee: RM2800
Bonus Perk: RM500 rebate for Exabytes customers.

Growth Marketing 360

Go from zero to scaling your business in under 8 weeks. This program help business owners do better marketing and get customers.

Learn More: Growth Marketing 360
Bootcamp Fee: RM3899
Bonus Perk: Guide to running profitable Facebook ads (Worth RM197)


Full Stack 360

Learn to build market-ready web applications in this 45-days full stack web development program.

Learn More: Full Stack 360
Bootcamp Fee: RM3899
Bonus Perk: Google Analytics online course (Worth RM499)

Terms and conditions:

  • The offer is valid until 31st December 2022.
  • The offer is applicable to new and existing Exabytes customers, and on specific LEAD programs – Data Science Uncut Bootcamp, Data Science 360, Growth Marketing 360, and Full-Stack 360, with offers redeemed on this page.
  • The Offer is not applicable with other ongoing campaigns run by LEAD or Exabytes, and for existing LEAD customers (you’ve got existing credits).
  • Exabytes and LEAD reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the offer without any prior notice.
  • No refund/exchange cash is allowed for this campaign.
  • This campaign is subject to changes. Offer may alter or extend with notification on the respective website.

Be part of a community that wants you to grow.

Students get access to a community made up of generous people who are there to help and lift each other.

Why learn with LEAD?

Career and industry-driven

Programs are proudly designed and made with love by 25+ years combining of industry practitioners with extensive experience and practical knowledge.

Empathy and learning

You’ll be given the personalized care, time, and attention – all we ask is your willingness to give yourself and others kindnes and be encouraging when you’re learning.

Collaborative & belongingness

Collectively learning become fun, exciting, and purposeful. The FOMO is real, and many have returned for more (many of our programs comes with lifetime warranty).

Who is LEAD?

LEAD is a technology institute established to grow individuals in data science, web development, and digital marketing. Our coaches are industry-experienced practitioners who teach from experience.

See where our graduates work at.

Why is LEAD different?

At LEAD, we take the road less taken. We don’t operate like a university – following an outdated way of learning.

All our programs are practically-led. Our students typically apply what they learn at work in just a few days.