For data professionals.

Why Zero To Market is for data scientists, analysts & ML engineers.

data professional web apps

Reason No. 1

Bring your machine models to production.

You have done the heavy work. Share your analytics and prediction models with the world. Load your data into a dedicated website you build, complete with an intuitive dashboard, data input boxes, navigations, and buttons.

Reason No. 2

Knowing full-stack web dev helps you stand out as a data pro.

There’s a word to call people who are great in data science and web development – unicorns.

You don’t have to compete with an expert web developer. But knowing just a fraction of web development as a data professional puts you in the top leagues.

Reason No. 3

Less wishing. More building.

Measuring insights from data is cool. Every company needs that. And the next-level cool? Being able to design and create solutions with data and programming.

Now, that’s seriously cool.

luqman's portfolio

Reason No. 4

Build your own online portfolio.

Which would impress an interviewer better?

Sending in your resume and data science certificate. Or sending a link to your personal website, which shows all the real data science projects you have worked on, your case studies, and findings?

Zero to Market will show you how to build a mouth-watering online data science portfolio.